April 11, 2018








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                     B---Wednesday, April 11  
                     A---Thursday, April 12      
                     B---Friday, April 13     
                     A---Monday, April 16
                     B--Tuesday, April 17
                     A---Wednesday, April 18       

April 13-15, 2018

Supervision - Team 4
Administrator - Serge Gariepy


        Regular Friday Afternoon Schedule

        Period 3       11:50 - 1:10 PM 
        Period 4         1:15 - 2:35 PM 
        Period 5         2:40 - 4:00 PM 
        Period 6         4:05 - 5:25 PM   
        5:15-5:50 PM       Supper
        6:00 PM              Campus Closes
        7:30 PM              Vespers in Church
       Sunset 8:09 PM

        8:30-9:00 AM    Breakfast       
        9:30 AM           Load Buses
        9:45 AM           Depart for Outdoor Sabbath 
                               Lock and Dam Park
                               181 Lock and Dam Rd SW, Rome, GA
       10:45 AM          Worship Service
       12:15 PM          Lunch
         3:00 PM          Arrive Back at GCA               
         5:30-6:00 PM   Supper
         8:00 PM          Eventide in Chapel
         8:30 PM          Gymnastics Home Show    


         7:00-7:30 AM  Breakfast
         7:45 AM         ACTs - Juniors, rooms 1, 3, and 4
         8:00 AM         ACTs - Freshmen, fellowship hall
         8:00 AM         ACTs - Sophomores, rooms 7, 8


       12:00-12:45 PM Lunch
         2:00 PM          Girls' Town Trip
         3:20 PM          GCA Scholars Leave Pkg. Lot - Provinos
         3:30 PM          Guys' Town Trip
         5:00-5:30 PM   Supper
         5:30 PM          Spring Voice Recital


                                                                  THIS WEEK

  Wednesday, April 11           Camerata Trip
  Thursday, April 12               Soccer Game (Home) - Notre Dame, 4:30-6:00 PM, girls
  Friday, April 13                    Band Performs at Coble Elementary, 8 AM
  Friday, April 13                    Drama Vespers
  Sabbath, April 14                Outdoor Sabbath (see above for details)
  Sabbath, April 14                Gymnastics Home show (see above for details)
  Sunday, April 15                  ACT Testing (see above for details)
  Sunday, April 15                  GCA Scholars Outing (see above for details)
  Monday, April 16                 Soccer Game (Away) - Shiloh Hills, 4:00-5:30 PM, girls
  Tuesday, April 17                 Midterm
  Tuesday, April 17                 Soccer Game (Away) - Unity, 5:30-7:00 PM, girls 
  Wednesday, April 18            Home Leave Begins at Noon - Home Leave Transportation Departs GCA at noon

                                              PM Classes in AM
                                              Class Schedule:
                                              Period 1     8:30 AM
                                              Period 2     9:30 AM
                                              Period 3    10:30 AM

From the Principal FromthePrincipal
Busy Time of Year.
Please note all the exciting things happening this weekend. This is a busy weekend and it will only get busier in the coming weeks.
  • This Sabbath is Outdoor Sabbath, when the GCA Church and the school head out to a local park to enjoy worship and lunch in nature. This year we will be at Lock and Dam Park, near Rome, GA. Please join us, if you can.
  • Saturday night will be our gymnastics home show. Come watch our Acroflyers at 8:30 PM in the gymnasium as they demonstrate the gymnastics skills they have mastered this year.
  • Sunday evening there will be a Spring Voice Recital in the chapel at 5:30 PM. Come support our student musicians as they share hits from Broadway and film musicals.
Alumni Weekend.
Thanks to all students, staff and volunteers who helped facilitate a great Alumni Weekend this past week. God blessed and many came to reconnect with friends and staff. In addition to the usual events of a weekend like this we had the opportunity to honor Wally and Mary Ellen Fox, who are retiring after 43 years of service to GCA. Hundreds of alumni, former staff, guests and current staff and students attended an afternoon tribute program on Sabbath. At that event it was announced that the anonymous donor family has chosen to honor the Foxes by naming the renovated library the "Mary Ellen Fox Library and Resource Center," and the new gym/cafeteria facility the "Wally Fox Wellness Center." Guests were then given the opportunity to tour through the new facilities that are nearing completion.

