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GCA Newsletter                  January 22 2013

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2013 Elections & Annual Meeting
2013 Annual Dues
Glenmore Water Tank Meeting
Glenmore Development Updates

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We hope the new year has started well for you. As always, the board members of the GCA welcome your feedback on this newsletter.



Tired Mailbox?
Is your mailbox looking tired, rusty, or battered?  It is the responsibility of each resident to keep it in good order.  You can easily spruce it up by buying a standard large sized black box from Lowes or Home Depot.  If you need help, or need repairs to the post, just call Mike Phillips on 531-4443
2013 Board Elections & Annual Meeting
Checkmark The 2013 Annual Meeting of the Association is to be held on Thursday February 21, at 7:00 PM in the Glenmore Country Club.  All members will receive a separate invitation, either in the mail or by email, within the next week or so.  The meeting will elect three new Directors for 2013 & 2014, review the achievements of 2013, as well as provide opportunity for comments and questions.  The nominating committee, (chaired by Cole Hendrix) has recommended four candidates for the three vacancies.  The candidates on the ballot are: Nancy Gansneder, Trevor Joscelyne, Chris Grant, and Linda Porterfield. The meeting invitation will include either a ballot form or an on-line voting link, which you may submit in advance of the meeting, whether or not you plan to attend.

2013 Annual Dues
Dollar Sign For the members who elected to receive documents electronically, you will receive your 2013 Annual Dues invoice by email very soon. 

If you did not register for electronic delivery, your 2013 Dues invoice will be included as the front sheet within the Annual Meeting packet, which you will receive in the mail.  Make sure you don't miss it!

Dues are payable by March 1st, and may be sent via mail, or deposited in the forms drop-off box by the gatehouse exit lane.
  Glenmore Water Tank Meeting
As reported last month, the Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) is planning a ground-level water tank adjacent to the fire station in front of Glenmore, to provide  a short term emergency water supply.

Before plans can be finalized, the ACSA needs to satisfy itself that the community supports the decision.  ACSA members will be presenting the project and its implications to residents at a public meeting on February 27, at 7:00 PM at the East Rivanna Fire Station. The GCA board is not empowered to act on behalf of the community on such matters, so we urge residents to attend this meeting.  You should receive a notification in the mail from the ACSA within the next week or so.

Glenmore Development Updates

Here is an update of some of the development activity going on within Glenmore:


Two-Acre Lot


The future of the lots in Leake section at the northern end of the new Carroll Creek loop road has now been determined. Following discussions between the Village of Rivanna Community Advisory Council and developer Neal Sansovich, the earlier plan to add the adjacent 2-acre rural parcel into Glenmore has been abandoned.   Instead, four lots will be laid out in the parcel 94-74 (as envisaged at the time of the original Leake rezoning). One lot will probably be accessed from the emergency access roadway linking to Running Deer Road.   



NV Homes Lots





At the southern end of the Leake section (K2B), just north of the waste water treatment plant, you may have seen that a home is nearly complete. This is the first of at least 8 homes being built by NV Homes, and will be used as their model home.







Livengood Lots




In the Livengood section (S5) the new roads and footpaths are now in place.  Ferndown Lane has been extended across and behind Pendower Lane.  Greenstone Lane has been created,  forming the perimeter of a small new park area.  


This area is owned and being developed by Piedmont Housing and Realty LLC.  The first lots to be built on will be those along the east side of Pendower Lane, shown in red on this diagram. Two homes have already been completed, one of which is Piedmont's model home.