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GCA Newsletter                  28 February 2015

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Here is your monthly newsletter. As always, we welcome your feedback. 

2015 Annual Meeting Report
Checkmark About 140 members attended the 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association on February 26th.  Three board members were elected for a two year term: Diana Ferguson, Nancy Gansneder, and Trevor Joscelyne.  Our thanks to all who voted in this election, whether on line or by paper ballot.  The new board will meet shortly to determine the new officers and committee appointments.

Outgoing President, Trevor Joscelyne, gave a summary of the status and operations of the GCA, including an explanation of its solid financial position.  Chris Grant, retiring GCA board member and current President of Glenmore Farm Inc., provided an overview of the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center, which is experiencing a successful start-up, with improved services and new staff members, and is well on the road to financial self-sufficiency.

A variety of questions and comments were made by attendees, many showing strong support for the overall direction of the GCA. Appreciation was expressed to the 35 resident volunteers who assist the GCA in one or more of the committees.

Did You Pay Your Dues?
checkbook-pen.jpg You've probably paid your 2015 GCA dues by now.  But if not, you should contact our book-keeper immediately at The assessment of $933 per lot was payable by March 1st, after which penalties apply.
Stop Sign
Please be sure to obey the STOP signs throughout Glenmore.  We still receive too many reports of near misses when drivers fail to stop.  Thank you for driving carefully within Glenmore.
Property Tax Meeting

moneybag_graphic.jpg The Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Council, chaired by Glenmore resident Dennis Odinov, has arranged a presentation on how property taxes in our area are determined. County Assessor Robert Willingham and Land Conservation Officer Rex Linville, Piedmont Environmental Council, will give short presentations at their next meeting on Monday, March 2 at Stone Robinson School; the meeting will begin at 7:15 PM. Topics will include use value taxation, appeals, donations, objectives, easements, tax benefits, land conservation, and comparison to other localities, and will include opportunity for questions.


Use the Internet to Update Your Gatehouse Information
barrier gate
About 10% of residents are now routinely going on-line to inform the gatehouse about their expected visitors.  We would like to see more residents doing this rather then calling by phone, since it helps the gatehouse staff cope with the steadily increasing workload, and ensures the information is correctly entered.  You can access this from the gatehouse information link on our website,

As announced in a recent email, you may now designate up to six of your permanent guests to use the automated entrance gate. (This only applies to family and friends - no contractors please.) These guests are already trusted to enter the community at any time, so the capture of their vehicle information when they arrive will actually improve our ability to track vehicle entry times if an incident should occur, as well as take some workload off the gatehouse staff during busy periods, and make it more convenient for your guests. 
You can register your guests' vehicles on line via the gatehouse section of our website, or ask the gatehouse staff to enter them on your behalf. You will need each vehicle's registration number, make, model, and color, and primary driver.  (You may notice that previously listed family members who are not residents have been transferred to your permanent guest list. Their vehicles will now count towards your total of six guests which are allowed automated access.)