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Paula Pagonakis , GCA Communications
Read All About It – 
Now that the GCA has assumed all responsibility for the Architectural Review Board, the ARB has reviewed and proposed revisions to Guidelines put in place by the developer in 2001. While most are editorial, there are a few substantive changes. The following list summarizes the major ones:
Proposed Changes to 2001 Architectural and Landscape Guidelines
  1. Replaced Glenmore associates with Glenmore Community Association (GCA). (Section 1.B,
    C overview)
  2. Added in ARC and split responsibilities between ARC and ARB. ( Section 1.D overview)
  3. Added satellite dishes, lot drainage changes and tree removals to the ARC scope of Approvals. (Section 1.D overview)
  4. New fee structure added. (Section 1. G.4 overview)
  5. Temporary power source requirement to restrict generator use in developed neighborhoods.
    (Section 1.G.8 overview)
  6. Added guidelines for Cul De Sac house siting. (Section III A.1)
  7. Added driveway slope restriction. (Section III A.2)
  8. Added side loading garage turning dimension. (Section III A.2)
  9. Added VDOT driveway entrance requirements. (Section III A.2)
  10. Deleted trash pickup section. (Section IV.D)
  11. Changed mailbox installation responsibility from developer to homeowner. (Section IV.G)
  12. Added Generator Requirements. (Section IV.L)
  13. Deleted fire Burning Policy. (Section V.B)
  14. Deleted water policy. (Section V.C)
  15. Changed Cottage home exclusions to Specify Bremerton and Scottish homes, which will preclude any further exclusions in the new development area. (Section VI)
  16. Added solar panel guidelines. (Section IV-E)
To review the complete amended version of the Guidelines, visit our special website page at:

Comments should be addressed to ARB at arb@glenmore-community.org by June 4, 2016
Keeping Up Appearances

Gatehouse Upkeep

Just like any other house, the gatehouse needs to keep up with repairs.  In the past 10 days, Joe Noonan and his crew have been power washing, replacing rotten wood, caulking, and painting to give the gatehouse a much needed facelift.  
Black is Black
Is your mailbox not black anymore? Does it, have rusty streaks and spots? Is the flag not red anymore? If so, then it is probably time to have it replaced or repainted.

Standard large black Mailbox Post paint color:  Benjamin Moore Black Forest Green. (The gatehouse has some of this paint and any resident may use it upon request.)   
  • DIY – mailboxes can be purchased in any hardware or home improvement store.
  • GCA recommends Mike Phillips of Phillips Construction 531-4443
  • Or hire contractor of your choosing   
Keep Your Mailman Happy!
Please remember that parked cars blocking mailboxes prevent your mail from being delivered. We all need to take responsibility for informing and reminding guests, visitors and contractors to avoid preventing our postal carriers from doing their job.
Is Anybody There?

New Communications Committee

With all of the options of places we are talking and listening, our communications strategy is in need of review, growth and improvement.
Let us know your thoughts and ideas, or better yet, volunteer to serve on this new committee. “Many hands make light work.”  If you have a basic understanding of electronic communication or are willing to be trained, we need you.

Contact Paula now secretary@glenmore-community.org or call (434) 296-1239.

Look for the new DoodyCalls  Pet Waste Stations ( http://www.doodycalls.com ) in various locations throughout the community.  This expanded service is on a one-year trial so let us know how it is working for you at:
Committee Vacancies
We still have vacancies on some GCA committees:

Communications - see article above.

Budget and Finance - Applicants should have budget experience and familiarity with Excel, and ideally QuickBooks software.

Water ResourcesCandidates should demonstrate background with any of the following: ponds and dams, storm water systems, surface water control.
If you are interested in serving on one of these committees, please email GCA Secretary Paula Pagonakis at secretary@glenmore-community.org indicating your interest and attach a brief bio.
Summer Camps at Equestrian Center - Reminder
Don't forget our Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center is offering six weeks of summer camp.   Four weeks of beginner camps:
  • June 13-17
  • June 20-24
  • July 11-15
  • July 18-22
Two weeks of intermediate camps:
  • June 27-July 1
  • July 25-29
Riders will learn a variety of skills both mounted and on the ground. GFEC has a very nice group of ponies and horses for the riders to ride and handle.   Each camp runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 1pm. Each week costs $350. Payment is non-refundable after May 15th.

Visit the GFEC for complete information and camp forms -  www.glenmorefarmec.com.
Or email office@glenmorefarmec.com with questions or to reserve your spot, or call (434) 295-3276.
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