May 1, 2019



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                    A Days - Monday and Wednesday
                    B Days - Tuesday and Thursday
                    Fridays - All Classes (shortened periods)    


     May 3-5, 2019  
   Supervision - Team 5  
      Administrator - Nancy Gerard      
Friday Schedule (shortened periods)
   7:30 PM           Freshman/Sophomore Vespers - Cafeteria
Sunset - 8:26 PM

   8:30-9:00 AM   Breakfast  
 10:00 AM           Sabbath School - Sampler
                             (Breakout Small Groups)
 11:05 AM           Church  
After Church        Lunch             
 2:30 PM             SOS - Balloon Animals at the Yellow Park
 5:30 PM             Supper  
8:15 PM              Eventide
8:45 PM              Recreation  
10:00-10:30 AM     Brunch
11:30 AM              Girls' Town Trips 
  1:00 PM              Guys' Town Trips 

                                                                      THIS WEEK  
       Wednesday, May 1     New England Trip Continues through Monday, May 6
       Wednesday, May 1     Midweek - Soul Cafe in Church Fellowship Hall
       Wednesday, May 1     Volleyball Intramurals:
                                          Ace of Spikes vs. Quiet on the Set / Donald Bump vs. Chewblocka
       Thursday, May 2         Volleyball Intramurals: Chewblocka vs. GCA Crochet Club
       Tuesday, May 7          GCA Student Art Show - Calhoun Coffee House
       Wednesday, May 8     AP Literature Testing
From the Principal

The juniors are traveling through New York to New England today. The annual New England Study Tour is well under way. The tour will conclude on Monday. When our students return to campus on Monday, our students will have just a little more than a week together before the seniors leave for their class trip. The school year is quickly coming to a close.

Final Exams - Semester examinations will be coming soon for seniors and just a few days later, all of our other students will be taking finals. Now is the time for end- of-the-year financial arrangements to be made. All students will have to have their financial accounts up to date in order to receive an exam permit. If this is going to be a challenge, please contact Mrs. Jenkins in our business office.

Senior Class Fund Raising - Last night our seniors were involved in telephone fund raising towards their class gift. This year the class is raising money for a new gazebo that will be placed near the front of the campus. For almost 20 years GCA had a gazebo on center campus. When construction started it went away. We are looking forward to the new gazebo that will be funded by the seniors. They are still raising funds, but in just one evening of making phone calls they raised $8000. Great work seniors!

I hope everyone is enjoying the warm weather and beautiful spring. Let's enjoy the longer days, but also stay focused on our responsibilities and resist the fever that goes with spring time. Time to finish strong!

5             SAT                                        
8             APLiterature Testing                                             
9             Camerata Workshop                                       
10           Flower Vespers                                                 
11           Outdoor Sabbath
12           GCA Scholars Event                                                         
12           SA Slide Show                                                    
14           AP Calculus Testing                                                         
15           Choral Music Spring Fundraiser                                                  
16-22      Senior Class Trip                
18           Class Elections                                   
19           Sunday Classes                  
20-22      Semester Exams                               
22           Fresh. & Soph. Depart GCA at noon          
23           Junior-Senior Banquet                                                   
24           Consecration, 8 PM                                                         
25           Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM                                                              
25           Parent Tribute, 4 PM                                                      
25           Commencement, 8 PM 

Everyone would do it if it was easy--don't give up!
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