County Waste Price Change
18 January 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
County Waste and Glenmore's New Contract
County Waste notified the GCA President that it intends to increase each resident’s monthly fees to $21 for basic service and $2 for the recycling collection. Associa, our community management company, compared prices with other local vendors capable of serving a large community such as ours, and their fees were higher. Based on that info, Glenmore will contract with County Waste again.
The Dogs of Glenmore
Each Newsletter will feature one of our Glenmore canine friends. If you would like to have your dog featured in our Newsletter, please send a picture, name, breed, and something else we just need to know. We'll randomly select a picture for publication in each edition.

Click here to send an email with a photo attached. Include the words "the best dog in Glenmore" in the subject line.

 Here is this edition's entry.
Save the Date: Glenmore Community Association Annual Meeting
Feb 21 at 7 PM in the Glenmore Country Club Ballroom.

In two weeks we'll start mailing ballot and meeting information to our GCA members. This year, all of our balloting for the annual meeting will be conducted through the mail. You'll be able to mail the ballots back to Associa or leave them at the gatehouse. Please mark the date on your calendar.
New Residents' Social - 26 January
On Saturday, 26 January, the GCA and the Glenmore Country Club are hosting a social for new residents (those who have arrived in 2018). Invitations have been sent. Please RSVP.
Please Don't Feed the Geese
The GCA is working to keep these large birds away from our homes, lawns and the golf course. Strangely enough, feeding them is not a deterrent! You may still hear some firecrackers as we work to move the flocks away.
Concerned About Route 250 Traffic? Please attend the February 11 Meeting
The  Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Committee (VORCAC)  will meet on  Monday, Feb 11  from  7-8:30 pm  at the East Rivanna Fire Hall. We will be focused on traffic issues on Route 250 East. Our guest speakers will be Kevin McDermott from the County Office, Nathan Umberger from VDOT, and Rick Randolph from the Board of Supervisors. We will be looking at what our options are for traffic improvements, keeping in mind that our Master Plan states specifically “it is essential that all of the US 250 improvements be constructed before new development occurs in the Village.”
An Interview with Rick Randolph, our County Supervisor and Glenmore Neighbor
The editors will conduct occasional interviews with people whose work affects our community. Below is the second part of our interview with Rick where we asked him,

What is the most challenging part of the County Supervisor position?

"The most challenging part of this position for me is achieving a balance between home life (spouse, grand kids, recreation and cycling) with the time and mental demands of the job ..." (click here for the full text). 
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