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GCA Newsletter                      27 June 2015

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Ben Benjamin,
GCA Communications

Carroll Creek Road and Bridge
Many residents have asked when the Carroll Creek stream crossing will be replaced by a proper road bridge.  Here is a summary of the current status. In 2011 Amelia McCulley, Albemarle County Zoning Administrator, stipulated that the replacement Carroll Creek bridge must be completed before plat approval of the 51st lot in the Leake area (out of 105 total), or no later than December 31, 2016, whichever occurred earlier.

Last year, McCulley imposed an additional requirement that a bond for the bridge construction costs must be in place by December 31, 2015. This is good news for Glenmore residents, since it ensures that should the developer abandon the project, the county would have the funds to build the bridge, and the GCA would not be liable for costs of its construction.

T he entire Leake development area, including the road and bridge, has recently changed hands.  It is now under the ownership of Stanley Martin Homes, which has requested a delay in construction of the bridge. Although meetings have been held with county officials, no delay has been granted, and McCulley has said that the county will be willing to discuss the timing of the bridge construction only after the deadline for submitting the bond is met.  The GCA, together with our county supervisor Jane Dittmar and planning commissioner Rick Randolph, has made representations to county staff strongly opposing any further postponement of the bridge construction, and will continue to do so.  Our thanks to Rick and Jane for continuing to support the interests of our residents.

July 4th Festivities

Dette LaRobardier, Membership Director of the Glenmore Country Club (GCC), July 4 characterinvites the entire Glenmore community to participate in the Annual 4th of July Parade either as paraders or observers. The parade will begin at 11 am on Saturday, July 4, at the Bremerton Cottages sign and continue along Piper Way to the Clubhouse circle. Decorate your bikes, cars, golf carts, walk with your patriotic pet, or be creative with your red, white, and blue attire. IMPORTANT: Parade participants, please meet at the Bremerton Cottages sign at 10:30 a.m. Young parade participants will receive an ice cream cup or popsicle at the Clubhouse circle following the parade.


About fireworks: Tom Desimini, President of the GCC explains: "Unfortunately we are not having fireworks this year. Although the club had gone for many years without them, last year the company we have used for wedding fireworks had an event fall through and they called to offer them to us. We attempted to schedule them for this year last July, but the fireworks companies are all booked for July 4th years in advance, and because they are so expensive, the club does not normally budget for them. As the club continues to grow, hopefully we will have them in the future so that the entire community can enjoy them."   


Street Parking
Now that students are home from college and as summer visitors arrive, please remember that no cars can be parked on Glenmore streets overnight.  All cars should be parked in your garage or driveway. Please also remind your guests and any contractors that parking on the berm is prohibited.


Glenmore Farm Update
At its June meeting the GCA board reviewed progress of the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center. Despite the harsh weather experienced in the first quarter of 2015 that reduced activities and therefore income, GFEC is performing consistent with initial expectations. The stalls are full, and summer activities, camps, lessons, and clinics are under way again. Many students have competed successfully in horse shows. Safety and standard of horse care continue to be a top priority. Both staff and board members continue to learn how best to manage this rather complex business.  

Financially, the center is covering its costs, and the GFEC volunteer board of directors is working hard to ensure that sufficient income is generated to sustain its use as a self-sufficient amenity.

GCC Study Group Update

The ad hoc study group formed to examine the potential purchase of the Glenmore Country Club (GCC) by the GCA has set up a Nextdoor Glenmore  (NDG) group 'GCA ad hoc study on GCC purchase' to support their effort.  The purpose is to share and collaborate in the conversation regarding the potential purchase of the GCC by the GCA.  The GCA website and newsletter will continue to be used for official communication, however we are hopeful that by using NDG, we can promote transparency and dialogue among our community members.  We encourage everyone to join this group.  The GCA Board will use this as a pilot to evaluate the effectiveness of using NDG as an alternate communication channel.  In the next few weeks all property owners will be asked to participate in a survey.  The results will assist the committee in the development of various scenarios for consideration.