GCA Newsletter                                5 August 2016
Dear GCA member,
Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Paula Pagonakis , GCA Communications
Meeting Minutes
You may download the draft minutes of the July 21 GCA Board Meeting here.
Dues Due
For those who have indicated they wish to make two installments for GCA Annual Dues, depending on your selected preference of delivery, you should have already received your email invoice for the second half of 2016, or should expect it via United States Postal Service mail in the next few days. The amount is $510 per lot and is due September 1st.
Glenmore Community Association Governance Review
The final transfer of overall control of our community from the original developer, Glenmore Associates Limited Partnership, (GALP) to the Glenmore Community Association is currently being finalized.  With that transfer, significant updates of governing documents are required.

The GCA Board is undertaking a complete review and, as necessary, writing, updating, or revising documents that form the governance framework for the Glenmore Community Association.  This review includes the By-Laws, Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (C&Rs), Standing Committee Charters, Policies, Procedures, Guidelines, and Rules and Regulations.  To date, drafts of proposed charters for Common Area Review Board, Compliance, and Architectural Review Board Guidelines have been posted on the GCA website and made available for Member comment.
Construction Traffic Route
Signs are posted at Darby Road to channel traffic headed for the Stanley Martin construction sites behind Glen Lochen via the Paddington/Ferndown route rather than Darby Road. Paddington is wider, is striped, and has sidewalks.   Construction traffic is NOT being directed to Devon Pines.
Construction traffic headed for the Leake area and along Carroll Creek is instructed, at the gatehouse, to use Piper Way and cross the bridge.

With the completion of the three new houses on Newbridge, most construction traffic on Devon Pines should subside. The GCA Board is considering enacting a penalty to construction traffic deviating from specified routes.  
From the Common Area Review Board
In November, 2015 as part of the GALP transfer agreement, GCA assumed responsibility for the maintenance of the Sports/Soccer Field at Carroll Creek Rd. Prior to the final transfer of this common area, a sub-committee of Members was formed to explore possible uses for the Sports/Soccer Field and include activities such as soccer, baseball, Frisbee, picnics, basketball, community events and celebrations.
At this time, residents are not prohibited from using the Sports/Soccer Field to run their dogs, but dog owners need to be considerate of those who use this area as a sports and play field.  There is concern of our residents with small children or grandchildren that their young ones are playing in an area of dog droppings. CARB regularly mows the field and has installed a pet waste station for your convenience.  

Please be a responsible dog owner and pick up waste so that everyone may enjoy the area.
Tree Trimming
To improve safety, you may have noticed that CARB has trimmed a few trees improving sight lines at several corners along Piper Way.  Lower limbs have been removed to improve visibility of the resident deer population often grazing at night.
Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming Survey
The survey was created by a special task-force comprised of Members.  Based on their guidance, GCA President, Nancy Gansneder designed the survey and is completing the analysis of the data as she can fit it in with her regular family, work and other GCA responsibilities.  Our community is rich in human resources and we are utilizing internal expertise in lieu of spending funds on outside consultants.  The cost is a little patience as our internal consultants complete their work.
The next step is to share the results with the GCA Board of Directors then post for Member review. The new sign on Piper Way directing construction traffic away from Darby Road was not a result of the survey. It was previously approved and planned to alert drivers who were not seeing the one long posted on the right side of Darby Road.
Covenants and Restrictions
Upon the purchase of your Glenmore property, a Homeowners Disclosure Packet was provided that included the Covenants  and Restrictions of Glenmore (C&Rs). The C&Rs are the "rules" of our community, Glenmore. Three days are provided for review prior to purchase. Once the of your property is finalized, the C&Rs became legally binding.
The C&Rs are designed to protect and enhance the beauty of our community for all to enjoy. They aid in supporting our current and future property values. Complaints of non-compliance come from many sources, and are addressed as required. It is the responsibility of every resident to live and abide by the rules. Information and details about compliance can be answered by reviewing of you own copy of the C&Rs, along with any amendments and guidelines which are posted on the GCA website. Additional questions and comments can be made directly to the GCA Board of Directors at gca@glenmore-community.org.
  Horsing Around

Barn cats, painted ponies and Member families enjoyed a hot summer day at the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center’s open house July 23rd.  Thank you for your support.
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