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GCA Newsletter                23 September 2014

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Some significant events are happening in the GCA at this time!  Here is your monthly newsletter. As always, we welcome your feedback.

New Strategic Plan Published
The 2014-1018 Strategic Plan has been presented to the GCA Board of Directors by the Strategic Plan team, chaired by Terry Pemberton. The plan is a comprehensive document which is the result of many months of work. It takes a broad view of the operations and responsibilities of the GCA, and includes many specific recommendations for consideration by the current and future Boards of Directors.  The plan also includes the results of the residents' survey which was carried out late last year, and influenced much of the content of the plan.  The plan also includes an analysis of progress versus the previous Strategic Plan published in 2008.

The Strategic Plan has been published in electronic form, in both summary version and the full plan.  You can download them here:
Our sincere thanks to the members of the team that put the plan together: Terry Pemberton, Nancy Gansneder, Ben Benjamin, Bob Strotz, and Trevor Joscelyne.

Comments from residents are welcome, and should be addressed to

Road Repaving Coming Soon
Starting October 6, S L Williamson will begin paving operations on several roads, assuming the weather cooperates. Preparation work will happen between now and then, and will include milling of the tie-ins to existing roadway pavement and driveways. This work will not take long but it is very dusty and noisy!

Roads to be re-surfaced include:
         Piper Way
(to south end of Melrose Lane)*
         Sandown Park Rd, Derbyshire Rd, Huntersfield Close, Tattersall Court
         Pendower Lane*, Worcester Lane, Perthshire Court*, Victoria Lane
         Also Kilchattan Lane (2 patches only)
[* Excluding recently repaved sections]
Road Works
While Piper Way is being repaved there will be one-way traffic with a flagman, so residents are encouraged to use the Piper/Paddington loop to avoid any inconvenience.

There will be signs at the gatehouse informing residents of the current day's work. Roads Committee member Dick Wagaman is available to answer any questions at 293-6708.

The Roads Committee, chaired by Jim Colbaugh, is following the maintenance recommendations  contained in an updated report from our paving consultant, Applied Pavement Technology, Inc. The 2014 Roads Condition Update Report is available in the Roads Committee section of our website.

Dates for Your Calendar...
Mark your calendars now for the following:


        Limb and Branch Pickup - November 10

        Leaf Pickup -  Weeks of November 17, 24, and December 1

        Dumpsters - November 1 through November 9


See next month's newsletter for more details 


Stormwater Committee Members Appointed
We are pleased to announce that the members of the new Stormwater Committee were appointed at the GCA board's September meeting:

      Larry Tropea(Chair) 
Bill Sihler
Dale Sullivan

The new committee is no longer part of the CARB.  Its primary role will be to monitor and maintain the stormwater infrastructure  in our common areas, much of which is aging and in need of attention. Please note that the committee will not address stormwater handling within individual lots, which remains the responsibility of the property owner.

It will build on the work already completed at eight locations within the last 12 months by the subcommittee of the CARB. The most significant of these was on the Piper Way corridor, where the backbone of our stormwater conveyance system exists. This collects stormwater from as far away as the Equestrian Center and Darby Road. During recent weeks, we excavated and repaired voids that had developed over time near drop inlets, and replaced deteriorated sections of the concrete stormwater ditches. Other stormwater improvements were made on Avebury Lane, Kilchattan and Darby, Piper Way and Melrose, Devon Pines, Sandown Park Road and Huntersfield Close.  


A plan for GCA investing in other common area stormwater infrastructure in 2015 has been developed to ensure we continue to maintain the significant investment we have in stormwater facilities. The committee can be contacted at:


Equestrian Center Purchase Completed
Horse Rider
We are pleased to announce that the purchase of the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center by the GCA was completed as planned on August 29, 2014, providing our members the ability to control the destiny of this rural land. It is now being leased to Glenmore Farm Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the GCA. Its new volunteer board members have been working hard to establish appropriate procedures and practices.  You should have received a separate communication directly from them.  We wish them every success in their endeavor to provide a quality service to our community.