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GCA Newsletter                  April 24 2013

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SPCA Pickup
Strategic Plan Committee Formed
Stone Robinson Fun Run
Dumpsters Reminder
Glenmore Water Tower Progresses
Horses on Glenmore Roads
Residents' Directory

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We hope you are enjoying beautiful Glenmore in the spring!  As always, welcome your feedback on this newsletter.  


Please STOP it!
Stop SignWe hear too many reports of residents running through STOP signs in both golf carts and cars.  For the safety of other roads users and yourself, please come to a halt at all stop signs.     



And please also show your respect for the community and other road users by observing the 25 MPH speed limit throughout the community. 

SPCA Pickup - This Saturday
Reminder - the Charlottesville/Albemarle SPCA Rummage Store will have a truck available at the same location as the dumpsters on Saturday, April 27th, from 8:30 - 4:30 pm to receive donations for their thrift store.  There will be two men to help you shift it from your vehicle to the truck.  Please consider donating unwanted household items rather than throwing them away.  Your donations will help the shelter maintain its mission as a "no-kill" facility. (Check out their website:, or contact Jan Cubbage at 409-1258 if you have any questions).  


Strategic Plan Committee Formed
We are pleased to announce the formation of a Strategic Plan Committee. This committee, comprised entirely of resident volunteers who responded to last month's request for help, will prepare a new 5-year plan for the GCA, to help guide future activities and financial requirements. The board extends its thanks to all those involved in this important task. Members of the committee are as follows:
  • Terry Pemberton - Chair
  • Nancy Gansneder - GCA Board Liaison 
  • Ludy Benjamin
  • Poul Heilmann
  • Bob Strotz 
Stone Robinson Fun Run - This Sunday
Scramble Logo As reported in the last newsletter, the Stone-Robinson Elementary School PTO will be holding another Fun Run "Scramble" on Sunday April 28 within Glenmore. Over 150 runners from grades K through 5th grade are expected, as well as some adults. Glenmore residents are welcome to sign up by contacting Nicole Weiss in advance at 295-6584.  There will be both a 2K and 4K run.  The runs begin and end at the Country Club parking lot, and will follow Piper Way to the south and along Carroll Creek Road. These roads will be closed from about 1:00 PM until 2:00 PM. In the event of urgent access being required by residents, volunteers will direct the residents to or from their driveway. Please watch out for kids running around!


Dumpsters - Reminder

Dumpster Reminder - Two dumpsters will again be available for residents' use for large item disposal from Saturday April 27 to Sunday May 5.  The dumpsters will be located near the RV Parking lot area by the soccer field, at the east end of Carroll Creek Road. Please flatten empty boxes, and do not leave items on the ground. No items may be left in the area after the dumpsters are removed. This service is for residents only, no contractors please.


Not to be dumped:  Tires, TV sets, computers, paint cans with paint, propane gas tanks, waste oil or driveway sealer, or hazardous materials.


Glenmore Water Tower Progresses
The Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) has approved a budget for the next fiscal year which includes $325,000 towards the design of the new water tank at Glenmore.  Also included was $50,000 for a feasibility study to expand the Glenmore waste water treatment plant to accommodate the Village of Rivanna.

This follows a public meeting on February 2nd which was attended by several Glenmore residents.  The plans were met with broad approval from those present.  The 40 ft. tall, 60 ft. diameter, 600,000 gallon tank and pumping station would be located to the south-east of the Fire Department building.  The ground level tank will be well screened by trees, and barely visible from Glenmore Way. 

Currently all water is supplied through a single 16 inch, 23,000 ft pipeline from a tank at Pantops. The proposed storage tank would provide a reserve of at least one day's worth of projected demand including the future Rivanna Village, in case of failure of this supply line. It would reduce slightly the water pressure to Glenmore, but residents should not notice any change, since every home has a pressure reducing valve to maintain constant pressure to the residence.  Construction should start late 2014 or early 2015.


Horses on Glenmore Roads

Many of us enjoy seeing horses being ridden along or adjacent to Glenmore roads.  But if you need to pass a horse and rider, please follow these guidelines:
  • Slow down and make sure the rider sees your car before going around the horse.  This may mean stopping and waiting until you are acknowledged.  This gives the rider a chance to either move over and wave you around, or stop and let the horse watch you as you go by.  
  • Look for and follow any hand signals given by the rider to slow down or stop.   
  • When passing, move as far over as possible away from the horse and go very slowly, avoiding any sudden changes in speed or gear shifting
  • Don't sound your horn, even as a friendly gesture - this can spook the horse, which could throw the rider.
  • Bikes and joggers can startle horses more than cars because they are so quiet, so be especially careful, and wait for the horse rider to wave you past.


Residents' Directory
Gatehouse Did you know that we now have a phone directory of residents?  It's included as part of the new on-line gatehouse information system which you can access via the gatehouse page of our website.  You can search for residents by name.

The new on-line system is now the preferred way to tell the gatehouse about your visitors - it's fully automated, and does not require the gatehouse staff to enter data or respond to phone calls or emails.