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GCA Newsletter                   December 20 2011

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GCA Board Vacancies
Restricted Access Policy
2012 Dues
No Signs Please!
Crime Prevention Tips
Mailbox Repairs Correction
Ward Campbell
Are You in the 40%?

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Merry Christmas from the GCA! We are pleased to provide this month's email newsletter from the Glenmore Community Association.   As always, we welcome your feedback. 


How to Dispose of Christmas Trees...

Reminder - the GCA will pick up used Christmas trees on Monday, January 2, 2012. If the weather is bad or the pick-up cannot be completed in one day, collection will be extended to later in the week. Please have your tree (naturals only, without any decorations, stand, nails, wires, etc.) at your driveway entrance by 8:00 A.M. 

GCA Board Vacancies  

The GCA board consists of six resident volunteers and one club appointee. The directors  are elected for two year terms, so each year we have three vacancies to fill.  In February, Cole Hendrix, Elizabeth Ewing, and Don Sours are retiring from the board.  The board has asked Vin Cibbarelli to chair a Nominating Committee which will prepare recommendations for suitable candidates for election at the February 23 Annual Meeting.  If you, or someone you know, is interested in serving the community in this way, please contact the Vin at or call 296-5602, before January 10th


Restricted Access Policy    

At the December GCA Board Meeting, an important new "Restricted Access Policy" was approved, enabling the GCA board to prohibit or restrict entry into Glenmore by individuals who have previously demonstrated unacceptable behavior within the community.  This represents a stepping-up of actions in response to incidents where non-residents have entered the community and become involved in acts of trespassing, vandalism, or other inappropriate or potentially criminal behavior. The full policy can be viewed here, as well as on the Regulations page of our website, but here are some of the key elements:  


1. Non-resident individuals designated as 'No Access" will be banned from entry into Glenmore.  Any entry will be regarded as trespassing, the police will be informed, and prosecution pursued.


2. Non-resident individuals designated as "Restricted Access" must register at the gatehouse on entry, and deposit a driving license or other ID for the time they are within the community visiting a resident.  He or she may not drive on our roads, and may not be listed on any resident's permanent guest list.    


Following the adoption of the new policy, four individuals from outside of Glenmore were immediately designated as having "No Access".  These include the three youths who were found trespassing in private property within Glenmore in November, and the employee of a contractor who was arrested in October on suspicion of attempting to enter residences. 


2012 Dues Announcement

Dollar SignThe GCA Board has set the Association's annual dues for 2012 at $857 per residence/lot as part of its budgeting process for the new year, which represents an increase of 7.5%. This is largely due to the reduction in contribution from the Glenmore Country Club from 50% to 25%, as approved by the vote of membership, in exchange for some concessions benefiting the GCA. Meanwhile, the board plans to maintain the standards of our roads and common areas consistent with our style of community, in addition to pursuing capital improvements. Payments are due by the March 1, 2012, and invoices will be sent to members during January.   


No Signs, Please!  

Our Covenants and Restrictions specify that no signs must be placed outside properties without prior approval by the GCA.  This month the GCA board reviewed the policy, and voted to continue to prohibit all signs on residential property.  This includes 'For Sale' signs, political signs, and burglar alarm signs.  If you have such a sign on your property, please arrange for it to be removed.

Crime Prevention Tips from Neighborhood Watch 

Steve Watson, the Crime Prevention Officer for Albemarle County, has provided Glenmore's Neighborhood Watch with these tips for preventing crime, particularly during holidays:    

Holiday Residential and Vehicle Break ins

  •  Use motion sensors on all outdoor lighting
  •  Lock your car doors, roll up car windows and park in well-lit areas.
  •  Keep cars garaged, if possible. If you have to leave a vehicle in your driveway, remove garage door openers and Glenmore gate openers.
  •  Leave outside lights on while you're away from home
  •  Keep garage doors closed during the day and night. Lock inside doors from garage.
  •  Do not leave valuables inside your car or in sight; i.e., ipods, laptops, any other portable personal electronics, handbags or brief cases.
  •  Remove all presents from cars.
  •  Destroy any large boxes that contained valuable items. They act as advertisements.
  •  If you are going to be away for the Holidays, make arrangements through the Police Department for a house check, or notify neighbors so they can keep watch over your home.

 "If Something Does Not Seem Right It Probably Isn't"

Call 911

House checks:
Crime Prevention Officer, Steve Watson, 434-872-4558,

Non-Emergency Communications: 977-9041


Further Delay to Shadwell Junction  

VDOT has advised us that the traffic signal project at the Shadwell intersection of Rte 250 and Rte 22 has again been delayed by Luck Stone. Estimated completion is now February 2012.  The changes proposed by the GCA to the westbound slip ramp at the west end of Rte 22 are still being studied by VDOT.


Correction - Mailbox Repairs Contact    

For those needing repair work to mailboxes and posts, you may call Mike Phillips.  Unfortunately we provided an incorrect phone number last month.  The correct number to contact Mike is 532-4443.


Ward Campbell Hands Over Maintenance Responsibilities
Ward Campbell
Ward Campbell
After many years working for the Glenmore community, both as a board member, and more recently as our Chief Maintenance Officer, Ward Campbell has decided to step down at the end of the year.  The GCA board recognizes the tremendous impact Ward has had on the appearance of the community, which is now in great shape, and expressed its appreciation at this month's board meeting.

We are very fortunate to have been offered the services of resident Frank Kepplinger, who will take over the role in January.  Many readers will be aware of Frank's extensive experience in landscape architecture, including his participation in the Architectural Review Board since Glenmore's early days.  We are confident that the upkeep of the community will continue to be in good hands.

The BOD also thanked the CARB (Common Area Review Board) for the successful Fall programs: the dumpster, limb and leaf removal.  Residents are asked to help minimize potential flooding by removing leaves and debris from ditches, culverts and drain grates.

Are You in the 40%?  

We have received vehicle registrations from about 60% of people who use the automatic resident's gate, in preparation for the License Plate Recognition system, which will replace clickers and Flash2Pass in a few weeks. If you are among the 40% who have not yet done so, please register your vehicles now using this on-line form, or pick up a papeLicense Plater version from the gatehouse.  Equipment installation will be somewhat later than we had hoped, but should be under way early in the new year, followed by a few weeks of testing. Once we turn off the old systems, if you have not registered you will NOT get through the residents' gate!  


The GCA Board confirmed at its December meeting that the automated residents' gate is only for the use of Glenmore residents and Country Club members.  Family members who visit regularly will have to use the visitor's entrance, even if they have obtained unauthorized clickers in the past.