GCA News & Notes                        19 June 2017
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Becky Lindway, GCA Communications Director
Bridge Opening

Carroll Creek bridge is open. Red Dirt Construction has completed the work on the Carroll Creek bridge and roadway. There is additional work on the landscaping to be completed, but the road is open to all traffic. We thank Jess Achenback and Red Dirt Construction for the diligent work and cooperative approach to working with the GCA on completing this major construction effort.

Our community is very grateful also to one of our own: Don Sours. Don was the volunteer who represented the GCA with the various contractors who built the bridge. Don came to the task with considerable experience in the civil engineering business, and he applied his experience on our behalf to the construction and actually helping Red Dirt avoid problems. Good show Don Sours, and thank you for your many hours and close attention to our community's big project.
Golf Cart Use & Safety

We are reminding all parents that children ought not be driving the family golf cart unless they are 16 years old and have a valid drivers license. If not 16 they must have a learners permit and an adult with them in the cart. It is pool season, and it is really easy to give the kids the cart to get to the pool…but young people do not always know the rules of the road, take too many friends along the for the ride, or worse just plain drive too fast. Community members have witnessed kids in carts and reported them as reckless drivers. So parents please help keep your children safe, supervise golf cart use.
Cart & License
Beauty at the Gatehouse
A special Thank You to Cindy Simmons for the flowers at the gate house. One of the best things about Glenmore is the natural beauty of the area, the peaceful feeling that we have as we "come home” to our community. Cindy has enhanced the area with the lovely planters at the gatehouse….as the summer progresses they will become even more attractive.

Also many thanks to Cavalier Window Cleaning (823-1737) for the free cleaning of the gatehouse windows. They did a great Job!
New Residents Gathering

If you are a new resident in our community we would love to meet you. There will be a New Resident Reception on Sunday, July 9th at 5 PM in the Rivanna Room at the Glenmore Country Club. Please join us for cocktails, light hors d’oeuvres and an opportunity to meet other new residents.

Please RSVP to Amanda Dickerson by July 5th at: adickerson@glenmorecountryclub.com
Continued Safety Issues...
As our summer is in full swing we need to be mindful of not only the safety of our children using the family golf cart, but also the continued safety on walking paths and golf cart paths. With the opening of the pool and the new playground area behind the pool we need to remind all residents that the golf cart paths are for golf carts and not people walking, children riding bikes or care-givers pushing strollers. Golfers have the right of way, are traveling at the approved mph and have begun to encounter children, strollers and walkers on the paths. There are times, especially around the new playground, when the sight lines are such that the golfer may not see someone standing or strolling on the path….so please leave the cart paths to the golfers.
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