GCA Newsletter                                30 June 2016
Dear GCA member,
Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Paula Pagonakis , GCA Communications
Meeting Minutes
You may view the draft minutes of the June 16th GCA Board Meeting here.
Important Notices

4th of July Week Waste Pickup - County Waste will be picking up in Glenmore on the regular schedule during the 4th of July holiday week.  Glenmore pick up will not be affected by the holiday.

Rivanna Village Update -  The developer assures us of a peaceful summer with construction expected to begin sometime this fall.
Trail Wash Out Caution - A section of the Rivanna Trail near the 17th hole is being eroded due to high waters and is dangerous.  The county has promised to mark the area and potentially close that section soon. CARB will be working with them to try and affect a work-around.
Summer Splendor
Your enjoyment of the beauty of the Gatehouse is greatly due to Cindy Simmons who purchased and planted all of the flowers around the gatehouse.  Many thanks to Cindy!
A Little Help From Our Friends
CARB is in need of a handheld GPS tracking device. Since we only need it for a short period of time, we thought it would be better to see if someone could loan one to us. If we can borrow yours, please contact Art Peters at carb@glenmore-community.org.
Annual 4th of July Parade
11:00am Bremerton Cottage Sign on Piper Way to the Clubhouse Circle.

All in our Glenmore community are invited to celebrate! Decorate bikes, cars, golf carts, walk with your patriotic pet or be creative with your red, white and blue attire! 

Parade participants please meet at the Bremerton Cottages sign at 10:30am. Young parade participants will receive an ice cream cup or popsicle following the parade at the Clubhouse Circle.
Summer Fun . . . and Not So Fun . . . It Takes a Village
Now that summer is here, the GCA would like to remind parents that children are not allowed to drive golf carts on Glenmore roads or cart paths, or, for that matter, off-road on the multi use trails. A valid drivers license or permit is required for all drivers of golf carts.

Dangerous stunts down the middle of the roads and around blind curves by skateboarders and bikers is not an example of summertime fun.          

Another activity in our community this summer is vandalism at the Glen Lochan Pond. Slats on the bridge railing are being knocked out repeatedly and cans and other garbage thrown into the pond.
golf cart
We are lucky to live in such a beautiful community. Many residents volunteer their time and money to contribute to this beauty and the safety of us all. Please help identify unsafe behavior and vandalism and do something about it.  If you can identify individuals who are not sure what safe, non-destructive activity is, either speak to them directly or let us know and we will address it. 
Equestrian Center - For Some Real Summer Fun
Your children or grandchildren can now ' drop in' for a day (or more) at the July Summer Camp at Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center. You don't have to attend for the full week. Feel free to come by and meet our terrific new head trainer, DJ Johnson, or contact him at the number below. Camp hours are 9am to 1pm, Monday - Friday.

Beginner camps:
  • July 11-15
  • July 18-22
Intermediate camp:
  • July 25-29

Email office@glenmorefarmec.com with questions or to reserve your spot, or call (434) 295-327.

Committee Additions
Welcome Lisa Perlbinder to the Communications Committee.  

Kathy Ball has agreed to lead the Sports Field Committee and Crystal Monaco will join her.
An Ad-hoc committee has been formed to develop a long term master plan for the needs of common areas in Glenmore. Don Sours and Bill Kwiatkowski have agreed to co-chair this effort.  Ann Harrod and Frank McGinnis have volunteered to support this committee.

Thank you all for your service.
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