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GCA Newsletter                  26 January2015

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Trash Collection
We have received more information from County Waste, the company that recently absorbed the operations of Dixon Disposal, and is now Glenmore's authorized trash collector. They have confirmed that they have no plans to change either the services offered or their prices. Pickup will continue to be on Wednesdays. They will also will continue sending our trash to Van Der Linde's single stream recycling operation. It should be noted that County Waste owns its own recyclables recovery operation at Chester, but use of this facility would significantly increase costs to Glenmore residents, in addition to requiring us to separate our own recyclable material into a second container.

County Waste bills its customers monthly, not quarterly as did Dixon, but has agreed to examine the option for Glenmore of quarterly billing. Our accounts will be managed out of their Troy facility at 5498 Richmond Road, and they would be happy to answer questions at (434) 296-6000.

GCA Board Elections
Checkmark At this month's GCA board meeting, Elizabeth Ewing, chair of the Nominations Committee, presented three candidates to fill the three vacancies on the 2015/16 GCA Board of Directors. These are Diana Ferguson, Nancy Gansneder, and Trevor Joscelyne. Elections will be finalized at our 2015 Annual Meeting on Thursday February 26th, and invitations to vote in advance will be included in the meeting information to be published soon.

Annual Meeting - February 26th
The 2015 Annual Meeting of the Glenmore Community Association will be held on Thursday, February 26, at 7 PM at the Glenmore Country Club. All residents and property owners are welcome to attend. This will be your chance to pose questions or comments to the board and other residents, as well as to hear about the state of the Association and its activities. Members will be receiving year end information and an invitation to the meeting in early February.

Those Dues Bills Will be Coming Soon!
checkbook-pen.jpg Yes, it's that time of year again. We will soon be sending out invoices for 2015 GCA dues, which are $933 per lot. If you have registered for electronic delivery, watch out for an email invoice in your inbox.  If you have not, then the invoice will be included as the front sheet within your Annual Meeting packet, which will be mailed early in February. 
  Water Works...

Albemarle County Service Authority (ACSA) has told us they are planning to install seven additional fire hydrants along the stretch of Route 250 from I-64 to Glenmore. Installation will start as soon as weather conditions permit. This will greatly improve fire protection in our neighboring rural area.


Final approval has also been granted by the Board of Supervisors for easements to use the property adjacent to the East Rivanna fire station  for the construction of the "Glenmore Tank".  The tank will provide emergency backup to our water supply in the case of failure of the primary supply lines. No word yet on when construction will start.



Rivanna Village Update
You may have seen this advertising board alongside Glenmore Way, and wondered if the Rivanna Village project was about to begin. We asked Andrew Boninti, the head of the development company, who told us he expects the planning process with the county to continue for at least three more months before construction could start. They have still not finalized their plans regarding the second entrance from Route 250. Meanwhile, the developer did permit the bank to erect the sign. 


Wild Animals in Glenmore
fox The CARB (Common Area Review Board) reminds all residents to be aware of wild animals who share our Glenmore Community. Sightings of foxes have been reported recently. There also may be coyotes and, of course, the always present deer in our neighborhoods. Please do not feed any of these animals and do not leave food sources in your yards that might draw them. Lastly, it is important to not let small pets out of the house unsupervised as they might become targets of animals. For safety sake, also please supervise small children when playing outside.