GCA Newsletter               20 December 2015
Dear Trevor,

Here is your last newsletter of 2015 from the GCA.  We wish you very happy holidays.

B en Benjamin, GCA Communications commns@glenmore-community.org
GCA Board Nominations - Reminder
A reminder that we are still accepting nominations to fill three vacancies on the GCA Board of Directors for the two-year term beginning February 2016. Elections will be finalized at the Annual Meeting on February 25th, with ballots issued to all members in advance of this date. You may nominate yourself or any other person who has agreed to stand.  
In order to be included on the ballot, nominations must be received by the Nominations Committee (chaired by Mike Monticello) by January 10th, 2016 Send your nominations or questions to nominations@glenmore-community.org. You can download here a summary of attributes we would ideally like to see from board candidates.
Winter is Coming!
Although we have had mild winter weather to date, snow is likely in our future.  That means that snowplows will be on your streets at some point.  To do their job well means that there should be no vehicles parked on the roads.  Your cooperation is appreciated.
Unauthorized Tree Removal
This year we have had at least two residents who removed trees on their property in violation of the GCA Covenants and Restrictions.  We have called attention to this regulation in a recent newsletter but are doing so again in hopes that the message will be heard.  

Article IX, Section 2: Landscape Guidelines reads (in part) as follows: " no trees measuring six (6) inches or more in diameter at a point two (2) feet above ground level may be removed from Common Areas, Residential Lots and Family Dwelling Units without the prior written approval of the Architectural Review Committee of the GCA."
Trees are part of the beauty of Glenmore to be enjoyed by all.  There are clearly reasons why some trees must be removed, but if the tree is of a size as described above, then you must get ARC approval before removing it.  Violators are subject to a fine.  Please contact the Chair of the ARC (whose name and contact information can be found on the GCA website) prior to tree removal.
Speed Tables Planned for Darby Road (East)
At its December meeting, the GCA Board approved the implementation of speed tables on the stretch of Darby Road through the Scottish Homes. This follows years of expressed concerns about pedestrian and vehicular safety on that road, which has no walking path, is narrow, sloping, and used by many as a thoroughfare to reach other Glenmore areas.
Earlier this year a proposal to close one end of the road was rejected by the board after hearing feedback from concerned residents. More recent studies looking at building a footpath in various locations have all proved too intrusive to residents' properties, as well as being prohibitively expensive. Although speed tables will not satisfy everyone's concerns, they will certainly help control traffic speed down the hill, will have some impact on traffic volume, and are supported by the local Scottish Homes Association.

The installation will take place in conjunction with the repaving of that area in the spring of 2016, which was postponed from 2015 pending this decision. It will also help us understand if this is an effective solution that has the potential for future deployment elsewhere in Glenmore. Meanwhile, the more widespread Glenmore Traffic Study, involving the use of automated speed and volume monitoring equipment, is continuing, and any improved solutions which emerge will be taken into account.

You may download the approved resolution here.
Following a public review period, the GCA Board approved the new mailbox policy at its December meeting, which will go into effect on January 1, 2016.  Essentially the policy, which is now included in the CARB Guidelines, clarifies that homeowners are responsible for maintaining their own mailboxes and posts.

You may download the detailed policy here.

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