Glenmore Community Association

GCA Newsletter                  21 January 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

It's Dues Time Again!
Dollar Sign We will shortly be issuing GCA Dues Invoices for 2014.  The assessment remains at $857 per lot, and is payable by the end of February.  Members who have signed up for electronic delivery will receive the invoice as an email from the GCA. For all other members it will be included as the top sheet in the Annual Meeting packet, which you should receive before the end of January.  If you do not receive your invoice by the end of the month, or have any questions about it, please call our book-keeper, Barbara Grzymala, on (434) 293-9931.

GCA Annual Meeting Invitation
Checkmark The Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday February 27th, at 7:00 PM in the Glenmore Country Club.  All members will receive a separate invitation, either in the mail or by email, within the next week or two.  The meeting will elect three new Directors for 2014 & 2015, review the achievements of 2013, as well as provide opportunity for comments and questions.  The nominating committee, (chaired by Don Sundgren) has recommended three candidates.  These are: Ben Benjamin, Jim Colbaugh, and Vince Mazzola. The meeting invitation will include either a ballot form or an on-line voting link, which you may submit in advance of the meeting, whether or not you plan to attend.
Update on Vultures
Unfortunately  the flocks of vultures (buzzards) are still with us.  The Common Area Review Board has been taking expert advice on how to deal with them. It will probably recommend some means of disturbing the birds during the evening time so they decide to find an alternative roosting site.  The most commonly used solution is pyrotechnics or cannons which scare them away. The problem, of course, is that they will also scare nearby residents! They are also reviewing the possible use of specially designed laser guns to do the same thing. The CARB is expected to make a recommendation during the next few weeks.

Darby Road Traffic
The Scottish Homes Association has requested help on behalf of their residents living along Darby Road concerning the speeding of traffic.  This has long been an issue since 
Speeding Car the road is used as a cut-through from other areas, has poor sight lines, and has no sidewalk. Growth of the new developments in Pendower Heights and the Preserve will add to this problem. Although previous GCA boards had considered installing a sidewalk, the residents now favor installing 'speed cushions' or speed humps to address the problem, together with some signs.  A six-month trial is being considered.  The matter will be addressed again at the February GCA board meeting.