GCA Newsletter               30 November 2015
Dear Trevor,

Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA.  As always, we welcome your feedback.
B en Benjamin, GCA Communications commns@glenmore-community.org
Professional Management Review Team Selected
Many thanks to all those who stepped forward to join the team reviewing opportunities for Professional Management of the GCA!  We had too many applicants to accept all volunteers, but the GCA board is very appreciative of the level of interest shown.

The team will include the following:
  • Becky Lindway (chair)
  • Robin Boucher
  • Kevin Fitzpatrick
  • Trevor Joscelyne
  • Josh Levitt
  • Dennis Odinov
  • Mac Russell
  • Mark Walin
The GCA board has approved a Charter for the Team which you can download here. The team's recommendations are expected to be complete by the end of June, 2016.

Feel free to share any ideas with the team at managementreview@glenmore-community.org.
Leaf Pick-up (Reminder)
The 2015 schedule for the GCA Fall Leaf Pick-Up is listed again below.  Any questions on these should be directe d to maint@glenmore-community.org or carb@glenmore-community.org.

Leaves should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on the first collection day according to the street schedule below. Per residents' requests that leaf collection be later in the season, two GCA contractors will be at work in order to compress leaf collection into a week and a half. Again anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to bring fallen leaves to the curb. There will be one pass per residence and Common Area.
December 2, 3 & 4 Leaf Pickup:
Cambridge, Darby ( East & West), Darley, Derbyshire, Ferndown (Glasgow to Turnbridge & Turnbridge to Lockerbie), Glasgow, Huntersfield, Hyde, Kilchattan, Lockerbie, Lyfarne, McGregor, Pendower, Perthshire, Piper (Darby to Wallingford), Queenscroft, Sandown, Sandown Park, Sunderland, Tattersall, Thistle, Turnbridge, Victoria, Wallingford,  Wiltshire, Worcester.
December 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 Leaf Pickup:
Avebury, Blue Heron, Breamar, Bremerton, Camden, Carroll Creek (Piper to #3 Tee Box & Treatment Plant to Running Deer), Cesford, Charterhouse, Cotswold, Dane, Devon, Downing, Dunscroft, Elgin, Farringdon, Gatewick, Graham, Heathcote, Heathrow, Kingsbridge, Kinross, Kirkwood, Lockport, Marsden, Melrose, Merrick, Newbridge, Paddington, Perth, Piper (Wallingford past Clubhouse & around to Paddington), Piperfife, Prestwick, Shelborne, Tavistock, Wedgwood, Wellesley, Westerham.
GCA Board Member Nominations
Are you willing to help serve your Glenmore community?

We are looking for nominations to fill three vacancies on the GCA Board of Directors for the two-year term beginning February 2016. Elections will be finalized at the Annual Meeting on February 25th, with ballots issued to all members in advance of this date. You may nominate yourself or any other person who has agreed to stand.
Mike Monticello, a previous board member, has kindly agreed to lead a Nominations Committee, which will collect nominations and oversee the election process. The role of this committee will be to ensure we have enough suitably qualified candidates, not to endorse or reject any specific candidates.

In order to be included on the ballot, nominations must be received by the committee by January 10th, 2016 Send your nominations or questions to nominations@glenmore-community.org.

What qualifications are we looking for? You can download here a summary of attributes we would ideally like to see from board candidates.
The GCA Board of Directors occasionally updates Regulations and Guidelines to better serve the community.  The Board plans to adopt the following CARB Guideline revision at the December board meeting and make it effective January 1, 2016.
Section III – Signs and Mailboxes; B. Mailboxes

Mailboxes, posts, and arms are customarily provided by the developer at the completion of home construction.  They then become the property of the homeowner.  The design, exact color, and style of posts, arms, and mailboxes must remain the same as when they were installed. Should homeowners need repairs or replacement, see "Frequently Asked Questions" on the Glenmore Community Association (GCA) website.There, homeowners maintaining the items themselves will find the criteria for mailbox/post paint color and other specifications as well as the name(s) of local contractor(s) who will provide repair/replacement services.   

Mailboxes are also addressed by GCA Covenants & Restrictions, Article VIII (Architectural Control and General Property Covenants), Section 6 (Mailboxes).
Parking Regulations Adopted
The GCA Board of Directors, at its board meeting on November 18, 2015, and following a previous announcement in the October GCA Newsletter, approved the following updated parking regulations effective January 1, 2016:  
Addition to: Regulations for Use of Glenmore Roads and Paths

7.  No motor vehicle shall be parked on Glenmore common area except where specifically designated.

8.  No motor vehicle shall be parked on any Glenmore road in a manner that creates an unsafe situation.

9.  No overnight parking of a motor vehicle is allowed on any Glenmore road.

10.  The GCA Board of Directors reserves the right, at its discretion, to tow away at the owner’s expense, motor vehicles parked on the Glenmore roads in violation of these Regulations.
Trash Can Reminder
Residents are reminded that trash and recycling containers should not be put out at the street prior to 6 pm the night before pickup.  When removed, they should be stored in a screened area or garage to conceal them from view from the road and adjacent properties. Thank you. 
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