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GCA Newsletter                       August 21 2013

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Community Meeting
Rivanna Village Outline Reminder - there will be a public meeting for residents of Glenmore and surrounding communities on Wednesday August 28, at 7PM in the East Rivanna Fire Station.  The plans for the Rivanna Village development, lying directly between Glenmore and Route 250, will be presented and discussed.  Residents are encouraged to attend and make their views known.

Your Money is Safe!
Recent press reports about the embezzlement of funds from the Hollymead Homeowners Association made reference to the 2008 misappropriation of GCA funds by Mike Comer, who worked for the developer, and was treasurer of the GCA at the time. We want to reassure members that the Association's assets are now in good shape and well protected.  Here are some of the facts:
  • All missing funds were repaid to the Association, plus interest and attorney's fees.
  • We are holding a healthy $456,000 in reserve for future capital and emergency expenditures.  
  • Annual external audits are now mandatory, and have consistently shown a clean bill of health since 2008.  You may view the 2012 audit here.   
  • The Financial Oversight Committee routinely reconciles bank accounts against reported financials.  
  • A complete set of financial controls and procedures has been defined and is in place.
  • All invoice approvals, payments, and account transfers require two signatures.   
  • Our funds are bonded to protect against malfeasance.
  • The developer no longer has any operational involvement in GCA affairs.  
  • The GCA is fully insured against potential claims.  
Feel free to contact the Treasurer if you should have any concerns. 

Milton Firing Range
A proposal was presented to the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors last week to consolidate the firing ranges used for training UVA, Albemarle, and Charlottesville police forces.  The proposal includes the construction a sound-proofed enclosed building at the Milton range, which is on the other side of the Rivanna river from Glenmore, and is currently used by UVA police.  The Board of Supervisors supported proceeding with the plan, although there are still several steps to go through before it is finalized. 

Glenmore residents have complained for years about the noise from the Milton range, which is currently an open air facility.  Although the frequency of use would be significantly greater under the plan, it is very unlikely that residents would be able to hear any noise at all from the new building, so the proposal is likely to be well received by residents.

New GCA Committee Formed
For the past 5 years the GCA has benefited greatly from the work of the Financial Oversight Committee (FOC), which has put in place stringent financial controls and documented procedures.  Board members have now identified the need to provide a more structured approach to preparing annual budgets and managing reserves, so at their August meeting they voted to form a new Finance & Budget Committee which will replace the FOC.

This new committee will prepare a budget each year for recommendation to the Board, as well as provide ongoing oversight and advice on financial controls and management.  This brings the GCA into line with most other homeowner associations.  The new committee will be chaired by the Treasurer, currently David Breneman, and include two or more other members appointed by the board.  Ron Poulsen and Dick Fontaine have agreed to fill these roles.  We would like to express our thanks to past and present members of the FOC, and to Ron and Dick for agreeing to serve on  the new committee.

Gatehouse Email
Reminder - the email address of the gatehouse has changed to:

The old embarqmail address is no longer available.

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