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GCA Newsletter                    25 August 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Glenmore Farm Directors Appointed
This Friday, 29 August, the GCA will close on the purchase of the equestrian parcel, and establish Glenmore Farm Inc. as the operator of the Equestrian Center.

Following a lengthy selection process, we are pleased to announce that the GCA Board unanimously confirmed the appointment of the following volunteers to be directors of Glenmore Farm Inc.Horse Rider

Kristina Alimard
Allison Egidi
John Hart
Mary Shriver
Beth Swartout

They will join Chris Grant (President) and Vince Mazzola (Vice-President), who will be the two GCA board representatives. Selecting just five out of the 24 highly qualified applicants was no simple task - every one of the volunteers was well qualified for the role. Ultimately a balance was sought regarding experience in equine, business management, legal, marketing, financial, and public or private boards. A deliberate effort was also made not to have a majority of the board with horses at the Equestrian Center. They will serve for one year after which they will be subject to re-appointment by the GCA board.

Glenmore Farm will be an autonomous entity, not under the direct control of the GCA, although the GCA will be its sole shareholder. Its mission will be to ensure that the equestrian center is financially self-sufficient and operated as an amenity consistent with the standards of our community. We are confident that this outstanding group of individuals will achieve this.
Last Call for Special Assessment
checkbook-pen.jpg All dues-paying members should have paid the $321 per lot special assessment by the end of this week to avoid additional charges.  If you have not yet done so, please deposit an envelope containing your check, payable to Glenmore Community Association, in the drop-off box by the gatehouse exit.  If you did not receive an invoice, and need one, please contact us immediately by replying to this email.
Some People Changes...
Since Chris Grant will now be giving his priority to presiding over the Glenmore Farm board, he will no longer continue his chairmanship of the CARB (Common Area Review Board), though he will remain a CARB member.

We are fortunate to report that CARB member Linda Porterfield has agreed to take over as chair. Many of you will know Linda from her civic roles, including several years as our County Planning Commissioner, and serving as chairman of the Commission for a year.  We very much appreciate the excellent work Chris has done while presiding over the CARB, and are most grateful to Linda for taking the reins.

Following four years on the GCA Board, Kevin Dean has stepped down as the Country Club's appointee. The club owners have appointed Ron Baellow to take his place.  Ron will also take over Kevin's role as chair of the Controlled Access Committee.  We thank Kevin for his lengthy service, and warmly welcome Ron to the board.

GCA Stormwater Committee - We need your help!

You have probably seen the recent improvements to the stormwater collection system across our community. These were carried out by the Stormwater Sub-Committee to help ensure our stormwater system operates properly and protects our community.


At their August meeting, the GCA Board of Directors voted to move this responsibility from a sub-committee of the Common Area Review Board (CARB) to a separate Stormwater Committee reporting directly to the GCA Board. The move reflects the workload and importance of this work. Larry Tropea, who was already heading up the work for the CARB, has agreed to chair the newly formed committee. 


Stormwater management promises to be an extremely active subject in Albemarle County as our leaders study the need for a stormwater fee and determine how the County should implement needed water quality improvements to our area creeks. Stormwater management, and the protection of our creeks, is an area where volunteers can make a positive difference for our community.


As a result of moving the responsibility from the CARB, We need volunteers to work on the GCA Stormwater Committee to help maintain the Glenmore quality of life and protect our investment in stormwater infrastructure. If you love Glenmore and are interested in the environment, or if you are an engineer, we need you!


Please contact Larry Tropea at  or 963-2633.



Rivanna Village Construction Entrance Update
The GCA Board's campaign to persuade VDOT to permit construction traffic for the Rivanna Village project to use an alternative entrance directly from Route 250 rather than Glenmore Way appears to have had some impact.
Rivanna Village Outline Board members and VDOT representatives were both invited to a recent meeting of the Village of Rivanna Citizens' Advisory Council, at which the issue was debated. In attendance were John Lynch, the head of VDOT's Culpepper District, and our Virginia delegate, Rob Bell.  It soon became clear that VDOT has shifted its position somewhat, and they agreed that the second entrance could be built as a commercial entrance (without a traffic signal) prior to the construction of buildings on the site, and could then be used for construction traffic. But it could only be done after the internal road connecting the Glenmore Way entrance with the Route 250 entrance was built. This means that the initial site grading and road construction work would still be done using the Glenmore Way entrance.

It is not clear exactly how long the site grading and road construction would take, but would certainly be several months. After this time, the developer would need to find a way to ensure that most construction traffic uses the Route 250 entrance as building on the site continues.

We believe this solution should be acceptable to residents, VDOT, and the county. The lead developer, Andrew Boninti, has been asked by the GCA to plan for the new entrance to be constructed in this way, but he has yet to make a firm commitment.  We will let you know when we learn more.  Meanwhile, Mr. Boninti tells us that construction will not begin this year, and may not start until the spring of 2015.

Nextdoor Glenmore 

Although not affiliated with the GCA, Nextdoor Glenmore is a social website that is available for Glenmore residents to communicate freely with each other about any subjects, including GCA affairs. Over half of our residents are already signed up.  If you have not done so, you can check it out at


Rivanna Radio Control Club
On September 20 & 21 the Rivanna RC Club will again be holding its Don Reid Model Plane memorial Fly-In at its Milton Field location. It will take place between 10am until 2pm each day, and residents of Glenmore are invited to join them. You  may notice an increase in the noise level on these days. Click here for event details.