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GCA Newsletter                     4 March 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA.  We decided to postpone the February issue until after the recent Annual Meeting.  As always, we welcome your feedback.

Report of GCA Annual Meeting
The February 27th Annual Meeting of the GCA was attended by over Checkmark200 residents. Two new members were elected to the Board of Directors for 2014/2015: Ben Benjamin, and Vince Mazzola. In addition, Jim Colbaugh was re-elected for another term. Congratulations to all three, and thanks to our members who recorded their votes!

Subsequently, the following officers were appointed by the board members:
  • President - Trevor Joscelyne
  • Vice President - Chris Grant
  • Secretary - Ben Benjamin
  • Treasurer- Nancy Gansneder
Ben will take over responsibility for compliance to regulations, Chris will join the ARC, and Vince will join the CARB.  You can see the full listing of responsibilities on our website page.

The GCA President, Trevor Joscelyne, provided an outline of "What's Great, What's New, and What's Coming", including comments on Rivanna Village, the Country Club, and the Equestrian Center.  A summary of his remarks may be viewed  here. This was followed by wide-ranging questions and comments from members present.  Remarks were generally positive about the work of the Association.

The meeting ended with a presentation on the current status of the planning application for Rivanna Village (see separate article below).

Rivanna Village Presentation
Rivanna Village OutlineAndrew Boninti, the lead partner of Rivanna Village LLC, was invited to last week's GCA Annual Meeting to provide an update of the application for Rivanna Village. He was accompanied by Alex Toomy, another partner, and Mark Keller, who is assisting with their application. Drawings were displayed for residents to view.

The proposal showed 324 housing units, more than their original submission, but still less than allowed for in the Code of Development. The 88 acres included 39 acres of 'green space', including an 18-acre park.  The first phase of development would be alongside Glenmore Way.  It included 70 feet of "spare no expense" landscape buffering along the road, which would be the subject of a computerized simulation available for viewing within a few weeks from our website. They were considering eliminating the access off Glenmore Way nearest to the Route 250 junction, subject to approval by the emergency services. 

Mr. Boninti confirmed that VDOT has rejected the use of a second entrance from Route 250 for construction traffic on safety grounds, which means all of the initial construction traffic would use Glenmore Way.  Several residents challenged this, and asked the GCA Board to make representations to VDOT and the county to insist that the second entrance be built early, and used for all construction traffic.

Resident Dennis Odinov, the chair of the Village of Rivanna Advisory Council, outlined the Council's other objections. He explained that the county was still requiring the Code of Development to specify commercial uses consistent with Community Services (up to 60,000 sq. ft.), not the smaller scale Neighborhood Services (up to 40,000 sq. ft.) as required by the county's own Comprehensive Plan. The required housing density of 4 to 6 units/acre was also in conflict with the Comprehensive Plan's 3 to 6 units/acre.  Further, the county's calculation uses the overall 88 acres as the basis of calculating density, whereas the actual buildable area is only 50 acres. 

The project will be the subject of public hearing at some time in the future, and we will ensure that the community is kept informed prior to such meetings.

Are You Overdue?
Dollar Sign The due date for 2014 GCA annual dues of $857 per lot is now past.  If you have not yet paid, or did not receive your invoice, then please contact our book-keeper, Barbara Grzymala, on (434) 293-9931 or

Glenmore had had an abnormal amount of snow this winter.  The January 10+ inch storm proved a particular challenge for D&D, our snow clearing contractors.  They had several vehicles working round the clock for two days (and overnight). All roads were cleared (at least 24 hours ahead of other Charlottesville residential roads) with the exception of  two small cul-de-sacs that were missed.

However, we are aware that some residents were not happy with the results. For example, some road junctions were not easily passable and driveways were blocked.  A meeting has been held with D&D managers, with a view to improving in the future.  Having said that, residents still need to have realistic expectations as to what can reasonably be achieved.  In common with most street plowing, snow will most likely be piled up along the end of your driveway and in front of your mailbox.  It is each resident's responsibility to deal with that.

Frank Keplinger, the GCA's maintenance manager, is in charge of snow clearing, so if you have any He has a tough job, so please be courteous!

Supervisor's Community Meeting
Glenmore resident Jane Dittmar, who is our district's representative on the Albemarle County Board of Supervisors, will host a community meeting that will include a School Board member, police and fire department representatives, and a planning commissioner, to discuss the proposed 2014-15 local government and school division budgets and proposed tax increase, as well as other topics of interest to Scottsville District residents.  Community members will have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss areas of concern and interest. The meeting will be held on Tuesday March 11, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm at Stone Robinson Elementary School.

Pooch Pick-Ups
TSitting Doghe suggestion came up at the Annual Meeting of placing more 'doggie stations' around Glenmore to encourage dog owners to pick up after them.  Although this will be considered by the GCA board, the fact remains that it is unpleasant and unfair to your Glenmore neighbors and their children to let your dog foul anywhere along our paths and grassy areas.  Please do your civic duty and pick up after your pet.
Darby Road Traffic
At its February meeting, the board of the GCA heard an updated Speeding Carproposal from the Scottish Homes Association to install "speed cushions" for a trial period along the eastern section of Darby Road to calm the traffic flow.  Following a spirited, but thoughtful, debate on the pros and cons, the SHA board was asked to also re-consider the idea of installing a walking path as a long term means of assuring pedestrian safety.  Most of its traffic is the result of the road being used as a feeder to and from other Glenmore areas, but unlike the other spine roads, it does not have a pedestrian path.

A new survey of residents on Darby Road was requested, to determine the support for implementing a footpath versus other options, as well as an updated review of possible path locations.