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GCA Newsletter                     29 March 2014

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Here is your monthly newsletter from the GCA. Get your calendars out - there are lots of dates in this edition!  As always, we welcome your feedback.

Limb & Branch Pickup
branches It's time to get rid of those branches and limbs again!  The spring limb & branch pickup will take place during the week of April 7.  It may take a week or more to complete, depending on the weather. Leave branches to be chipped at your roadside by 8:00 AM that Monday, but please do not put them out more than one week in advance.  Limbs can be up to 8" diameter.  Place the large ends of branches all facing in the same direction. Also check adjacent common areas, parks, and vacant lots for branches needing to be chipped.  If you want a load of chips left in your driveway for use as mulch please call Frank Keplinger on 977-0189.


Not to be chipped: Stumps, leaves, shrubbery, dirt, lumber, metal, or large-scale lot clearing.

Time for Vultures to Move On!
The vultures (turkey buzzards) have not left Glenmore voluntarily, so the GCA board has now authorized steps to be taken to help. The DOA (Department of Agriculture) will be conducting a "Vulture Roost Disbursement" program at three roosting sites. This will involve pyrotechnics (including loud bangs), and will take place initially on the evenings of Monday March 31st and Tuesday April 1st. So please do not be alarmed if you hear these. The police will be aware of the activity.  If the initial disbursement does not work, it may be repeated. In this event we will send out advance notifications to the community.

Proposed Purchase of 61 Acres including Equestrian Center
Horse Rider

As announced last week, the GCA Board is proceeding with plans to purchase the 61 acres comprising the Glenmore Equestrian Center property. The primary purpose is to ensure that the land adjacent to our entrance corridor remains permanently rural in character. The board strongly believes this move is in the best long term interest of all home owners. Many factors are involved, all of which are being evaluated in detail by the GCA Board of Directors, in order to bring a specific proposal to you for approval.


Included in the evaluation: independent appraisal of the property's current market value; evaluation of funding options; review of the Equestrian Center's financial performance; review of how it would be managed; assessment of potential risks and liabilities; review of alternative uses if equestrian use cannot be maintained in the future.

We recognize the need to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.  To this end, we will hold two Community Meetings to fully present the details of the proposal and answer your questions. These will be held on Wednesday 16 April, at 2PM, and Thursday 17 April at 7:00PM, both held in the Glenmore Country Club.  This will be followed in May by a vote of GCA members, via ballot and a Special Meeting of the Association.  



Rivanna Village Public Hearing
Rivanna Village OutlineThe Albemarle County Planning Commission have tentatively scheduled a public hearing on the planning application for Rivanna Village, scheduled for Tuesday April 22 at 6:00PM.  The meeting will be held in the Lane Auditorium at the County Building, 401 McIntire Road. We will let you know if this date changes.

As you know, many residents are concerned both about the density of housing, as well as the use of Glenmore Way as a construction entrance for the project, both of which could be detrimental to our community.  We strongly encourage residents to attend the meeting and speak up about these issues.

GCA Dumpsters
We are pleased to announce the return of the Glenmore Dumpsters.  They will be available from Saturday April 26 to Sunday May 4. The dumpsters will be located near the RV Parking lot area by the soccer field, at the east end of Carroll Creek Road. Please flatten empty boxes, and do not leave items on the ground. No items may be left in the area after the dumpsters are removed. This service is for residents only, no contractors please.


Not to be dumpedTires, TV sets, paint cans with paint, propane gas tanks, waste oil or driveway sealer, or hazardous materials

Treatment for Piper Pond
Piper Pond, which lies to the south of the Country Club on the opposite side of Piper Way, is to receive the same level of maintenance service that is already being provided to the GCA's other two ponds, Glen Lochan and Paddington.  Acting on the recommendation of the CARB (Common Area Review Board), the GCA Board has approved stocking this pond with minnows (to minimize mosquitoes) and catfish (to minimize algae). Our existing maintenance contract with Solitude Lake Management has been extended to cover all three ponds.

Milton Field Fly-In
On Sunday April 13 the Rivanna Radio Control Club will hold a "Fly In" at Model PlaneMilton Field, where model  aircraft builders will bring their aircraft to show and fly.  Please be prepared for more than normal level of noise during that day, with a 9AM start. They will attempt to restrict the louder aircraft flight hours to the late morning and afternoon.  Glenmore residents are invited to attend.