GCA News & Notes                        14 August 2017
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Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
 Golf Cart Paths are for Golfers
Just a friendly reminder that Glenmore has miles of very lovely and inviting golf cart paths, but they are restricted to golfers only. As inviting as they are, please do not use them for jogging, bike riding or walking. Recently families with children have been seen in several locations using the paths for bike and scooter riding. There have been many times during the day when there are golfers on the course and people are walking.

The other day, kids were leaving the pool and walking down the number 9 path to cut through to go home. We ask parents to remind their children not to use the course as a short cut home. It is private property and only golfers are allowed. This is even at night and in the early morning.
Road Update...
The road crew has painted a solid yellow stripe marking the center-line of two roads where there are sharp curves with limited sight distance. We recommend that if driving on these roads you don’t cross the yellow center line and maintain a 25 MPH speed limit.

1. Newbridge Rd over the Carroll Creek crossing
2. Farringdon Rd in the Q2 section and toward the intersection at Carroll Creek Rd
Fall 2017 Special Collection Days
The Rivanna Solid Waste Authority (RSWA) has announced the following dates for disposal at their Ivy Materials Utilization Center.

FALL Household Hazardous Waste:
Friday, September 29, 2017  9am-2pm
Saturday, September 30, 2017 9am-2pm

FALL Bulky Waste Amnesty Days:
Saturday, October 7 Furniture/Mattresses 8:30am-4pm
Saturday, October 14 Appliances* 8:30am-4pm
Saturday, October 21 Tires 8:30am-4pm
Both HHW collections and Amnesty Days are free to residents of Albemarle County. Normal tipping fees will be charged to residents for all non-amnesty items brought on these days. (Note: the normal daily paint collection will NOT be accepted on HHW Days due to logistical limitations. But please remember: you don't have to wait for HHW collection now to dispose of your ample-size, 1 quart, 1 gallon and 5 gallon latex and oil-based paints in their original containers. This is now a daily service at Ivy MUC. Check the RSWA website for more information regarding tipping fees and details regarding acceptable items.

*refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, stoves, furnaces, water heaters, dehumidifiers/humidifiers