Sunday School.
This Sunday, April 15, is a school day. However, the school day will be spent in testing for Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors and a few Seniors. From Mr. Gariepy: We have scheduled for all Juniors to take the ACT exam and for Freshmen/Sophomores to take the PreACT exam. Juniors should report to their rooms at 7:45 AM and Freshmen/Sophomores need to be in their rooms by 8:00 AM (Mr. Collins should be communicating with you all about where your tests will be located). Seniors will not have any classes or exams unless they have signed up on their own for the ACT.

This is a school day and is required for all students in the Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior classes. Students need to have absences cleared with administration if they plan to miss school that day.

Because of the ACT exam, we will run a three-meal schedule. Breakfast will be at 7:00-7:30 AM, Lunch at 12:00-12:45 PM, and Supper at 5:00-5:30 PM. We will need students working in the cafeteria, so please contact Mr. Larsen, or the cafeteria supervisors, if you have been scheduled to work but can't meet your responsibilities.

ACT Test Prep. Our GCA Scholars Program is benefiting more than just our higher academic achievers. With money from this donor-funded program, Mrs. Hartwell has arranged for two test preparation sessions through an outside company. Students will be in an ACT test prep session tonight, thanks to the generosity of donors and the efforts of our registrar, Jeanne Hartwell. We want our students to test well, so hopefully many will take advantage of these opportunities tonight and at future test prep opportunities.

Final Exams and Exam Permits. As the end of the school year closes in quickly, just a reminder that final exams will take place the week of May 7-9 for Seniors, and on May 14 for all other students. All students must pick up an exam permit from the business office before taking their final exams, and financial accounts must be clear before an exam permit will be released. Financially clear accounts are current through April, as well as any unpaid fees and fines taken care of.  If you are unsure about the status of your account, please contact Deborah Theus at dtheus@gcasda.org or 706-625-7181.


              11     Camerata Trip
              12     Soccer Game (Notre Dame) - Home, 6:30-8:00 PM, girls 
              13     Drama Vespers 
              14     Outdoor Sabbath 
              14     Gymnastics Home Show 
              15     ACT for Juniors/Seniors 
              15     Spring Voice Recital 
              15     Sunday Classes
              16     Soccer Game (Shiloh Hills) - Away, 4:00-5:30 PM, girls 
              17     Midterm
              17     Soccer Game (Unity) - Away, 5:30-7:00 PM, girls 
         17-23     Instrumental Music Tour 
              18     PM Classes in AM, Home Leave begins at Noon 
         18-22     Home Leave
              23     Finance Committee
              24     Soccer Club Team  - Home, 6:30-8:00, guys
              25     Awards Chapel, 7:00 PM 
              26     GCA Board
              26     Soccer Game (Kings Academy JV) - Away, 6-7:30 PM, girls / 7:45-9:00 PM, guys            
              27     Flower Vespers 
              28     Camerata/Chorale Program, 11:05 AM 
              28     Camerata Program, 4 PM 
              28     Evening Instrumental Concert 
              29     Boys' & Girls' Club Outings 
              29     SA Slide Show 
              30     New England Trip Begins

             1-7     New England Trip (began April 30)
                6     SAT 
                8     End-of-Year Girls' Dorm Worship 
                9     AP English Test 
         10-16     Senior Class Trip 
              11     AP US History Test 
              12     Class Elections
              12     Freshman Class Party 
              14     Camerata Fundraiser   
         14-16     Semester Exams 
              15     AP Calculus Test 
              16     Freshmen and Sophomores Depart GCA at Noon 
              17     Junior-Senior Banquet 
              18     Consecration, 8 PM 
              19     Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM 
              19     Parent Tribute, 4 PM 
              19     Commencement, 8 PM

                2     Village Registration, 5-8 PM (dorms closed) 
              12     Registration, 9 AM-3PM 
              12     SA Handshake, 6:30 PM        
              13     Classes & Orientation             
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