GCA Security Survey
8 December 2018

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GCA Board of Directors
Glenmore Security Survey
The GCA Board needs your help. We're trying to identify approaches to improve security without overreach. While a survey is not statistically valid, we're trying to get a general sense of the community on a few questions. Here is December's question.

Question 1. In years past, Albemarle County Police patrolled the community at various times of the day and night. The County Police do not issue speeding tickets because of our private roads, however they can take action if there are illegal activities, and their presence is a deterrence to crime.

Do you support Albemarle County Police occasionally patrolling Glenmore? Yes No

Click here to respond to the survey. In the email subject line, include the words "Security Yes" for a yes response, or "Security No" for a no response.
Canadian Geese and GCA Pyrotechnics
The annual Canadian geese migration has begun. Based on a few articles to deter overwintering geese , our best approach is to use loud noises (pyrotechnics) to scare them off. This will take a number of iterations because we'll be chasing them to other areas of Glenmore. If you hear loud pops of sound during the day, its probably our goose whisperer. If you're not sure, call the gatehouse, they'll know our pyrotechnics schedule.
The Dogs of Glenmore
Each Newsletter will feature one of our Glenmore canine friends. If you would like to have your dog featured in our Newsletter, please send a picture, name, breed, and something else we just need to know. We'll randomly select a picture for publication in each edition.

Click here to send an email with a photo attached. Include the words "the best dog in Glenmore" in the subject line.

Here is this week's entry.
Sudden $1.00 Price Increase from County Waste
On Friday, we received some emails from residents regarding a sudden $1.00 price increase from County Waste for paper statements. No one recalls seeing any advance info on the pricing change, nor was there an opportunity to opt out of paper statements to avoid the increase. The GCA President sent an email to our County Waste client representative today to ask why we were not previously notified. We'll let you know their response.

In the meantime, everyone should be contacting County Waste to make your complaint known. Contact Shelley Vance at (434) 290-1139
email picture
ARC e-Communications in the Digital Age
Changes are coming to the Architectural Review Committee’s (ARC) communication with residents.

Associa and the ARC are implementing software that will enable easier communication with property owners seeking to make changes to home exteriors and yards. The new system maintains digital records for future reference and allow ARC volunteers to spend fewer hours fulfilling their duties. A win-win solution for all.

Here’s how the process will be different. Instead of emailing your submission and explanatory plot plans and drawings to the ARC chair or delivering them to the ARC Chair’s home, you’ll e-mail digital copies of all documents to Associa’s Tim Durrer at tdurrer@communitygroup.com .

Welcome to the ARC digital age! Click here for details .
GCA Landscaping & Snow Renewal Contract
This fall, the GCA Board requested proposals for the new multiyear common area landscaping and Glenmore roads snow removal contract. We had three bidders who each had the technical capability to meet the requirements. After evaluating the contracts, we selected D&D Lawn Care for the new contract based on their capability and price.

The new contract started on 1 Dec with a three year period of performance. We then have the option of extending the contract for three additional years depending on performance. Congratulations to D&D on their contract award.
Sign & Flowers
Horse Rider
GCA Walking Trails
T ake advantage of one of Glenmore's least used amenities, our 8 miles of multi-use natural trails. These unpaved trails traverse the common areas of Glenmore in natural surroundings, with many interesting features best viewed when the warm weather foliage is gone.

The trails are designed to be used by walkers, hikers, joggers, horses and dogs. The GCA website, under the "More" tab, provides a trails description and a trails map, or click here for the map. When visiting the trails, do not park your vehicle on private property or on turf surfaces.

Happy trails!
County Waste Holiday Schedule
With the holidays approaching, here's what to expect with your solid waste service collection:
Christmas Day - Tuesday, Dec 25 th – Trash and Recycling services will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
New Year’s Day - Tuesday, Jan 1 st - Trash and Recycling will run one day behind schedule (beginning on the holiday) and for the remainder of the week.
Christmas Tree Pick-up, Tuesday, January 8 th   - Trees must be placed at the curb, without lights, tinsel, and ornaments. Do not place trees in bags.
Canine Protocol at the Glenmore Dog Park
Please remember that use of the dog park is at your own risk, however, good practices go a long way to keep it friendly.

Dogs can be unpredictable. When entering the dog park when other dogs are present, its a good idea to keep your dog leashed until introductions are made. Let the other pet owners know you are entering with your dog leashed to say hello.

Also, as recently as yesterday, there were two more complaints from golfers that dogs are running off-leash on the golf course and leaving their waste on the fairways. Please be considerate ... dogs should not be on the Golf Course.
Watch These Dates
December 20: GCA Board Meeting
January 8: Christmas Tree Pickup
January 17: GCA Board Meeting
January 27: New GCA residents Social
 February 21: The GCA Annual Meeting