January 30, 2019





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                    A Days - Monday and Wednesday
                    B Days - Tuesday and Thursday
                    Fridays - All Classes (shortened periods)    


February 1-3, 2019 
       Supervision - Team 4         
                         Administrator - Derrick Collins        

Sunset - 6:09 PM     

                                                                      THIS WEEK  

       Wednesday, January 30              Home Leave Begins at Noon (see schedule below)
       Sunday, February 3                     Home Leave Ends at 9 PM
       Wednesday, February 6               Midtern
       Wednesday, February 6               Guys' Soccer Game (AAA) - Home - Leave class 5:15 PM / Game 6:00 PM
       Wednesday, February 6               Guys' Club "Duck Hunt" (for whole school)
Class Schedule for Wednesday, January 30
(PM Classes in the AM)
A Day

Period 4, 8:30-9:25 AM--Religion IV A (1), Statistics A (4), US History A (7), Chemistry A (8), Learning Lab (Library)

Period 5, 9:30 - 10:25 AM--Religion IV B (1), AP Calculus (2), Pre-Calculus A (4), US History B (7), Chemistry B (8)

Period 6, 10:30-11:25 AM--Spanish I A (1), English IV A (2), Government A (3), AP English IV A (7), Religion III A (8)

Leave at Noon
No afternoon classes

Have a Wonderful Home Leave!

From the Principal FromthePrincipal

The winter at GCA can be a challenge for our students. The challenge is not that the academy has become more difficult.  The challenge is the cold weather, more gray skies and shorter days. Illness seems to be more common. It is important during the winter to make sure you get enough sleep, eat the right foods in the right amounts (stay away from sugar!) and drink plenty of water. Couple this with making sure you continue to get exercise, and you will be successful at getting through the gloomy winter.  By the way, the last few sentences are really for me as much as anyone else.

As we head for home and the January home leave break, here are a few more points to consider:

Winter Weather--Whenever the weather is threatening with the prospect of slippery roads and/or freezing temperatures, we will still have classes at GCA.  However, parents of village students will need to decide if it is safe to travel to bring students to school.  Because most of our students live on campus, we almost never close school.  We will provide an excused absence to students whose parents let us know they are not able to travel due to weather.

Basketball Tournament Cancellation--This week our administrative council made a difficult decision regarding the Andrews University Newbury Classic Basketball Tournament.  Temperatures will be well below zero for the first days of the tournament and the area is receiving up to a foot of new snow.  Andrews University is closed through noon on Thursday due to weather.  We decided to cancel our participation in the tournament.  This was not an easy decision. I know this was disappointing to several people and some families have purchased airline tickets that they now won't use.  I am sorry for the disappointment of plans and families.  Given all of the variables, we felt we must continue to make student safety our first concern.  I know at least four other academies decided to cancel their participation in the tournament.  Winter weather in January can make travel difficult and at times dangerous.

Mrs. Scott--Most people are aware of the tragic bicycling accident suffered by our science and freshman experience teacher, Mrs. Shannon Scott.  Mrs. Scott sustained serious injuries as a result of her bicycle accident during the Christmas holidays. She has been making remarkable progress toward recovery.  We are not sure when she will be able to return to GCA, but  we are looking forward to having her back on campus.  Special thanks to the teachers who are picking up Mrs. Scott's classes. Mrs. DiBiase, Dean Nesmith, and Mrs. Anderson have taken on the classes taught by Mrs. Scott.  A big, big thank you to them for the extra work and longer hours.  Please continue to pray for Mrs. Scott's
continued healing.

I hope everyone has a restful January home leave break.
30             Home Leave begins                                                 
       3              Home Leave Ends 
6               Midterm                                                              
7-9            Magnify
8               GCA Scholars Event                                                        
9-10          GCA Acrofest                                     
11-16        Student Week of Prayer                                                
12             Valentine's Choral Music Fundraiser                        
16             Basketball Mania
17             GCA Scholars Even
20-23       SAU Band & Strings Festival                              
23             Camerata and Chorale Trip                                                           
24             Sunday Classes                                                  
24             Winter Voice/Piano Recital                                                          
27            Home Leave begins at noon                                                        
27-10        Home Leave/MissionTrip/EuropeTrip                    
10            Home Leave/Mission Trip/Europe Trip ends at 9 PM
10            Daylight Savings Time begins      
15            End 3rd Quarter                                                               
15            Mission Trip Vespers                                                      
16            GCC Youth Festival                                                          
16            Music Groups Perform                                                  
22-23       Academy Days   
23            All Music Groups at GCA
24            GCA Scholars Event                         
27-30       Spiritual Emphasis Weekend       
30            SA Talent Show                                 
31            Soccer Mania                                                     
1-2           ACT Test Prep    
5-7           Alumni Weekend                                             
7-10         Accreditation Site Visit                                   
10            Camarata Trip                    
11            GCA Board Meeting                                        
12            Drama Vespers                                                 
12            GCA Band to perform at Coble, 8 AM                                                     
13            Gymnastics Home Show                                                
14            PreACT Testing for Freshmen & Sophomores                                                       
14            ACT Testing for Juniors                                                  
14            Spring Voice/Piano Recital                                                            
16            Midterm                                                              
17-21       Home Leave begins at noon                                        
17-22       Camarata Tour                                  
21            Home Leave ends at 9 PM                            
27            Camerata/Chorale Program, 11:05 AM                                                   
27            Camerata Program, 4 PM                                                              
27            Evening Instrumental Concert                                                    
28            Girls' Dorm Outing                                                           
28            Guys' Dorm Outing                                                          
29-6         New England Trip             
29-6        New England Trip                                             
5             SAT                                        
8             Literature Testing                                             
9             Camerata Workshop                                       
10           Flower Vespers                                                 
11           Outdoor Sabbath
12           GCA Scholars Event                                                         
12           SA Slide Show                                                    
14           AP Calculus Testing                                                         
15           Choral Music Spring Fundraiser                                                  
16-22      Senior Class Trip                
18           Class Elections                                   
19           Sunday Classes                  
20-22      Semester Exams                               
22           Fresh. & Soph. Depart GCA at noon          
23           Junior-Senior Banquet                                                   
24           Consecration, 8 PM                                                         
25           Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM                                                              
25           Parent Tribute, 4 PM                                                      
25           Commencement, 8 PM 

Kindness is like snow. 
It beautifies everything it covers.
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