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GCA Newsletter                23 December 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter. As always, we welcome your feedback, and wish you a merry Christmas!

  Christmas & New Year Trash & Trees
Trash will be collected as normal on Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, xmas-tree-icon.gifboth of which fall on a Wednesday this year.

The GCA will again be providing roadside Christmas tree pick-up. You must have your tree (naturals only, without any decorations, stand, nails, wires, etc.) at your driveway entrance by 8:00 A.M. on Monday January 5th to be sure of being collected. 

If the weather is bad or the pick-up cannot be completed in one day, collection will be extended to later in the week.

Parking for Visitors

Do you have family or friends visiting you this holiday season?  Please remember that their cars must not be parked on the street overnight.   All vehicles must be parked in your driveway.  If you don't have room, ask your neighbors if you can use theirs.

And please ask your visitors not to leave any belongings visible in the car while parked overnight.

Leaves Left Over?
The GCA's leaf pick-up has been completed.  Please note that if you still have piles of leaves, you will need to contact your own maintenance contractor for removal. 

Equestrian Center Progress
We are pleased to report that great progress is being made by the Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center. Their dedicated board, supported by Rachel McMahan, the new Head of Operation, has implemented significant improvements which are beginning to show positive results. Riding lesson participation is busier than usual for this time of year, with several new clients. The number of horses on the property has been reduced by more than 20%, while the quality of horse care has been improved. A new fee structure was announced last week, and an expanded program of activities and events has been developed.

Financially, they are on track to fulfill the GCA's goal of providing a quality equestrian operation in self-sufficient manner, though it will be well into next year before this is known for sure.  A full report on the first four months of operation will be included as part of the GCA's Annual Meeting information in February, and there will be an opportunity to ask questions at the meeting.

Albemarle County Waste Management Survey
As you know, Glenmore uses Dixon Disposal for trash collection, which processes our trash using Van der Linde's single-stream re-cycling facility process. The amount of waste that is actually recycled has been the subject of much debate recently. You may therefore be interested completing Albemarle County's short on-line citizen's survey on Solid Waste & Recycling Services.

The county's Solid Waste Solutions Advisory Committee has developed this public opinion survey to identify the issues that need to be considered in establishing a public policy.  Click here to take the survey.

GCA Board Nominations
Checkmark As mentioned last month, anyone who is interested in running for the GCA Board should complete this Nominee Information Form and send it to prior to January 10th, 2015.

he 2015 Annual Meeting of the Association will be held on Thursday February 26th. The meeting will elect three seats on the GCA Board of Directors, each to serve a two-year term. The Board has appointed a Nominating Committee, chaired by previous board member Elizabeth Ewing, to recommend a slate of candidates to appear on the ballot.