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GCA Newsletter                         June 25 2012

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4th July Invitation
Use of Automated Gate
Police Review of Security
Control of Dogs
County Access to Rivanna Greenway
2011 Audit Published

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We are pleased to provide this month's email newsletter from the Glenmore Community Association. As always, we welcome your feedback. 


4th July Invitation to All Residents!

The Glenmore Country Club has invited all residents and members to join the annual 4th of July Parade. Watch, participate, or volunteer. Decorate bikes, cars, golf carts, or walk with your pets if you'd like...and the whole community is invited to the parade so bring your friends!!  Please email Misty Critzer if you would like to be in the parade, which starts at 11AM.  The route will be from Paddington down Piper Way to the Club.  

Use of Automated Gate Extended to Family Members
The GCA Board of Directors agreed at its June meeting to extend the list of people who may use the automated gate to enter Glenmore. Each residence may now register two additional vehicles belonging to immediate family members who do not live within Glenmore.  You may register these additional vehicles and drivers now using this on-line form on our website, or just ask the gatehouse for a registration form.

barrier gateThis move was in response to requests from many residents who have close relatives living nearby.  The board noted that the automated gate using License Plate Recognition is actually a very secure process, since every vehicle is pre-registered, and the time of entry is logged.  In addition, it helps relieve the workload of security officers during peak times, when vehicles tend to back up in the visitors lane.
Police Review Glenmore Security
The GCA board welcomed three members of the Albemarle County police to their June 21 meeting, comprising Det. Chuck Woycik (assigned to investigate incidents relating to Glenmore), Steve Watson, (the Community Resource Officer newly appointed by Chief Sellars), and Lt. Ernie Allen (who works with police patrols, including bicycle patrols we have used within Glenmore).

Although we do not always hear about it, the police are taking very seriously the incidences of crime within our community. Recently they have arrested someone for car break-ins at the Clifton Inn, and suspect that the same person was involved in similar Glenmore incidents.  They strongly encourage residents to immediately call 911 if they see vehicle or person seeming at all suspicious - they do not mind if it is a false alarm, since this approach gives them the best chance of catching a potential crime in progress.  Only then should you contact the gatehouse to let them know.

A full report of their comments and recommendations will be communicated separately by the Neighborhood Watch.

Control of Dogs within Glenmore
Dog WalkingThe visit of the Albemarle police representatives provided an opportunity to clarify the new County ordinance passed earlier this year concerning control of dogs throughout the county, including within Glenmore.  It is not technically a 'leash law', since it does not require that dogs be on a leash.  But it does state that dogs shall not "run at large" when away from the private property of the owner, and must be under the "immediate control" of the owner or custodian. The police interpretation of this is consistent with the Covenants & Restrictions of Glenmore, which state that pets away from the property of their owner must be "totally controlled" at all times.  Please note that the golf course is not part of our common area, and dogs are prohibited from using it.

County Access to Rivanna Greenway Defined
Following discussions in May, the GCA Board has approved and signed an agreement with the County's Parks and Recreation Department defining how their work crews may use Glenmore's roads to travel to and from the Rivanna Greenway, which they now own and maintain.  The maintenance crews, which typically will include some prison inmates with a supervisor, may use Piper Way and Carroll Creek Road to access the trail, but may not enter any other roads, trails, or common areas.  They may also access the RWSA treatment plant and the Equestrian Center directly from these roads to use bathroom facilities.

2011 Audit Published
Dollar SignOnce again an external audit of the GCA's finances has been completed by Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates, and again it has given us a clean bill of health.  Year-end audited assets were $867,000, with total expenses of $625,000 and income of $612,000.  A copy of the Audit Report is posted on our website, but may also be viewed here.