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GCA Newsletter                      25 August 2015

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Ben Benjamin,
GCA Communications

2014 Financial Audit
Dollar Sign
Good news. Once again our external auditors (Robinson, Farmer, Cox Associates) have given a clean bill of health to the GCA finances. This is the sixth year in a row that we have had no recommendations for improvements to our processes, and underscores the efforts that the association has made to protect members' funds. The audit includes for the first time the audited Glenmore Farm Inc. results for its four months of operation. You can download a copy of the audit here or access it from the GCA website.

Paving Schedule
Five Glenmore roads - Avebury, Perth, Prestwick, Elgin, and Ferndown --will have an asphalt pavement overlay applied starting
September 21, weather permitting. First the driveways and street intersections will be milled, that is, ground down to provide a smooth transition to existing pavement. This process will be noisy and dusty. Then the pavement will have a tar coat applied immediately before paving. Please do not drive on the wet tar, but you can drive on the new asphalt as soon as it is rolled smooth. Please mark any sprinkler heads adjacent to the road and trim back any shrubbery that might interfere with the paving. Daily schedules for paving activity will be posted at the gatehouse.

Collecting Data on Traffic Volume and Speeding
Responding to residents' concerns, the GCA has purchased a traffic-monitoring device that records the number of vehicles and the speed of those vehicles, as well as indicating the speed of approaching vehicles. It is being used as part of a broader study the Board is undertaking to review traffic volumes, speeds, and pedestrian safety throughout Glenmore. It will be in use for at least several months to gather data, being moved to various locations. Although it indicates your speed as you approach, it does not identify specific vehicles, and will not be used to issue speeding tickets! The device is currently in place on Piper Way outbound near the real estate office. A community meeting will be held in a few weeks' time to discuss traffic issues and review options.
CARB Beautification Projects
Planting Circle at Rte. 250 & Glenmore Way
This bed has been redesigned by CARB to use low-growing vegetation including perennial flowering plants similar to the two planting beds in the Piper Way entry median prior to the Gatehouse. Use of such plants will improve the sight distance at the intersection of Glenmore Way and Rte. 250. Installation should be complete in the next few weeks.
Common Area along Paddington Circle
The Leyland Cypress trees in this area have developed Seiridium Canker, a fungus that grows under the bark and for which there is no effective chemical treatment. Removal and replacement of these trees by CARB began in 2014. This project is continuing in 2015 with removal of at least 11 more diseased trees at this time. Replacement will occur in late October or early November to take     advantage of seasonal rains that will provide watering.
Professional Poop Scoopers - Beginning August 27th, professional poop scoopers will begin maintaining the two dog stations in Glenmore. Once a week, DoodyCalls will provide such services as emptying the trash can of waste & installing a new liner, replenishing the stock of pet waste bags as needed, removing any waste on the ground within a 10-foot radius of the station, taking away all waste collected, and keeping the stations in good working condition. If this service is well received by GCA residents, CARB anticipates adding more dog stations later this year and the next. 

Rivanna Village Planning Application
Rivanna Village Outline
Three Glenmore residents participated in the county's Site Review Meeting for the initial phase of the Rivanna Village development, which was held on August 20th. As mentioned in the last newsletter, the first phase will include 27 attached "villas" opposite the end of Piper Way, screened by a 70 ft. buffer, and accessed from a new loop road ("Winding Lane") off Glenmore Way. It was made clear at the meeting that the villas, which will be single story with dormer windows, will be at a lower level than Glenmore Way, will be barely visible in summer, with only the roofs visible in winter.

The first part of construction, which may begin towards the end of this year, will be to clear and grade most of the Rivanna Village area prior to building the roads that access the villas. All construction for this phase will come via Glenmore Way. Future phases will likely include completion of the second entrance from Route 250, which would then be used for future construction.


Thanks to Cavalier Windows who cleaned the gatehouse windows for free. Also thanks to Cindy Simmons who planted all of the lovely flowers outside the gatehouse.