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GCA Newsletter                   March 20 2012

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Rivanna Trail Maintenance
Our New Board of Directors
Limb & Branch Pickup
Glenmore Dumpsters Return!
Gatehouse Area Landscaping
LPR is Up & Running, but...
Livengood Construction Begins

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We are pleased to provide this month's email newsletter from the Glenmore Community Association. This month we include the announcement of new GCA Board responsibilities.  As always, we welcome your feedback. 


Rivanna Trail Maintenance

Dan Mahon, a representative of the Albemarle County Parks & Recreation Department, met with the Common Area Review Board (CARB) at their March meeting. The County now owns the trail along the Rivanna River, and will routinely mow it, and work with the Equestrian Center to keep the trail clear. Signs will be erected shortly to indicate no entrance onto Glenmore property. The County's initial rules indicate that dogs must be on leash, but Dan indicated this was subject to change, and that part of the trail might be declared leash-free.  

Our New Board of Directors
Following the Annual Meeting and subsequent March GCA Board meeting, there have been several changes in board members and their responsibilities.  Here is the full lineup:
Don SundgrenDon SundgrenFred Maute                         Don                 John              Mike                  Fred                  David                 Jim               Kevin
  Sundgren        Chamales       Monticello          Maute             Breneman          Colbaugh         Dean

Don Sundgren    - President     
John Chamales  
- Vice-President, chair of Common Area Review Board (CARB), and chair
                                of Architectural Review Committee (ARC) 
Mike Monticello  - Secretary, board representative on CARB 
Fred Maute          - Treasurer, Compliance to regulations, chair of Financial Oversight Committee 
David Breneman - County Liaison, board representative on Financial Oversight Committee
Jim Colbaugh      - Chair of Glenmore Roads Committee (GRC), Developer & ASCA liaison, board
                                representative on Architectural Review Committee (ARC)  
Kevin Dean         - Chair of Controlled Access Committee

Feel free to approach any board member directly, or via the GCA website  or just email

Limb & Branch Pickup - Mark the Date


branchesOur spring limb and branch pickup will begin on Monday April 23. Items to be chipped (up to 8" diameter) must be at your roadside by 8:00 AM. Please have large ends of branches all facing in the same direction. Also check adjacent common areas, parks, and vacant lots for branches needing to be chipped.  If you want a load of chips left in your driveway for use as mulch please call Frank Keplinger on 977-0189. Pickup may be delayed by bad weather, and may take more than a day to complete.   Please do not leave branches out more than one week prior to pickup.


Not to be chipped: stumps, leaves, shrubbery, dirt, lumber, metal, or large-scale lot clearing.  


Glenmore Dumpsters Return!

Two dumpsters will again be available for residents' use for large item disposal from Friday April 27 through Sunday May 6, located at the RV Parking lot area by the soccer field at the east end of Carroll Creek Road. Please flatten empty boxes, and do not leave any waste in the area surrounding the dumpsters. No items may be left in the area after they are removed on May 6. This service is for residents only, no contractors please.Dumpster


Not to be dumped:  Tires, TV sets, paint cans with paint, propane gas tanks, waste oil or driveway sealer, or hazardous materials.

Gatehouse Area Landscaping
The main entrance to Glenmore is about to receive a face lift.  The gatehouse area and its two adjacent islands will be re-landscaped within the next few weeks, as recommended by the Capital Improvements Committee last year.  The overgrown shrubs will be replaced with boxwood hedges, and red twig dogwoods planted.  The roses planted last year in front of the gatehouse will remain in place.  D&D Landscaping have been contracted to perform the work.

LPR is Up and Running, but ...

The vast majority of us are finding that the LPR system is reliably recognizing our vehicle as we drive up to theLicense Plate residents' gate, and are now using the green light to confirm that it is safe to proceed. The GCA is continually monitoring recognition levels, and after 40,000 vehicle entries we know that over 99% of registered vehicles are being correctly identified.  But... there are some occasions when residents' plates are not recognized, which means they must wait for the gatehouse staff to assist...


In particular, when the sun shines low from the south west during afternoon hours, it interferes with the operation of both front and rear cameras. This typically occurs between about 4:30PM and 6:00PM, and can affect vehicles who have otherwise been routinely identified without problem. There is no simple cure to this problem, so we ask for your patience if you find that you have not been recognized, and have to wait for the gatehouse staff to identify you and open the gate. Similarly, during snowstorms the LPR system may experience difficulty, although rain is not usually a problem. 


If you are following another vehicle, please leave a gap of at least one vehicle length - the LPR cameras are triggered from a buried electrical loop which detects the presence of your vehicle, and if the vehicle in front should stop before the gate, the system will get confused if you are too close behind!


Did you know that the LPR system actually takes 15 separate pictures of your plates when you enter?  Eight of the front plate, and seven of the rear plate, using four different light intensities?  This caters for different plate reflectiveness and ambient light conditions.  The computer selects the best image, which is then compared with the list of registered plates to determine whether or not to open the gate.  And this all happens in a fraction of a second!


Clickers may be discarded. Used clickers are of no value to the GCA, and since they are pre-coded at the point of manufacture, they are of no value to other uses, so you are free to dispose of them.  Incidentally, we notice several residents are still pressing their clickers to try to open the gate.  These have been disabled, so clicking will have no impact on the gate!


Reminder - If the front plate of your vehicle is not immediately recognized, keep moving forward until you reach the gate itself - this gives the camera a chance to pick up your rear plate. 


Changing a vehicle or registration plate?  Use this on-line form to let us know.  Residents only.  


Livengood Construction Begins
Work has started on the development of the Livengood area, containing 43 lots being marketed as Pendower Heights. This will be an extension of the current Section S, on the north side of Pendower Lane, and will include some one-level living homes.  Ground clearing started last week, and will soon be followed by grading and storm water management, including an enlarged outlet draining into Glen Lochan Pond.  The property is now owned by Piedmont Realty Holdings, (run by ex-resident Drew Holzwarth) who has employed Glenmore Associates to manage the development.

The first phase will add the 13 homes facing onto Pendower Lane itself.  Later, Ferndown Lane will be extended across Pendower Lane, leading to a park area surrounded by cottage-style homes. The current riding and walking trail along the north edge of Pendower Lane will be re-routed around the perimeter of the Livengood section. 

Residents are welcome to address any questions to Drew Holzwarth, at 249-7445, or contact John Kessler, of Glenmore Associates, who will be available on-site most mornings.