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GCA Newsletter                25 November 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter. As always, we welcome your feedback, and wish you a happy Thanksgiving!

GCA Leaf Pickup Dates

Leaf Removal will continue through the week of December 1st.  Below is a repeat of the information provided last month.  The weather has not co-operated, so please bear with us if the pickup is somewhat delayed. Questions can be sent to


Have leaves piled up within 8 feet of your roadside by 8:00 A.M. on your indicated date, but not on the road itself or near your mailbox or walking path.  All listed pick-up dates are Mondays, allowing homeowners to collect leaves over the weekend.  We will collect on the indicated streets during the week shown, with the precise schedule left up to the contractor and the weather. Since we will be using a vacuum hose system, bagged leaves, brush, shrubbery or any other debris will not be collected. Please do not pile leaves on any GCA common area, especially the Piper Way median, or any vacant lot.   


GCA Board Nominations
The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday February 26th. The meeting will elect three seats on the GCA Board of Directors, each to serve a two-year term.
CheckmarkThe Board has appointed a Nominating Committee, chaired by previous board member Elizabeth Ewing, to recommend candidates. This committee will recommend a slate of candidates to appear on the ballot. Anyone who is interested in running for the Board should complete this Nominee Information Form and send it to, prior to January 10th, 2015. 

Volunteers Needed
In 2009 the Rivanna Conservation Society coordinated a mass planting of saplings along the Rivanna River's boundary with Glenmore. The primary purpose of the plantings was to reinforce the river bank, and minimize the impact of flooding and erosion. Many volunteer residents were a part of this effort effort, and financial support was give by the Country Club. The society is now asking for help from the Glenmore community to remove the plastic cones which were put in place in 2009.

An article describing the 2009 effort can be viewed here:  

Some cones need to be removed from trees that are ready to succeed on their own.  Others - where plantings have not been successful - need to be removed while they can still be salvaged for future use.  The Society is now asking for volunteers from the community to join in the effort of retrieving the unnecessary tree guards on Saturday November 29th, from 10am to 2pm.

If you are interested, please contact Glenmore residents Jeb or Lynn Baker at 703-472-7953 or

Fire Rescue - Presentation to Community
Resident Dennis Odinov, the chairman of the Village of Rivanna Advisory Council, invites interested Glenmore residents to attend the next meeting of the Council, to hear a presentation from John Oprandy, the Deputy Fire Chief of Albemarle Fire and Rescue. The presentation will provide an overview of the Fire Rescue System, including information about our volunteer and career personnel, Fire and Safety Division (including building and subdivision plans review) budget, stations, apparatus, and emergency call processing and response protocols. Additionally, Chief Butler of the East Rivanna Fire Company will attend and can give a perspective of ERVFC and the community.

The presentation will be held in the training room of the East RIvanna Volunteer Fire Company building, just outside our gates, at 7:15 PM on Monday, December 8th.

Turkey Buzzard Update
The GCA is continuing to take steps to minimize the impact of the turkey buzzards (vultures) which are begging to settle within some Glenmore common areas.  On the advice of the USDA Wildlife Service, we are trying to make sure they do not roost in such large numbers as last year.  From time to time over the next few months we may use pyrotechnics to disperse them.  Since we cannot predict exactly when this will be required, we will not necessarily be able to provide advance notice.  However, the gatehouse will be informed, so if you hear a noise that you are uncertain about, you can call the gatehouse to check if the noise came from our dispersement activity.

  Sprinkler Head Damage
Periodically, GCA receives complaints about damage to  private front yard irrigation sprinkler heads located at the edge of street pavement. Residents need to be aware that most front yard property lines are set back about 15 feet from the edge of the Glenmore street pavement.That strip of land and the pavement are part of the Glenmore common area land.

The GCA requires residents maintain that strip of common area  land as an extension of their front yard, for all residents and visitors to enjoy. However, some underground irrigation sprinkler heads located close to the edge of the pavement have been damaged by paving operations, snow plowing, misguided delivery trucks, utility contractors, etc. As you make plans to winterize your irrigation system, please consider moving street edge sprinkler heads a safe distance away from the pavement. 

  Christmas & New Year Trash Pickup
Trash CanTrash will be collected as normal on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, both of which fall on a Wednesday this year. You may leave Christmas trees 6 ft and under at the curb beside the can for pickup any regular pick up day after Christmas at no charge!