GCA Annual Meeting 21 Feb
4 February 2019

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GCA Board of Directors
Glenmore Community Association Annual Meeting - Feb 21 at 7 PM
The GCA Annual Meeting is scheduled for 21 February at the Glenmore Country Club Ballroom. Please remember that the Annual Meeting cannot commence unless we meet the 30% quorum of Association homeowners. That quorum can either be met in person or by sending in your ballot.

Ballot and meeting information should be arriving in the mail this week. This year, all of our balloting for the annual meeting will be conducted through the mail ... there will be no electronic balloting (see note below). You'll have five ways to return your ballot including mailing it and leaving it at the gatehouse. Please remember, to meet the quorum requirements you either need to return your signed ballot or you can vote in person on 21 Feb at 7PM.

Note: If you are curious why we are not using e-balloting this year, we decided that managing two databases (e-balloting and mail in balloting) was not cost effective. We'll review this issue and consider the e-balloting option next year.
Three Board Member Openings for the GCA Board
This year we have three Board vacancies to fill at the Annual Meeting. Chuck Axten (President), Kevin Fitzpatrick (Treasurer), and Bob Smith have reached the end of their two year GCA Board terms. There are five qualified candidates that were approved by the nominating committee for the three open Board positions: Steve Antonellis, Jim Colbaugh, John Crawford, Kevin Fitzpatrick (running again), and Susan Worden. See their resumes by clicking here.
GCA Dues Notification
Associa - Community Group, our GCA Management company, is mailing out the spring GCA dues notifications. The GCA assessments are paid in two installments of $510 each. The first installment is due on 1 March, and the second installment is due on 1 September. As a reminder, there will be no GCA assessment increase in 2019.
The Dogs of Glenmore
Each Newsletter will feature one of our Glenmore canine friends. If you would like to have your dog featured in our Newsletter, please send a picture, name, breed, and something else we just need to know. We'll randomly select a picture for publication in each edition.

Click here to send an email with a photo attached. Include the words "the best dog in Glenmore" in the subject line.

 Here is this edition's entry.
County Waste New Contract - Correction
County Waste notified the GCA President that it will increase each resident’s monthly fees to $19.33 for basic service and $2 for the recycling collection. We asked Associa, our community management company, to compare prices with other vendors capable of serving a community as large as Glenmore. Bottom line, the County Waste fees were lower.

For those who contacted County Waste regarding the erroneous $1.00 charge for paper invoices, that $1.00 fee should have been credited back to your account. If there are still residents with this fee on your statement, Shelly Vance will make the account corrections. E-mail Shelly at svance@countyrecycling.net, or click here .

If you have general questions regarding holiday pick-up schedules or special trash pick-ups, contact Jonathan Wills at (800) 832-1332 x145

Annual discounts ... County Waste offers one free month of service to any resident who elects to pay for service on an annual basis (i.e. 13 months of service for 12 months of payment ... an 8% discount for annual services). To receive this discount, remit a full year's payment (i.e. $231.96 for house trash OR $255.96 for trash and recycling) when you receive your next invoice.
Vehicle Incursion
On 28 January, a vehicle entered Glenmore by driving around the large fence barrier separating Running Deer Dr from Glenmore's Carroll Creek Rd. An alert resident noticed the incursion and contacted the police. The police were able to track down the vehicle and driver. Thanks to the resident who contacted the police. If you see something ... say something.
Crime Prevention
Please Don't Feed the Canada Geese
The GCA is working to keep these large birds away from our homes, lawns and the golf course. Strangely enough, feeding them is not a deterrent! You may still hear firecrackers that we use to scare off the geese and vultures.
Concerned About Route 250 Traffic? Please attend the February 11 Meeting
The Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Committee (VORCAC) will meet on Monday, Feb 11 from 7-8:30 pm at the East Rivanna Fire Hall to discuss traffic issues on Route 250 East. Our guest speakers will be Kevin McDermott from the County Office, Nathan Umberger from VDOT, and Rick Randolph from the Board of Supervisors. We will be looking at our options for traffic improvements, keeping in mind that our Master Plan states specifically “it is essential that all of the US 250 improvements be constructed before new development occurs in the Village.”
Watch These Dates
Feb 11: VORCAC (Rt 250) Meeting - 7PM East Rivanna Fire Hall
Feb 13: February GCA Board Meeting at 7PM
 Feb 21: The GCA Annual Meeting at 7 PM
Mar 10: Daylight Saving Time Begins
Mar 20: The Vernal Equinox ( video )