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GCA Newsletter                  23 April 2015

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Glenmore Home-Based Businesses
business-deal-illustration.jpg On occasion the GCA Board is asked about the regulations regarding operating a home-based business.  This subject is addressed in the "Declaration of Covenants & Restrictions of Glenmore" Article X, Section 3, (a).  It should be noted that the section references Albemarle County zoning ordinances that frame the legal criteria for home-based businesses in residential areas.  These criteria include but are not limited to:
  1. A physical limitation in square feet of residence usage.
  2. No change in appearance of the residence and property.
  3. No sales on premises.
  4. No traffic generated in greater volumes than normal for the neighborhood.
  5. Successful completion of Albemarle County permits.   

Residents may obtain more detailed information regarding the legal conduct of a home-based business by referring to "Home Occupation Regulations, Albemarle County Zoning Ordinance" or by calling the Department of Community Development at (434) 296-5832.  

Potential Changes to Darby Road East and Ferndown Lane
The GCA Board and CARB are currently studying a proposal that would close Ferndown Lane to thru vehicular traffic at its intersection with Turnbridge Lane. The Board's decision is contingent on approval from Albemarle County based on an acceptable engineering design. Closure would involve bollards placed across the Ferndown pavement on the Scottish Homes side of that intersection. Use of bollards will maintain pedestrian, bicycle, and golf-cart traffic as well as allow access by Albemarle County fire/rescue/police if needed.


Over the years, Darby Road East has been carrying an increasing amount of residential, construction and service vehicles on its narrow roadbed with poor sight-lines.  If this closure is completed, Darby Road East will be used for vehicle access only to the 70 Scottish Homes. 


Obeying Traffic Laws
Persons with narcissistic personality disorder have a grandiose sense of self importance, believe that they are special and unique, have a very strong sense of entitlement, and are arrogant. These individuals might be expected to run stop signs, pass drivers on Piper Way who are driving at the speed limit, and travel at excessive speeds, because, after all, they are special and thus the laws do not apply to them. But for the rest of us, please obey the traffic laws within Glenmore for the safety of all in our community.  It's part of being a good neighbor.   Thanks for your cooperation.

Refresher Course in Some Items from the Covenants and Restrictions
Pets: Small Dog We have received complaints from several neighbors about free-roaming pets including at least one case in which floral plantings were damaged. You are reminded that the Glenmore Covenants and Restrictions require your pets to be under your control at all times. Specific language in the C&Rs is as follows: "All pets not on the property of the owner shall be under leash or totally controlled in a similar manner at all times by the owner."


 Bikes, Toys, etc:TrikeAs the weather gets warmer and children start playing more and more outside, remember that all toys, bikes, balls, sports nets and other similar items need to be "removed each evening to an area not exposed to view from any other property or street"...article X section 5, page 33 in the Covenants and Restrictions. This means that you need to remove all such items into your house or garage and out of sight from your neighbors.    


Trees: Isaac Newton famously said, "One can never have too many trees." And we in Glenmore are blessed with many beautiful ones. Nevertheless, sometimes a tree needs to be removed. You are reminded, however, if the tree is 6 inches in diameter or larger you need to get permission from the Architectural Review Committee before removing it.    

Water Resources in Glenmore
Storm Water The title of the GCA's Stormwater Management Committee has been changed and its responsibilities broadened. The new Water Resources Committee will include management responsibilities for dams and ponds, in addition to stormwater management and streams.   Larry Tropea chairs this committee.