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GCA Newsletter                       22 July 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Equestrian Center Purchase Under Way
Following approval by our members in the recent vote, the process is now well under way to complete the purchase of the Equestrian Parcel as GCA Common Area by the end of August.  This will provide the community with full control of the destiny of this pastoral land.
Horse Rider
We have received a satisfactory environmental report showing no concerns. The buildings inspection revealed a few issues requiring attention, all of which will be addressed by the seller prior to closing. We are working with our attorney and accountant to create the legal and tax framework within which the GCA will own the property. 

All Glenmore property owners as of July 10th will soon receive an invoice for $321 per lot, being the one-time special assessment approved as part of the purchase resolution.  If you have signed up to receive electronic invoices you will receive this by email, otherwise it will be sent to your recorded address by regular mail.  Payment is due by August 31st.  If you do not receive an invoice before the end of July, or have questions about it, please contact Barbara Grzymala at

As announced in our recent email, we are seeking five volunteers to serve on the new Equestrian Center Board, which will oversee the management of the Equestrian Center.  You may express your interest by sending an email to
Rivanna Village Project Approved
On July 9th the Albemarle County Board of Rivanna Village Outline Supervisors gave their final approval to the building of Rivanna Village to the east of Glenmore Way.  The plan includes 347 residential units of mixed type, and 20,000 sq. ft. of commercial space.  Andrew Boninti, the head of the development consortium, has stated that ground breaking is likely to occur late this summer.

Although the meeting was attended by many Glenmore residents in support of requiring a new entrance from Route 250 to be used for construction, Joel DeNunzio, the VDOT representative, again stated that VDOT "feels that it would be safer" for all construction traffic to enter and exit via Glenmore Way. This is in spite of four public meetings where residents have expressed their concerns. Support for the second entrance has also been given by the county's Planning Commission, its Board of Supervisors, and the Village of Rivanna Advisory Council. And the developer has agreed to pay for the early construction of the second entrance if permitted by VDOT.

GCA board members have met separately with our Virginia Delegate (Rob Bell) and our Senator (Creigh Deeds) both of whom are very supportive of our position, and have contacted VDOT officials on our behalf.  We expect one or more meetings to be arranged as a result of this outreach.

Budget & Finance Committee - New Members
Thank you to the many residents who volunteered to be members of the GCA Budget & Finance Committee, which assists the Treasurer and GCA board with budget preparation, and advises on financial matters.  We had more applicants than we had vacancies for!  At its July meeting, the GCA Board confirmed the appointment of Becky Lindway and Bill Dunne to the Committee.  Congratulations to the two appointees.
Underage Riding of Powered Scooters & Golf Carts
We have had worrying reports of unaccompanied young children driving powered scooters and golf carts on Glenmore roads. Please be aware that, apart from being extremely dangerous, this is prohibited both by GCA regulations and Virginia law.
Complete rules of what is permitted to use our roads and footpaths may be found on the regulations page of our website at  Here is an extract of the rules relating to golf carts, powered scooters,  and powered skateboards:
  • Golf carts and utility vehicles are permitted on Glenmore roads, but must be driven by a person holding a valid driving license or learner's permit. Such vehicles using the roads between sunset and sunrise must be equipped with lights. 
  • Motorized skateboards, scooters, and electric-assisted bicycles are permitted on roads, but use by anyone less than 14 years old must be under the immediate supervision of a person who is at least 18 years old. Mopeds may only be driven by a person aged 16 or over.   
  • In addition to pedestrians, the following are permitted to use sidewalks and paved walking paths within Glenmore: Bicycles, electric power-assisted bicycles, skateboards, motorized skateboards, scooters, motorized scooters, self-propelled wheelchairs, and toy vehicles.
  • The following are expressly prohibited from using footpaths: Golf carts, mopeds, ATVs, go-carts, and any other motorized vehicles.
Stop Sign 
As you leave the community by car, please remember to STOP as you approach Glenmore Way, and check from traffic coming from your right.  We have again received complaints from residents of Ashton Lane that some Glenmore vehicles not stopping, and causing them to take evasive action to avoid a collision.
Darby Road East Sidewalk
At its July meeting the GCA board addressed a formal request from the Scottish Homes Association board  for a walking path alongside the eastern portion of Darby Road.
This follows extensive discussion and interviews with local residents about their concerns relating to the amount and speed of traffic, and the safety concerns due to a lack of a pedestrian path.
The board was sympathetic to the request, noting that this section of Darby Road completes a natural walking circuit around Paddington Circle and Piper Way, and is the most heavily used road in Glenmore without such a path.  Its traffic will increase further as the Pendower and Preserve developments become built out. 
The CARB will now carry out an engineering assessment of the cost and feasibility of installing such a path, including assessment of using each side of the road.