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GCA Newsletter                       24 June 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Have You Voted Yet?
Horse Rider
The Voting Inspection Team (Carl Staton, Jack Hawxhurst, and Dale Robinson) has informed us that, at the time of publication of this Newsletter, about 350 votes have been cast on the proposed purchase of the Equestrian Parcel - thank you

Here's how the voting works: We estimate that we will have 834 potential votes in good standing at the time the voting closes on July 10th. Of these, 251 (30% quorum) must be cast to validate the voting process.  However, there is also a special requirement for this vote that two-thirds of all available votes must be cast in favor of the proposal, so we will need 556 'yes' votes for the proposal to be approved. Unless that number is achieved, our regulations preclude the purchase even if an overwhelming percentage of residents support it.

Although the Inspection Team does not know how everyone has cast their vote, they do know who has voted, and will, as a courtesy, be sending reminders to those who have not.

The GCA Board strongly recommends approval of the proposal. If you have not yet voted, we urge you to do so now. You can vote on-line using the security code sent to you in your packet and in our recent email.  Vote Here

Advanced ballots and on-line votes must be received by 5PM on July 9th.


Board of Supervisors Meeting - Rivanna Village Project
On Wednesday 9th July at 6PM the Albemarle County Board of Rivanna Village Outline Supervisors will be holding a public hearing on the Rivanna Village project, at its 401 McIntire Road offices. Our Supervisor, resident Jane Dittmar, has worked with the county staff and developer to agree a proffer whereby the developer will provide a truck washing station, a section of paved road leading into the development, and a walking/riding path adjacent to Glenmore Way. However, these are based on the assumption that all construction traffic will use Glenmore Way. VDOT is still blocking our demand that a second entrance off Route 250 be used for construction traffic.

In addition to concerns being expressed by the Rivanna Village Advisory Council (led by resident Dennis Odinov), the GCA president (Trevor Joscelyne) will be speaking to the meeting on behalf of the GCA board.  Although VDOT is not answerable to the county, VDOT representatives will certainly be at the meeting, and the press and others will be watching!  We therefore need Glenmore Residents show up in force at the meeting!  There is no need to speak, but the show of numbers will itself help make the argument for us.

We will also be presenting the Glenmore residents' petition to the Board of Supervisors. If you have not already done so, please add you name to the list.  700 of our 1400 adult residents have signed the petition but we need more! Each member of your household 18 years of age or older may sign the petition.  Follow this link to the petition.

Get Ready for July 4th Parade!
All Glenmore residents are invited to participate in the Annual 4th  of July Parade, being hosted by the Country Club.  It will start at 11:00am by the Bremerton Cottage Sign on Piper Way, and make its way to the Clubhouse Circle. 
Decorate bikes, cars, golf carts, walk with your patriotic pet or be creative with your red, white and blue attire! Parade participants please meet at the Bremerton Cottages sign at 10:30am. Young parade participants will receive an ice cream cup or popsicle at the Clubhouse Circle.

Volunteers Needed - Budget & Finance Committee
We are looking for two volunteers to join the Budget and Finance Committee of the GCA.   The role of the committee, which is chaired by the Treasurer (currently Nancy Gansneder), is to review and advise on GCA finances and assist in preparing budgets.  It meets quarterly, with some additional work during annual budget preparation time in September and October. Prior experience with budgets or similar accounting or financial work would be useful. If you can help us, please contact Nancy at

Underground Pipe Inspection

You may see some strange activities around the community on Friday!
A remote camera will be examining our underground storm-water pipelines 8:30 AM onwards on 27th June. This work is being organized by the Storm-Water Management Team of the CARB, and will give us assurance that our key underground pipelines are in good shape.

Golf Carts on Walking Paths
golf cart
We have had reports of golf carts being driven along our walking paths, endangering pedestrians.  Please note that we follow the Virginia code, which permits bicycles to use paths, but not powered vehicles such as golf carts.

Walking paths are for pedestrians, not golf carts! 

2013 Financial Audit Completed
The external audit of the GCA finances for 2013 was received by the GCA board at its June meeting.  Once again, we are pleased to announce that no irregularities were noted, and the Association was given a clean bill of health.  The audit was conducted by Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates, and is available for downloading from our website at or you can click here to view it now.