Illegal Access Thwarted
21 October 2018

Dear GCA member,

Here is your latest newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

GCA Board of Directors
Glenmore Fall Festival Cancelled - Sat, 27 October

The weather is just not going to cooperate this fall. As a result, we are cancelling the Glenmore Fall Festival. However, we are planning a spring music event at the Sports Field. More to follow ...

Incursion into Glenmore Thwarted
On Wednesday, 3 October, a white Ford Explorer was found abandoned and stuck while trying to gain entry into Glenmore over an earthen berm. The attempted entry occurred at the border between Jumpers Ridge Road and the far end of Ferndown Ln. A resident notified Glenmore security who notified the County police.

The police knew the truck, and believe the driver was attempting to gain access to steal building materials. We had the truck towed, but did not press charges because we did not see the driver. The berm has since been raised to prevent future attempts. If you see something, say something ... contact the gatehouse or the police.
Paper Shredder Truck Cancelled
We've cancelled both the Fall Festival and the Paper Shredder event due to weather concerns for 27 October. We'll reschedule in the spring.
GCA Board Nominating Committee
This is early notice ... the GCA Board will soon establish the GCA Board nominating committee to identify candidates for next year's GCA Board. There are three vacancies this February. If you think you might be interested in running for the Board, watch this space.

The good news is the current Board recognizes that some residents don't want to run due to the time commitment. We hired a professional Management Company (Associa) to assist us with running the Association, and we have been expanding their duties so that the role of the Board evolves to oversight vice daily operations.
Fall Leaf and Yard Debris Pick-up
We are planning two fall events ... a curb-side leaf pick-up, and a curbside limb, twig, and yard debris pick-up. Both events will be scheduled within the last ten days of November. We haven't set the dates yet, so keep an eye out for future Newsletters for notice once the dates are locked.
Future Glenmore Security Improvements
The GCA Board approved some security improvements in Glenmore. We'll be adding remote security cameras to prevent illegal entry and damage to GCA property. We're also requesting County Police patrols within Glenmore. Finally, we're upgrading the Gatehouse License Plate Recognition system as our current system will soon be unsupportable.
Dogs Must be Leashed in Glenmore
We're hearing more complaints about unleashed dogs running on the sports field and on the golf course. And owners not cleaning up after their pets. Dogs must be on a leash in Glenmore (except in the dog park). And please, clean up after your pet poops. Kids play on the sports field, and golfers play on the golf course. They should not have to deal with the mess. Please be considerate.