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GCA Newsletter                    February  19 2012

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2012 Annual Meeting Reminder
Green Means Go...
Annual Dues Invoices
Contract Renewal
Modifying your House or Landscaping?

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We are pleased to provide this month's email newsletter from the Glenmore Community Association.   As always, we welcome your feedback. 


2012 Annual Meeting Reminder

Remember that the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday February 23, at 7:00 PM in the Glenmore Country Club. Come in good time - registration will start at 6:30 PM.  If you've not yet voted in the election for three new directors, you can either vote at the meeting, complete a paper ballot, or vote now on-line, using the security code previously provided to you by email:   Vote here


You can view full details of the meeting, including agenda, reports, and financials at this special section of our website.   

Green Means Go...

Residents' reaction to the new License Plate Recognition (LPR) entry system has been overwhelmingly positive. 99% of registered plates are being correctly identified, and this number continues to improve as we fine tune the system.  Every day each failure is being recorded and investigated.

 License Plate

Clickers don't work now.  We are seeing many residents still trying to click to open the gate.  Don't bother! - they have been deactivated, so it won't do anything, unless you are one of the few exceptions who has been personally contacted.  And Flash2Pass is now history. 


You will notice a new green light.  This comes on for two seconds to notify you that the system has recognized your vehicle.  If you are following another car, and the gate stays open, then the green light is the signal that it's safe to proceed.  If you don't see the light come on, your vehicle has NOT been recognized, and you should wait at the gate for assistance from the gatehouse staff, rather than risk the barrier coming down onto your vehicle.  


Don't crawl - a few drivers are driving far too slowly past the cameras - the system expects you to be moving forward at a moderate speed.  If you go too slowly or stop too soon your plates will not be captured.


If your car is not immediately recognized, keep moving forward until you reach the gate itself - this gives the camera a chance to pick up your rear plate. 


Using a rental car or loaner? No problem, just let the gatehouse know its plate number, and the date you will no longer be using it.  It will automatically be deactivated after this date. 


Still not registered?  You can us this on-line form, or pick up a form at the gatehouse.  

Annual Dues Invoices
Dollar Sign
All property owners should have received an invoice for 2012 annual dues. The dues, at $857 per lot, are payable by 1 March, beyond which interest will accrue at 1% per month. If you have NOT received an invoice, please immediately contact our bookkeeper, Barbara Grzymala, at or 293-9931. 

Contract Renewed for Common Area Maintenance
Following several years of satisfactory service to Glenmore, the Common Area Review Board (CARB) has again renewed the contract for maintenance of our common areas to D&D Lawn Care.  This year they will also cover the Q2 section, which was previously contracted to a separate company.  The Rivanna Trail will now be maintained by Albemarle County's Parks & Recreation Department, following the transfer of ownership last year.

Modifying your House or Landscaping?
Reminder to residents - You are required by our Covenants & Restrictions to gain approval for any modifications to the exterior of your house or landscaping. This includes, for example, changing the color of exterior paint, building extensions, removal of trees over 6" diameter, and landscaping improvements. The ARC (Architectural Review Committee) was established a year ago following the formal transfer of responsibilities from the developer, and reports to the GCA Board of Directors.  If you intend to make such changes, you can apply using the form available on Forms section of our website.  For more information write to
Please Don't Park on the Grass - Another Reminder
We want to keep the grass borders of our roads in good condition.  But too many residents, guests, and contractors are still parking vehicles on the grass borders, often causing significant damage, especially when the ground is wet.  All parking should be on the roads, not half on and half off, and not on the grass shoulders or walking path.  Please make sure your visitors and contractors get the message.  Thank you.