GCA News & Notes                   18 February 2017
Dear GCA member,
Here is your bi-weekly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Nancy Gansneder, GCA Communications Director
Notices, Reminders & Updates:
  On-line Voting ends February 22 at 5 pm
Check your email for the Annual Meeting invitation sent at the end of January, and vote for three of the four candidates who are standing for election to the GCA Board of Directors. Vote on-line here.  You will be asked to enter your security code, which was included in the email. To view candidate statements click here.
Dues Due
GCA dues for the 1st half of 2017 in the amount $510 per lot are due March 1. You will receive an invoice for the balance in August or you may pay the total amount, $1,020 now, if you prefer. Check your email (including junk folder) for the invoice sent on January 25. If you can’t find it email webmaster@glenmore-community.org.
County Waste

You probably noticed a $1.00 increase in your monthly invoice from County Waste. In this time of hyper-communication, County Waste’s October 2016 communication regarding the impending increase was not linked to correct address. This increase was forecast in the 2015 contract. See attached belated notice.
Community Events:
February 22 - BCA Annual Meeting
The Bremerton Cottages Association Annual Meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 22 at 6 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. All owners and residents of the Bremerton Cottages are welcome.

February 23 - GCA Annual Meeting
The 24th Annual Meeting of the Glenmore Community Association will be held on Thursday, February 23 at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. In addition to a review of 2016 GCA operations, there will be an opportunity to pose questions and make comments. All property owners and residents are encouraged to attend.
March 16 - SHA Annual Meeting
The Scottish Homes Association Annual Meeting will be held on Thursday, March 16 at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. All owners and residents of the Scottish Homes are welcome.
From the GCA Board:
Director Jim Colbaugh Resigns from Board

Jim Colbaugh announced his resignation, effective immediately, due to family priorities. Jim has served on the board for the past 5 years and has rendered invaluable service as chair of the Roads Committee, the Architecture Review Committee and co-chair of the Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Taskforce. Our community has benefited greatly from his gentle manner, untiring service, and unfailing sense of commitment. Jim deserves our heartfelt thanks and gratitude.  

The 2017 Board will appoint a member to fill the remainder of Jim’s two-year term.
Along Carroll Creek...
Carroll Creek Replacement Bridge
As the construction of the new Carroll Creek bridge continues, our community will be required to make some temporary adjustments in how we use the existing roads, trails, and walking paths. The area is currently congested with the ongoing work and already existing blind spots. The developer will place appropriate caution signs on the roads and trails leading to this area. 
In addition, during a few weeks of a critical phase, the existing bridge and new bridge will not be open to traffic of any sort. Alternate routing will be necessary for pedestrian and motor vehicle traffic making use of Paddington to Devon Pines to Newbridge to Farringdon to access Carroll Creek Rd and its adjoining streets. Devon Pines, Newbridge and Farringdon do not have walking paths, please be cautious, watching for increase residential and construction traffic. Please be respectful and courteous. 
News from Red Dirt Development regarding K2B Phase II Parcel Development
Recent favorable winter weather has allowed Red Dirt to make good progress on preparation for the newest section of Glenmore. After interviewing many builders, the developer has partnered with Craig Builders and Stanley Martin Homes to execute a vision for the homes to be built. The new section consists of 24 quarter-acre lots in Phase I, followed by an additional 19 quarter-acre lots in both Phase II and Phase III. 
Over the next few months, Stanley Martin Homes and Craig Builders will be working together to develop a tailored selection of home designs and exterior finishes that will create consistency in style, quality and design, all while offering many one level living opportunities. Construction of the community’s home sites and infrastructure will continue for the next five to six months, with home construction anticipated to commence in the early summer of this year.  Click to view a schematic of area under development.

Carroll Creek Bridge is in full swing with a projected completion alongside the new home section. The new state-of-the-art crossing will include a two-lane bridge, guardrail system, asphalt walking trail, and continuation of the Glenmore multi-use trail.

Additional information regarding home designs should be addressed to Stanley Martin sylvesCB@stanleymartin.com or Craig Builders glenmore@craigbuilders.net.
Community Engagement Committee Charter

Please take a few moments to review and comment on the draft charter for the proposed Community Engagement Committee. Send your comments to commns@glenmore-community.org
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