Dear GCA member,
The 2nd Payment of GCA Dues is Due on 1 September
If you haven't received your GCA dues invoice yet, please contact Thelma Washington (Associa-Community Group) at 434-984-0700 ext 1
Road and Walking Path Repairs
Beginning Wednesday, August 15, 2018, a local paving contractor will begin repairs to our GCA roads and walking paths. The work will includes sealing cracks in our community roads and walking paths. In addition, we will apply an asphalt patch on Wiltshire Close, and several sections of the walking path along Paddington and Piper Way will be leveled and repaired. This work will take several days to complete; please be careful as you walk our paths to avoid the repair areas.
Summer Rain means great Turf-grass Growth
Wow, we've had plenty of rain this summer! Normally in July and August we only cut the grass every two weeks. But this summer has been wet, and the grass is flourishing. We are scheduling an extra cutting of the common grounds.

NOTE: The GCA will be treating for yellow nutsedge ((Cyperus esculentus) . This fast growing sedge infiltrates and overtakes turf grasses. Since the Golf Course and BCA are also treating for nutsedge, this might be a good time for homeowners to treat their lawns so that we can eradicate this invasive sedge.
GCA Sports Field Ready for Action!
Thanks to Art Peters’ careful planning, our 2018 sports field improvements are now complete! A bocce ball court, horseshoe pits, volleyball net, bike rack, new basketball backboards and nets, and field bleachers and benches have been added at the sports field. In addition, equipment for residents’ use includes a set of corn hole boxes with bags, shoes for the horse shoe pits, basketballs for the hoops court, and a set of bocce balls for use on the bocce ball court. This sports equipment is stored in the equipment shed next to the basketball court.

Equipment can be checked out by calling Art Peters at 561-309-9839, providing some info, and obtaining the shed lock combination. If Art is unavailable, call Kevin Fitzpatrick at 717-580-0229. Equipment usage includes the stipulation that it will be returned in good condition and the shed re-secured. The shed and equipment will be periodically audited.

Residents can reserve the sports field for a specific event on the GCA website by filling out the appropriate reservation on the sports field calendar. We hope to see you there.
PS  We are planning a GCA Fall Festival to showcase the sports field on 27 Oct. If interested in helping organize the event, please contact CARB and place the word CARB in the subject line.
Please Don't Feed the Wildlife
We're hearing of more aggressive approaches of wildlife on residents' porches and decks. According to our animal expert, our local denizens of field and forest are generally timid. However, if you feed the wildlife, they get comfortable approaching humans, and, if challenged they will become aggressive.