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GCA Newsletter                  22 March 2015

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Ben Benjamin,
GCA Communications

New GCA Board of Directors
Following the close of elections at the recent annual meeting of the Glenmore Community Association, three individuals were elected to two-year terms on the Board. Nancy Gansneder and Trevor Joscelyne were re-elected to the Board and Diana Ferguson was elected to her first term.

The following Officers were subsequently elected by the Board:
             President - Nancy Gansneder
             Vice-President - Diana Ferguson
             Secretary - Ben Benjamin
             Treasurer - Trevor Joscelyne
Other Board assignments were agreed as follows:
             Architectural Review Committee - Jim Colbaugh (chair), Vince Mazzola
             Common Area Review Board - Vince Mazzola, Diana Ferguson
             Security Committee (including gatehouse) - Ron Baellow (chair), Trevor Joscelyne
             Governance Committee - Vince Mazzola
             Roads Committee - Jim Colbaugh (chair)
             Budget & Finance Committee - Trevor Joscelyne (chair)
             Glenmore Farm Inc. Board - Trevor Joscelyne
             Communications Director - Ben Benjamin
             Compliance with Regulations - Vince Mazzola

The membership of the GCA Board and the GCA Committees can be found on the GCA website at


Charity Fun Run in Glenmore

Scramble Logo Stone Robinson Elementary School will hold its 4th Annual Scramble in Glenmore on Sunday April 19. The event is sponsored by Glenmore Community Association in support of the school's Parent Teacher Organization to raise money for teacher/student needs. Last year's race in Glenmore raised over $3,000 and featured more than 200 runners in the 2K and 4K races.  


The races this year will begin at the Country Club on Piper Way at about 1:00 pm.  Parts of Piper Way will be closed for perhaps an hour or more for set-up of the course and the actual race. The few residents whose home access will be affected will be contacted in advance by the race organizers. We believe this is a small inconvenience to show our support for our neighborhood elementary school. Glenmore residents are welcome to participate in the race or to help as volunteers for the event. Or if you want to just watch, come out with your lawn chairs along the course of the race. For more information, see the SRE PTO Scramble website or email Glenmore resident Nicole Weiss who is the race organizer at 


Small Limb & Branch Pick-Up
branches It's time to get rid of those branches and limbs again!  Leave branches at your roadside by 8:00 AM on Monday April 20th. It may take a week or more to get to some streets, but we will not be going back to to pick up piles that were put out too late! Limbs can be up to 8" diameter. Since all items must be fed into the chipper large end first, please place the large ends of all branches facing toward the street. Also, check the common areas near your home and move any downed branches to the nearest roadside. If you want a load of chips left in your driveway for use as mulch please call Frank Keplinger on 977-0189.


Not to be chipped: Stumps, leaves, shrubbery, dirt, lumber, metal, or large-scale lot clearing.


Discontinuation of the Glenmore Community Dumpster Program
Because of numerous problems regarding misuse of the community dumpster program and the increased expenses of offering this service, the GCA Board voted unanimously to discontinue the twice-yearly program. Many large items have not been placed in the dumpsters as required and instead have been dumped near the containers. Large panes of glass have been broken and left lying on the ground. Some unacceptable items have been placed in the dumpsters such as tires or computer monitors. Further, it seems evident that some materials dumped at the site have not come from Glenmore residents. We have no way of monitoring who uses the dumpsters or what they deposit. As a result of these issues, the GCA has had to pay for extensive cleanup to return the property (which is private property) to its previous appearance.


Part of the decision to end this program was the recognition that Glenmore residents have access to at least two options that are available at any time:  


(1) Van der Linde Recycling Center (981-0891) is located just off Rte. 250 East in Zion Crossroads. Glenmore Community residents can reach this site easily after an 8-mile drive from the Glenmore Gatehouse. They will assist residents with unloading items if needed. The cost is $6 for up to 240 pounds. Over that, the cost is $49 per ton. Certain items carry an additional cost including tires $15 each, liquid paint $1 per container, computer parts $10 each and long fluorescent bulbs $2 each. They are open each weekday from 6:00 am until 7:00 pm and Saturday, 6:00 am to 2:00 pm.  


(2) County Waste (the company that bought Dixon Disposal) will also take away many items by prearrangement. Glenmore Community residents essentially are allocated collection of one trashcan of disposables plus five bags per week. By pre-booking with County Waste, additional small items will be collected when placed next to the trashcan on trash day. When pre-booking, the resident will be asked the type of item and size. A cost will be determined by County Waste, and the resident will be billed. Additionally, a resident can make arrangement with County Waste to pick up larger item(s) by pre-booking for collection. County Waste will even remove such item(s) from the house. Again the cost will be determined and the resident billed.  Call them at 296-6000.   


Does your mailbox have rust marks on it? Are parts of the black paint worn off exposing the silver beneath it? Is your red flag no longer red?  If this describes your mailbox, it is time for you to paint or replace it.

It is your responsibility as a Homeowner to keep your mailbox attractive and in good repair.  You can purchase a standard large black mailbox at any hardware or home improvement store.  In addition, the GCA has contracted with Mike Phillips to provide repair or replacement services or you may do the job yourself.  You can contact Mike at 531-4443.