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GCA Newsletter                       July 25 2013

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Watering the Plants
At their July meeting, the board of the GCA approved the installation of aSign & Flowers water supply line extending from the gatehouse along Piper Way and Glenmore Way to the Rte 250 junction.  This investment in infrastructure will provide the GCA with the ability to use flowering plants on an ongoing basis around the Glenmore signs, and further enhance the beauty of Glenmore's entrance corridor. 

Change in Volunteers
Shelley Payne
Shelley Payne
For 10 years Shelley Payne has served the Glenmore Community, both as a board member for three years, and subsequently as a volunteer providing administrative support, including preparation of minutes and publication of the printed newsletters and meeting packets.  Following her family's move away from Glenmore, the board decided to look for a resident volunteer to step into this role.  We want to thank Shelley for her long service, and are pleased to now welcome Gerri Wyer into this role. 
July 4th Parade Photos
The Country Club has many photos taken of the 4th July Parade.
Email Dette or call her on 817-0508 if you would like to view them or have copies.
parade(2)4th July Parade(2) Parade(3)    
Gatehouse Updates
Several things have changed in the gatehouse recently. First, we are very pleased to welcome back Theresa Morris from an extended absence due to illness.

Secondly, the gatehouse email address has changed.  From now on you should email the gatehouse at gatehouse@glenmore-community.orgGatehouse instead of the old embarqmail address.  This is because we have decided to switch our internet service from DSL to cable.  As a result, we will have two separate means of contacting the gatehouse.  When a weather event causes disruption to the telephone services, you should still be able to contact the gatehouse by email or on line, and vice versa.

As our community has grown, there has been an increasing number of occasions when a security officer needed to call a resident, but the gatehouse phone was already in use, causing a delay in allowing visitors access.  So we now have installed a second telephone line and new phones.  If you call the gatehouse when the main phone (977-7019) is in use, your call will automatically transfer to the alternate line.  And please remember to inform the gatehouse in advance of visitors arriving, either on line or by phone or by email - it really helps.

You may also have noticed that we have replaced the visitors' gate, which was on its last legs. And following problems with both the flagpole light fixtures and underground wiring, we are in the process of installing new light fixtures.

Doing Some Repainting?...
housePlease remember that if you change the exterior color or finish of you house, fence, deck, or other structure, you are required to get prior approval from the Architectural Review Committee.  Approval forms are available on the GCA website, or you can contact them at

Rivanna Village Sold
Rivanna Village Outline
As anticipated, the Rivanna Village property which lies between Glenmore and Rte. 250 was sold at the end of June by the developer, Glenmore Associates, to Rivanna Village LLC, a development company headed by Andrew Boninti.  We have just hear the they have submitted a plan for a re-designed village area to Albemarle County, for which there will be a public hearing in due course.  We will let you know more about this as information becomes available.

Bird Boxes on Mailbox Posts
bluebirdJust a reminder that bird houses attached to mailbox posts are allowed, but do need to be painted by the homeowner to match the post.  The color is Georgetown Green and is available at the Sherman Williams paint store located at 975 Seminole Trail...978-1321.  Before buying paint, you should check with the gatehouse, as they may have a can of paint you can borrow for this purpose.

Checked out your Gatehouse Information?

Don't forget that you can now register your visitors on line from any smartphone, tablet, or computer.  There's a direct link on the GCA website and also in the 'Quick Links' box at the top of these newsletters.  And once you've identified yourself, you will automatically be recognized the next time.  You can update your phone numbers, family members, vehicles, and permanent guests this way too.  And you can even tell the gatehouse about your absence if you're going away on vacation.

Take Care Crossing Carroll Creek
We urge residents to take care when driving over the stream crossing on Carroll Creek Road as you approach the soccer field area.  The barriers at the edges of the crossing have become extensively damaged.  Although most roads in Glenmore are owned by the GCA, this crossing and road are still owned by Glenmore Associates.  They have been asked by both the GCA and Albemarle County to make repairs, but these have not yet been done.

Country Club Membership Information
If you are planning to rent your property in Glenmore, you might wish to Clubhouse inform potential renters that a short term rental Country Club membership is available. There is no requirement that the property owner be a club member.  This might be seen as a positive by a potential renter.

If you are a former club member, and are considering re-joining, you should be aware that the original initiation fee is not required again. There is instead a small re-activation fee.  


For details on either item above, please contact Dette at

(Although the club operates independently of the GCA, we are pleased to communicate information which may be of interest to residents.)