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GCA Newsletter                         May 31 2012

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Rivanna Trail Maintenance
Roadside Posts
Use of Automated Gate

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We are pleased to provide this month's email newsletter from the Glenmore Community Association. As always, we welcome your feedback. 


Road Maintenance Reminder

Watch out for the road repairs happening in the next few days throughout Glenmore.  Please drive gently on new surfaces, particularly when turning into your driveway, to avoid creating ruts in the soft surface. 

Roads affected: Queenscroft, Lyfarne Lane, Road SurfaceHyde Park Place, Wallingford Lane, Kinross Lane, Dane Court, Cesford Grange, a small portion of Turnbridge Lane, and all of Paddington Circle except that portion done last year.     

Rivanna Trail Maintenance

The Albemarle County Parks and Recreation Department has now started to maintain the Rivanna Trail. This is the stretch of Greenway along the river which was deeded to the county last year, and fulfills the proffer made in 1992 by Frank Kessler as a requirement for the original approval of Glenmore.  Residents still have full access to the trail as before, but it also may be accessed by the public, though not through Glenmore itself.  


The County will be using its Inmate Workforce to perform the work, as has been the practice of the Parks and Recreation Department for maintaining such areas for the last seven years.  The teams are closely supervised at all times, use only capable and trusted workers, and have never had an incidence of misbehavior.  They will be wearing bright orange uniforms, and are not allowed on any other trails or common areas, although they will be accessing the trail by means of Glenmore roads, and the path off Carroll Creek Road between the large ponds. 


Roadside Posts

The Common Area Review Board would like to remind residents of our roadside post policy. Thank you for your cooperation:  

Raodside Post 

1. The only posts or other roadside traffic deterrents that may be installed in front of homes are those that have been approved and are owned by GCA (18" posts with white tops).  


2. Placement of GCA posts will only be in those areas where traffic regularly and significantly encroaches on grass areas, usually at corner locations. A minimum number of posts will be placed at any location (one to three). Posts will be placed by CARB and removed when they are no longer required.


3. Requests for post placement may be made via the GCA website form or by contacting the Maintenance Manager. CARB will review all requests and placements.


4. Any posts, sticks, wires or other roadside items that have not been approved by CARB will be removed and placed in the resident's driveway.  


Use of Automated Gate
The LPR system being used for the residents' gate is now successfully recognizing 99.5% of vehicles' license plates.  A few residents still have random failures, although most have never experienced a problem.  At its May meeting the GCA board voted to extend the use of the automated gate to managers of the Glenmore Country Club. At its June meeting, the board will be considering whether or not to permit a limited number of immediate family members of residents to also use this gate.