GCA News & Notes                   6 March 2017
Dear GCA member,
Here is your bi-weekly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Bill Dunne, GCA President
Election of GCA Officers and Directors
As announced at the GCA Annual Meeting on February 23, three members were elected to the Board of Directors to replace the three members who retired from the board. Additionally, a new slate of officers and director duties were determined at the March 2 Board working meeting, as well as selecting Becky Lindway to fill the remaining term of Jim Colbaugh.
As a result, Bill Dunne will serve as President; Art Peters will serve as Vice President and leader of Common Area Review Board; Kevin Fitzpatrick will serve as Treasurer; Becky Lindway will serve as Secretary and Chair of the Communications Committee; Chuck Axten will serve as the Water Resources Leader, on the Architectural Review Board (ARB) and Chair the Architectural Review Committee (ARC); Bob Smith will lead the Roads Committee and serve on both the ARB and ARC; and Ron Baellow will serve as leader of the Security Committee and the Compliance Committee.  More information about the various committees can be found on the GCA website: http://www.glenmore-community.org/committees
Piper Way Traffic Calming
The Glenmore Traffic Study performed in 2016 identified a road speed issue on Piper Way between the gatehouse and the first Paddington intersection. The approach to paint the road with more narrow lanes to slow traffic has been proved effective elsewhere, and was proposed.
Speeding Car
However, in consideration of the views expressed by the membership at the GCA annual meeting, as well as other communications and information, the Board at the working meeting decided to hold in abeyance the striping of the traffic calming lanes on Piper Way. The Board will explore other options to address speeding on Piper Way. Thanks to everyone for your input.
Carroll Creek Bridge Closure
Just a reminder that the bridge across Carroll Creek will close this week for four to six weeks so that construction can be completed on the new bridge and the connecting road way.  Please use other routes for your travels.
Glenmore CC Summer Camp - Open House
On Wednesday, Mar 8 from 5 – 7 pm, the Glenmore Country Club will be conducting an open house for their children‘s summer camp program.  The program is open to ALL residents of Glenmore.
Contact Amanda Dickerson at (434) 817 0508 or amanda@glenmorecountryclub.com for more details. Plan to stay after the open house for Taco Night at the club. Yum! See the GCC flyer.
Albemarle County  Neighborhood Improvement Initiative Fund
Albemarle County announced its intention to make $1,400,000 available to the seven growth areas in the county for community ' quality of life' improvements. View the county information here. The Village of Rivanna (VoR) Advisory Committee is working this initiative for our area.  ( Glenmore is in the Village of Rivanna designated growth area.)

Glenmore resident, Betsy Baten, is the advisory committee’s point of contact for this initiative. She would like to receive input or ideas from residents on initiatives which would benefit the entire VoR growth area.  A meeting will be held at the East Rivanna Fire Station on March 13, at 7:15 pm for project suggestions. Betsy Baten can be reached at betsygbaten@earthlink.net.
Village of Rivanna Advisory Committee Vacancies
The Village of Rivanna Advisory Committee is looking for “… a few good people…” Five seats on the committee will open this spring.  The committee works with the county on the proper implementation of the VoR master plan.  Dennis Odinov, a Glenmore resident and chair of the Advisory Committee, and Rick Randolph, also a Glenmore resident and our county Supervisor, encourage fellow Glenmore residents to apply for a seat on the committee by the March 28 deadline. To apply go to albemarle.org/boards  and fill out the application. The county supervisors will chose among the applicants shortly after the deadline.
March 16 - SHA Annual Meeting (reminder)
The Scottish Homes Association Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16 at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. All owners and residents of the Scottish Homes are welcome.
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