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GCA Newsletter                      29 July 2015

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Ben Benjamin,
GCA Communications

Communications Committee
Earlier we announced that during its June meeting, the Board of Directors of the Glenmore Community Association voted unanimously to "form a Communications Committee comprised of several Glenmore residents with expertise in communications, public relations, or marketing who can help and advise the GCA board on a communication plan." We would welcome a few more volunteers to serve in this important role. If you have expertise in communications, public relations, and/or marketing, please submit a brief bio that details your experience in these areas to Ben Benjamin, Secretary and Director of Communications at


Study Group - GCC Purchase
The Study Group now has 10 members. Five additional members have been appointed: Luann Lynch (replaced Adam Hall as the leader of the financial team; sports/tennis GCC member); Art Peters (non GCC member); Pat Lowry (social GCC member); Dave Larrabee (non GCC member); and Tom Gryzmala (social GCC member). The study group is comprised of four golf/full GCC members, three non GCC members, two social GCC members, and one sports/tennis GCC member. With its work now well underway, ex-officio member, GCA president Nancy Gansneder stepped down from the study group.


Thank you to all who participated in the survey.  The study group will receive a high level review of results next week, and the detailed report prior to August 14th. The group is now planning the approach to disseminate the results to the Glenmore property owners. The Financial Team has kicked off the financial due diligence process. Additional teams have been formed to support the effort:  Risk Management, Communications and Community Engagement, and Market Assessment.

Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center

The GFEC (Glenmore Farm Equestrian Center) continues to operate successfully as an independent operation with its own volunteer board of directors. Glenmore resident Charlie Carter has agreed to join the board to fill the vacancy following the departure of Chris Grant. Jenn Tirrell has been recruited as full-time head of operations and head trainer, replacing Rachel McMahan who has stepped down to focus on her own training activities. Jenn brings significant experience in equestrian center management, and we are confident her leadership will result in the sustained quality and financial self-sufficiency required by the GCA.


Financially, the GFEC is doing well, though some adjustments are still needed. You will recall that, at the time of the purchase proposal, we estimated that the center should be able to generate about $35,000 surplus for the full year 2015, which would provide sufficient funds for future maintenance and improvements. The center has generated a positive cash flow (surplus of income over expenses) of $14,000 during the first half of 2 015, though its projections for the full year fall somewhat below this target. Following an analysis of competitive equestrian operations in the area, the GFEC board has therefore approved price increases which will take effect from September 1st. These increases are intended to ensure financial targets are met, while remaining competitive with other facilities in the area.

Rivanna Village Planning Application
Rivanna Village Outline

Rivanna Village LLC has submitted a Site Development Plan for Block A, the first section to be developed in the new Rivanna Village. The new plan incorporates 27 attached "villas" in a group of seven buildings in place of 24 detached single homes. These villas will be Cape Cod-style one-story homes with dormer windows, in blocks of four homes. The back of three of these buildings will be directly opposite to the end of Glenmore Way, across from the equestrian parcel, Glenmore Farm, and accessed via Winding Road, a new loop road off Glenmore Way. They will be screened by a 70-foot buffer of retained hardwood trees, and a stone-faced wall.  We are told that in winter you will only be able to see the roofs above the wall.


The approved re-zoning of the area included a Code of Development, which required that more dense buildings should be located towards the center of the Village, with detached single family homes being built in the 'transition areas' adjacent to the more rural surroundings; i.e. across the road from Glenmore Farm.  The original plan for Block A, submitted with the rezoning application, showed detached single-family homes for this area. The GCA Board has some concerns about the appropriateness of villas in this location, which would appear to be inconsistent with the Code of Development. 


A Site Review Meeting is scheduled for August 20th at 10:00 AM in Room #234 at the County Building on McIntire Road, at which the GCA will be represented.

Golf Cart Safety
golf cart A reminder that all persons driving a golf cart or motorized vehicle on Glenmore roads must have a valid drivers license.  In addition, driving on the paved walking paths is not allowed.