GCA News & Notes                              25 October 2016
Dear GCA member,
Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Nancy Gansneder, GCA President/Communications
Community Events:
Halloween Pizza Party & Costume Parade
Monday, October 31, 5:30 pm (Parade starts at dusk!)  in Scottish Homes Park.

Cheese Pizza $13, Pepperoni Pizza $14, includes water, tea and lemonade. To order pizza, please call Dette at 817-0508 by Friday, October 28th at noon.

Cash/club member number bar will be available (wine and beer).
New Residents Reception

Have you recently moved into Glenmore, about to close on a property, or were unable to attend the spring reception for new owners?

Nearly 40 new residents were sent invitations for the Fall Reception. If you have moved into Glenmore in the last year and did not receive an invitation, please contact Dette LaRobardier at dette@GlenmoreCountryClub.com.
Glenmore Holiday Bazaar  

Saturday, November 19th 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm GCC Ballroom.  
Holiday gift shopping minutes from home!

Bazaar items include art by resident artists, resident authored books, health & wellness products and services provided by residents, jewelry, baby gifts, crafts, rare and common minerals, custom gift baskets, etc. All vendors are Glenmore residents. If you wish to participate as a vendor, contact Kristin Smith, noondaycollection.kristin@gmail.com for more information.
Notices & Reminders:
Branch and Limb Pick-Up: November 14 – 18

All branches should be at the curb by 7 a.m. on November 14th with the cut end toward the street. Maximum branch size is 10 inches in diameter.  No brush, stumps or other yard debris will be collected. Anyone living near a GCA Common Area is invited to help out by bringing fallen branches to the curb. There will be one pass per residence & Common Area by the GCA contractor.  Please be ready!

Leaf pick-up schedule is not yet finalized and will be published in early November
Did you forget something?  

Last year the GCA Board voted to bill for GCA dues in two installments – due March 1 and September 1. First, the good news – 100% of Glenmore property owners paid the first installment!!

Now, the bad news - payment of the second installment is running behind. Please check your mail basket or your email inbox and make that second payment now.
About those trash cans

Please remember that trash and recycling containers should be put on the street no than earlier 6 pm the night before pickup.  Please return them to their proper place, a screened area or garage, as soon as possible on the day of pick up.
UPDATE on Carroll Creek Bridge

Easements from Glenmore Country Club and the Glenmore Community Association have been signed, and Red Dirt Development has submitted the bond to the County for confirmation and approval for construction the Carroll Creek Replacement Bridge. 
The County has approved the plans for the bridge, however due to an extremely active construction industry, the box culvert has a 12-14 week delivery The new bridge should be completed by early spring 2017 assuming no significant weather delays.

During construction the nearby multi-use trail and the road itself will be closed during certain periods of the construction. As specific dates become known, we will let you know via special announcement.

Board Actions:
Dollar Sign
2017 Budget approved

There will be no increase in annual dues in 2017. Click here to download the 2017 budget.

Pedestrian Safety and Traffic Calming

As approved in December 2016, one or more speed cushions will be installed on Darby Road East as soon as locations are identified and all required approvals are complete.

In addition,
  • Another radar speed sign will be purchased and three additional speed signs will be installed as traffic calming measures.
  • Crosswalks will be painted at all cart path crossings with signage at main streets.
  • As needed, stop bar paint on all streets will be refreshed and stop signs will be moved closer to intersection to improve sight distance and
  • Regular pruning to improve sight-line distances will be continued.

Other taskforce recommendations are still under review by the Board

Glenmore Farm Inc. board elected

At the annual meeting of Glenmore Farm, Inc. the GCA Board elected Ron Baellow, Charlie Carter, Allison Egidi, Adam Hall, and Beth Swartout to serve as directors of the Glenmore Farm, Inc. (a.k.a. Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center). We are grateful to departing GFEC board members Kristina Alimard, Trevor Joscelyne, and Mary Shriver for their hard work and countless hours of service.
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