GCA Newsletter               23 January 2016
Dear Trevor,

Here is your first newsletter of 2016 from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

B en Benjamin, GCA Communications commns@glenmore-community.org
Sledding Reminder...
All residents are welcome to go sledding on the driving range at the Club. Sledding on other parts of the golf course will cause damage. The Club respectfully requests that all sledding activities be limited to the driving range behind the Clubhouse.
Conservation Easement Not Being Pursued
At the time the GCA purchased Glenmore's rural equestrian parcel in 2014, the concept of placing it under Conservation Easement was raised. The GCA board promised to investigate this opportunity, and with the help of residents Betsy Baten, Jim Cloonan, and Rick Randolph, the matter has now been fully investigated, and subsequently reviewed by GCA board.
At first sight Conservation Easements are attractive because they provide (1) permanent protection from development and (2) potential state tax benefits to the owner. But since the GCA now owns this parcel, it would take a 75% majority vote of residents to sell this land to another party, which the board felt provided ample protection against unwanted development. Additionally, we could envisage a situation some time in the future where a future board might, for good reasons, advocate the sale of part of the land not impacting Glenmore's entrance corridor.

As far as the tax benefit is concerned, this is based solely on the difference between the appraised value before and after an easement.  We took the advice of three separate land valuers, all of whom stated that "highest and best use" of the land was equine or agricultural, and the valuation would therefore not be materially affected by placing it into conservation easement. This meant that the GCA would achieve no tax benefit from such a move.

Consequently, the GCA board voted unanimously not to pursue a conservation easement for the equestrian parcel at this time.
GCA Board Elections
At January's GCA board meeting, Mike Monticello, chair of the Nominations Committee, presented six nominations received for the three vacancies on the 2016/17 GCA Board of Directors. The candidates are Jim Colbaugh, Fred Crane, Bill Dunne, Paula Pagonakis, Art Peters, and Linda Porterfield. Elections will be held at our 2016 Annual Meeting on Thursday February 25th, and invitations to vote in advance will be included in the meeting information to be published shortly.
Annual Meeting - February 25th
The 2016 Annual Meeting of the Glenmore Community Association will be held on Thursday, February 25, at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. All property owners and residents are welcome to attend. This will be your chance to pose questions or comments to the board and other residents, as well as to hear about the state of the Association and its activities. Members will be receiving year end information and an invitation to the meeting within the next few days.
Bills for Dues Will be Coming Soon!
It's that time of year again. In order to make it easier for residents to manage, GCA dues will now be billed semi-annually. We will soon be sending out invoices for the first half of  2016 GCA dues, which are $510 per lot. A similar invoice will be sent in August for the balance of the year, or you may choose to pay all $1,020 now if you prefer. If you have registered for electronic delivery, watch out for an email invoice in your inbox. If you have not, then the invoice will be included as the front sheet within your Annual Meeting packet, which will be mailed within the next few days.
Personal Safety Lecture
The Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Committee is sponsoring an information session by the Albemarle County Police Department on Personal Safety. Among the topics covered will be credit card fraud, identity theft, online purchasing and security, and situational awareness. There will be a question and answer period after the presentation. The speaker will be Detective Kevin Miller who is intimately involved with these subjects in Albemarle County, and all residents are invited to attend. The presentation will be at the East Rivanna Firehouse on February 22, starting at 7:15 PM and will last approximately 90 minutes. Dennis Odinov, Chairman of VORCAC, attended a previous presentation and found it to be very interesting and helpful.
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