GCA Newsletter                 26 October 2015
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Fall Clean-Up
It is time for GCA Fall Branch and Leaf Pick-Ups.  The 2015 schedule is listed below.  Also Glenmore Community residents are reminded to please clean up after your pets.  CARB looks forward to adding more Pet Waste Stations by the New Year for your convenience. Any questions on these projects should be directe d to maint@glenmore-community.org or carb@glenmore-community.org
November 16 – 20 Branch Pick-Up:

All branches should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on November 16th with the cut end toward the street.  Maximum branch size is 10 inches in diameter.  No brush, stumps or other yard debris will be collected.  Anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to help out by bringing fallen branches to the curb.  There will be one pass per residence & Common Area by the GCA contractor.  Please be ready! 
December 2 – 11 Leaf Pick-Up:

Leaves should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first collection day according to the street schedule below.  Per resident request that leaf collection be later in the season, two GCA contractors will be at work in order to compress leaf collection into a week and a half. Again anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to bring fallen leaves to the curb.  There will be one pass per residence and Common Area.
December 2, 3 & 4 Leaf Pickup:
Cambridge, Darby ( East & West), Darley, Derbyshire, Ferndown (Glasgow to Turnbridge & Turnbridge to Lockerbie), Glasgow, Huntersfield, Hyde, Kilchattan, Lockerbie, Lyfarne, McGregor, Pendower, Perthshire, Piper (Darby to Wallingford), Queenscroft, Sandown, Sandown Park, Sunderland, Tattersall, Thistle, Turnbridge, Victoria, Wallingford,  Wiltshire, Worcester.
December 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Leaf Pickup:
Avebury, Blue Heron, Breamar, Bremerton, Camden, Carroll Creek (Piper to #3 Tee Box & Treatment Plant to Running Deer), Cesford, Charterhouse, Cotswold, Dane, Devon, Downing, Dunscroft, Elgin, Farringdon, Gatewick, Graham, Heathcote, Heathrow, Kingsbridge, Kinross, Kirkwood, Lockport, Marsden, Melrose, Merrick, Newbridge, Paddington, Perth, Piper (Wallingford past Clubhouse & around to Paddington), Piperfife, Prestwick, Shelborne, Tavistock, Wedgwood, Wellesley, Westerham.
Halloween in Scottish Homes Park
The annual Halloween Pizza Party and Costume Parade will take place on Saturday, October 31, beginning at 5:30 p.m . at the Scottish Homes Park.  Pizza can be ordered from the Glenmore Country Club if orders are placed by noon on October 30.  Non-members can order as well.  Cheese pizza is $13 and Pepperoni pizza is $14.  Price includes water, tea, and lemonade.  Wine and beer will also be available from a cash or member number bar.  To order pizza, please call the Club at 817-0508.
Come join your neighbors and the children of Glenmore for a fun evening, and remember to spread your trick-and-treating across the whole community, not just the area around the park!
Professional Management Review Team
The GCA board is initiating a review of the possible transfer of management of the GCA to a professional management company.  It is unusual for a community of our size to be managed entirely by resident volunteers, and the board feels the time has come to examine whether such a move would be in the overall interests of members.  Most probably this would involve a phased transition of functional responsibilities, perhaps over several years, and could start as early as mid-2016.

We would like to hear from residents who have experience working with a professionally managed community association, and who would we willing to join a new team to review existing functions, assess the potential impact and costs of professional management, and lead an implementation plan if approved.
If you are interested in helping, please send an email outlining your relevant experience to:
2016 GCA Budget & Reserve Study
2016 Budget:
At its October meeting the GCA board approved the budget for 2016 prepared by the Budget & Finance Committee. As a result of several cost pressures annual dues will increase by $87. Next year dues will be payable in two installments each of $510, one due by March 1, the other by September 1.  Full Details and explanations are available here.
Reserve Study:
The board also adopted an updated Reserve Stud y prepared by the Finance & Budget Committee. Reserves are used to fund long-term replacement and repairs of assets that are not normally included in annual budgets, and may be difficult to predict. Typically contributions are made to reserves each year to provide for future expenditures. The Code of Virginia requires a comprehensive study to be undertaken every five years. You may view the reserve study here.
A big thanks to the Budget & Finance Committee members for their work on these two important projects!
Water Resources Committee
The GCA Board of Directors has appointed Kristin Carter and Mark Boggs to the Water Resources Committee.  Both individuals bring outstanding experience to this team, which is chaired by Larry Tropea, and looks after all our ponds and storm water infrastructure.

The Board also recognized the significant contributions of Dale Sulliva n who has relocated from Glenmore. Dale played a major role in the formation of the Committee and consistently provided outstanding advice to our water resource activities, which contributed to the quality of life we enjoy in Glenmore.
New Parking Regulation
The GCA Board of Directors occasionally updates regulations to clarify the “Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Glenmore”. The Board plans to adopt the following additions to the “Regulations for Use of Glenmore Roads & Paths” which presently has six items:  
  • #7. No motor vehicle shall be parked on Glenmore common area except where specifically designated.
  • #8. No motor vehicle shall be parked on any Glenmore road in a manner that creates an unsafe situation.
  • #9. No overnight parking of a motor vehicle is allowed on any Glenmore road.
  • #10. The GCA Board of Directors reserves the right, at its discretion, to have towed away at the owners expense, motor vehicles parked on the Glenmore roads in violation of these Regulations.      
Glenmore Community Association C&Rs, regulations and other pertinent information may be found on the regulations page of the GCA website, www.glenmore-community.org/regulations.
High Schooler Needed for Riding Team
The Equestrian Center (GFEC) launched its middle school IEA team recently. We need one more high school ride r (before October 31st!) to be able to launch our high school team. If you have a high schooler who would be interested in being on a riding team and showing without the requirement of owning a horse, please reach out to Jenn at jenn@glenmorefarmec.com. Riding ability can be beginner through advanced
Carroll Creek Bridge Construction
You may have heard that Albemarle County has issued a 'Notice of Zoning Violation' to land owners in the Leake (K2B/K2C) section of Glenmore. This is because road plans for the replacement Carroll Creek crossing were not submitted by the required March 31st deadline.

Although the primary developer, Stanley Martin Homes, has expressed a commitment to build the new crossing, they have recently arranged that Red Dirt Developments will actually build it, and have requested a delay in the implementation  timescale.

The GCA board believes it is essential for the safety of residents that the crossing is built before development of the southern end of the Leake property, and the county must enforce the current requirement that the new bridge must be bonded by the end of 2015 and construction finished by the end of 2016.

Although the GCA has expressed this view previously, the board has now sent another formal letter to the county demanding that the previously agreed timescale is adhered to.
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