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GCA Newsletter                  May 21 2013

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Reminder - On-Line Visitor Managementn!
GCA Gains Seat on ARB
Storm Water Management
More Volunteers Needed!
New Residents' Booklet

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Reminder - On-Line Visitor Management

Remember that you can now tell the gatehouse about your visitors on-line.  And you can also update your permanent guests, vehicles, phone numbers, absences, and so on.  Just follow the link on gatehouse page of our website.

Road Work is Coming Soon - Expect Diversions!
Road WorksWe don't know the exact dates yet, but within the next two or three weeks work is likely  to start on this year's road maintenance program. Resurfacing will take place on both sides of the divided section of Piper Way, between Glenmore Way and the Paddington Circle junction. 

This is a busy stretch of roadway, and there will be a diversion in place for a day or two to allow one-way traffic only.  Diverted traffic will likely be sent via Paddington Circle and Darby Road (East) so residents living there are asked to be tolerant of the temporary additional traffic.  Resurfacing work near the gatehouse will probably be performed overnight, to minimize the disruption of traffic entering and leaving the community.

More details will follow as soon as the schedule is known.

GCA Gains Seat on ARB
House Under Construction Following many months of negotiation, the GCA has gained a seat on the Architectural Review Board (ARB) for new construction.  Until now, the ARB has been under the sole control of the developer, Glenmore Associates.  A new ARB agreement has been signed which guarantees the GCA one vote on all approvals, with the other two votes remaining under the control of the developer.  Additionally, changes in architectural guidelines can only be made with the agreement of the GCA. This gives the GCA full visibility of all architectural approvals, and provides us the opportunity to significantly influence future decisions.

In return for this, the GCA has agreed not to pursue the $50,000 which was the subject of a 2007 agreement to mitigate the effect of increased traffic due to the Livengood and Leake developments.  Glenmore Associates has challenged the validity of this agreement.  Rather than pursue litigation, the board feels that the ARB agreement provides a reasonable compromise of lasting value to the GCA.

We are now looking for volunteers to be our representative on the ARB (see below).

Storm Water Management
Storm Water Much of Glenmore's infrastructure is now approaching 20 years of age, and the Common Area Review Board has to plan for its ongoing maintenance.  In particular our common areas contain many components which handle storm water, including culverts, drop inlets, drainage channels, pipes, etc.  We know that some of these are already in need of attention.  The CARB has decided to form a Storm Water Management Sub-Committee to review the condition of these facilities, and prepare plans for their future repair work, and are looking for volunteers (see below). 

More Volunteers Needed!
Help WantedWe are looking for volunteers to help with two initiatives:

 1) ARB Representatives - following the re-structuring of the ARB (see article above) we are looking for one or two residents who would be prepared to act as the GCA's representative on the Architectural Review Board.  The board meets as required on Thursday mornings when applications for new construction or landscaping are ready for approval.  This is typically one or two meetings a month.  The board receives detailed recommendations from professional architects, so no homework is necessary!  Ideally you would have some experience in construction, architecture, ARB approvals, or similar.  Please email us at if you feel you can help.

2) Storm Water Management Committee Members - Following the decision by the CARB (see article above) to review our storm water management, we are looking for volunteers to work on this sub-committee.  Experience in civil engineering or water management would be helpful, but not essential.  If you are prepared to help, please email the CARB chairman at

New Residents' Booklet
New Residents Booklet
The Controlled Access Committee has prepared a booklet to welcome new residents to Glenmore, and provide background information on the workings of the community and the GCA, as well as their obligations to conform to our Covenants and Restrictions.  The booklet will be issued by the gatehouse as new residents register their information.  Existing residents may download a PDF copy of the booklet here, or view it on our website
A Few Other Things..
stormwater drain
Residents are requested to clear leaves and debris from any drainage grates or culverts adjacent to their property, to ensure that storm water flows freely, and minimize ponding and stagnant water...
Dog Walking

...and we continue to receive complaints about dog droppings on our walking paths. Dog walkers are required to pick up after their pets!... and dogs must not run free, but must be under the owner's control at all cart

...and please note that golf carts are not permitted on trails  or walking paths...
 No Trespassing Sign
...and new 'No Trespassing" signs have been approved by the GCA for use in a few locations where people have been walking through privately owned vacant lots within Glenmore.  Please ensure you and your guests observe these signs...
Stop Sign
... and also be sure to observe all STOP signs.   We have received reports of near misses, especially at the junction of Piper Way and Darby Road.  Make sure you look to the right when turning left out of Darby Road after crossing the median.  Thank you.