Glenmore Community Association

GCA Newsletter                     October 31 2013

Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA.  As always, we welcome your feedback.  

Pizza in the Park
Reminder - The Glenmore Country Club will be hosting the Halloween Pizza Party at Highland Park (in the Scottish Homes area), for all residents and their families, at 5:30 PM on Thursday, October 31st.

Prices: Cheese pizza $13, Pepperoni $14 (includes tax, service, and water, tea, or lemonade).  A wine and beer bar for adults will be available.     


To order pizza, contact Dette at 817-0508 or email before noon October 29th.  

Fall Clean-Up Schedule
Dumpsters for disposal of large household items will be availableDumpster from Saturday November 2nd through Sunday November 10th. They will be located in the parking area adjacent to the soccer field just beyond the water treatment plant on Carroll Creek Road. Please don't throw in waste oil, tires or toxic materials, and flatten all large cardboard boxes. Also, please throw items INTO the dumpster, don't leave them on the ground beside it!  After the dumpsters are removed on November 11th, do not leave any trash on the ground in the area. This service is for Glenmore residents only - no contractors.       SPCA 


The Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA will again be accepting used items in good condition adjacent to the dumpster site on Saturday November 2nd, from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, for resale at their Preston Ave store.  Thanks to resident Jan Cubbage for arranging this. 


Small Limb and Branch Pick up will start on Monday November 11th. Please place all branches to be chipped (up to six inches in diameter) at the edge of your driveway by 8:00 AM.  It may take several days to complete, depending on the quantity to be picked up and the weather, so bear with us if your branches do not disappear promptly. Since all items must be fed into the chipper large end first, please place the large ends of all branches facing in the same direction. Also, check the common areas near your home and move any downed branches to the nearest roadside. Not to be chipped: stumps, leaves, shrubbery, roots, dirt, lumber, metal of any kind and large-scale lot clearing.


Leaf Removal will take place between November 18th and the week of December 1st, according to the schedule below. (Please note this is earlier than reported last month.)  Have leaves piled up within 8 feet of your roadside by 8:00 A.M. on your indicated date, but not on the road itself or near your mailbox or walking path.  All listed pick-up dates are Mondays, allowing homeowners to collect leaves over the weekend.  We will collect on the indicated streets during the week shown, with the precise schedule left up to the contractor and the weather. Since we will be using a vacuum hose system, bagged leaves, brush, shrubbery or any other debris will not be collected.  Please do not pile leaves on any GCA common area, especially the Piper Way median, or any vacant lot.  

Leaf Pickup Weeks


Water Projects
A couple of water projects are in progress  - drivers please be cautious...

Work on the new water line supplying irrigation from the gatehouse to the plantings at Route 250 and the Piper Way/Glenmore Way  junction has been interrupted due to the wet condition of the surrounding areas.  How ironic!  But expect work to resume shortly.

As recently communicated, work has begun in the center median of Piper Way,between the gatehouse and Glenmore Way, to repair damage to the storm water drainage system.  Some of the damage was 15 feet under the ground, which explains the giant hole in the ground.
CenturyLink Installation Work
CenturyLink LogoAs you know,  CenturyLink is in the process of installing fiber optic connections to residents who choose to subscribe to their higher-speed internet service.  For the most part their installation work has been alongside roads and has had little lasting impact on appearance of these areas.  However, if you are concerned about work near your property, you should contact the CenturyLink person directly responsible, Simone Alley,  at 971-1064 or  Alternatively, you may contact Marcus Hill, the Virginia General Manager, at 971-1290 or

The GCA does not take any position with regard to residents' choice of utility services, but equally does not wish to stand in the way of any company wishing to improve its offerings to residents.

Many of us suffered extended utility outages on October 12th.  It turns out that this was due to maintenance work being undertaken by Dominion Power, and was unrelated to the CenturyLink installation.


Survey Coming Soon

You will shortly be receiving a request from the GCA's Strategic Planning pensieve-work-man.jpgCommittee to complete a simple on-line survey about your views related to the Glenmore community.  Several years have gone by since such a survey was done, and this one will provide essential information to assist in setting GCA priorities for the next 5 years. Please help us by taking a few minutes to answer the survey when you receive it - your responses will remain anonymous. 


2014 GCA Dues & Budget
The Association's Budget for 2014 was approved by tmoneybag_graphic.jpghe Board of Directors at its October meeting.  Good news - the dues level will remain the same as this year, at $857 per lot.  Total income is projected to be $748,992, with expenses of $782,300. The expenses include an additional $41,000 to be spent on the backlog of repairs to storm water infrastructure, which will be financed from our reserve funds.  A PDF file of the budget details can be downloaded here.

Homeowner associations are required to carry substantial reserve funds designated for major expenditures that may be incurred in the future. The GCA's reserves are currently at healthy levels, but we will need to contribute further to these in future years.   A full reserve study will be undertaken next year, following the publication of the 5-year Strategic Plan, which will establish updated target levels for reserves, and will guide next year's board on future dues requirements.

New CARB Members
Two new members have been appointed to the Common Area Review Board (CARB) - Larry Tropea and Don Sours. These appointments reflect the need for attention to our storm-water management infrastructure over the next few years.  Kelly O'Rourke will be leaving the area, so can no longer serve on the CARB.  We would like to thank all three for their willingness to support our community.

Lot Maintenance Guidelines
At its October meeting, the GCA Board updated the existing guidelines for lot maintenance. Specifically, additions were made to clarify that lot owners are expected to maintain their lot all the way to the edge of the road.  Additionally, any trees or shrubs must be trimmed so as not to impede use of a sidewalk or road, or hinder visibility of road signs.  The complete Lot Maintenance Guidelines are available on the regulations page of the GCA website.