May 15, 2019





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                    A Days - Monday and Wednesday
                    B Days - Tuesday and Thursday
                    Fridays - All Classes (shortened periods)    


     May 17-19, 2019  
   Supervision - Team 2    
      Administrator - Susan Jenkins       
Friday Schedule (shortened periods)

   7:30 PM           Junior Vespers in the Amphitheater

Sunset - 8:37 PM

   8:30-9:00 AM      Breakfast
  10:00 AM           Sabbath School - GCA Talks 
  11:05 AM           Church  
After Church         Lunch
    8:00-11:00 PM  Class Parties/Elections:
                           Freshmen - At the Scotts
                           Sophomores - At the Ables
                           Juniors - At the Meadows 
  9:30-10:00 AM     Brunch
10:00 AM-4:00 PM Sunday Classes   
  4:00-4:30 PM      Supper 

                                                                      THIS WEEK  

          Tues. & Wed., May 14-15          Senior Final Exams
          Wednesday, May 15                 Choral Music Spring Fundraiser
          Wednesday, May 15                 Ice Cream Feed, 6 PM
          Wednesday, May 15                 Farewell Concert, 7 PM
          Thurs.-Wed, May 16-22             Senior Class Trip
          Thursday, May 16                     SA Elections
          Friday, May 17                          Junior Vespers in the Amphitheater
          Saturday Night, May 18            Class Parties/Elections, 8:00-11:00 PM
          Sunday, May 19                        Sunday Classes (see schedule below)
          Mon.-Tues., May 20-21              Semester Exams for Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors (see schedule below)
          Wednesday, May 22                  Freshmen & Sophomores depart at noon
          Thursday, May 23                      Junior/Senior Banquet - Escorting begins at 4:30 PM
          Friday, May 24                          Consecration, 8:00 PM
          Sabbath, May 25                       Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM
          Sabbath, May 25                       Parent Tribute, 4:00 PM
          Saturday Night, May 25             Commencement, 8:00 PM

Georgia-Cumberland Academy
May 19, 2019
Brunch: 9:30 - 10:00 AM       
Supper: 4:00-4:30 PM
1)      10:00-10:55
Algebra I A [3]
Pre-Algebra [4]
English I A [10]
English II A [7]
College Chemistry [8]
Physical Science [5]
Learning Lab [Library]
2)      11:00-11:55
Algebra I B [3]
English I B [10]
English II B [7]
Physical Science [5]
    As Announced
      by Teacher
4)         1:00-1:55
Freshman Experience A [3]
Religion II A [2]
Statistics [4]
Chemistry A [8]
US History A [9]
Religion IV A [1]
Religion I A [12]
Learning Lab [library]
5)         2 :00-2:55
Chemistry B [8]
AP Calculus [2]
US History B [9]
Pre-Calculus A [4]
Religion IV B [1]
6)         3:00-3:55
Religion III A [8]
Spanish I A [10]
AP English IV A [7]
English IV A [2]
Government A [9]

May 20-22, 2019
Monday (afternoon only) , Tuesday (all day) , Wednesday (morning only)
Monday, "A"
Regular Classes in Morning
Tuesday, "B"
Testing All Day
Wednesday, "A"
Testing - Morning Only
1)       8:30-9:50
English I A (10)
Algebra I A (3)
Pre-Algebra (4)
Physical Science A (5)
English II A (7)
Learning Lab (Library)
1)   8:30-9:50
World History A (9)
Geometry A (4)
Biology A (New Lab)
Girls' Health (12)
Learning Lab (Library)
Hallway: Kimberly Carr
1)  8:30-9:50
English I A (10)
Algebra I A (3)
Pre-Algebra (4)
Physical Science A (5)
English II A (7)
Learning Lab (Library)
Hallway: Marty Briggs      
2)       9:55-11:15
English I B (10)
Algebra I B (3)
Physical Science B (5)
English II B (7)
2)      9:55-11:15
World History B (9)
Geometry B (4)
Biology B (New Lab)
Boys' Health (12)
Learning Lab (library)
Hallway: Bruce Boggess
2)       9:55-11:15
English IB (10)
Algebra I B (3)
Physical Science B (5)
English II B (7)
 Hallway: Candace Nesmith     
LUNCH (11:05-11:45)
Testing In Afternoon Only
LUNCH (11:05-11:45)
  School is out for the Summer!
3)       12:00-1:00
Learning Lab [library]
3)       12:00-1:00
Art & Art Appreciation
Learning Lab [library]
4)       1:15-2:35
Religion II A (2)
Freshman Experience A (3)
Stats A (4)*
US History A (9)
Chemistry A (8)
Religion I A (12)
Learning Lab [library]
Hallway: Albert Hernandez            
4)       1:15-2:35
Religion II B (2)
Freshman Experience B (3)
Stats B (4)*
English III A (9)
Forensic Science (8)
Religion I B (12)
Algebra II A (3)
Learning Lab [library]
 Hallway: Melanie DiBiase            
5)       2:40-4:00
AP Calculus (2)*
Pre-Cal A (4) *
US History B (9)
Chemistry B (8)
Hallway: Derrick Collins            
  5) 2:40-4:00
  Bridge Math (3)
  Pre-Calculus B (4)*
  Anatomy and Phys. B (New Lab)*
  English III B (9)
  Physics (8)
  Algebra II B (3)
 Hallway: Patricia Muriel            
6)       4:05-5:25
Spanish I A (10)
Government A (9)
Religion III A (8)
Hallway: Robbie Herr            
6)       4:05-5:25
Spanish I B (10)
Economics B (3)
Religion III B (8)
French I (choir)
Hallway: Shannon Scott            

From the Principal

Our end-of-the year programs continue this week and next. Seniors are completing final exams today, and with that, they are finished with their high school academic program (some of them were finished some time ago, but have been going through the motions). All of our other students will be taking finals next week. Here are a few more items to consider as we approach the end of the school year.

Farewell Concert - Today we will gather at 7:00 pm at the amphitheater for our annual end-of-the year Farewell Concert. Our student praise music students will present music. This will be a great way of closing our time together, and worshiping the God who has blessed us throughout this school year. We will also say goodbye to three faculty/staff members who are leaving us at the end of this year. Deborah Theus, our treasurer, is leaving for medical reasons, Melanie DiBiase is leaving to pursue a PhD, and Kaleb Leeper is leaving to take an administrative position at Shenandoah Valley Academy.

Senior Class Trip - The members of the class of 2019 will leave tomorrow for their class trip. This year the class has planned a trip to the Florida Keys. We leave at 4:00 am (we seem to love these early departure times) and will return on Wednesday, May 22. This will be a great capstone experience for our seniors as they complete their time at GCA.

Exam Permits - All junior, sophomore and freshmen students will need exam permits to be able to take their semester final exams next week. Exam permits are distributed by the business office when financial accounts are current. All fees, fines, and tuition bills must be paid before an exam permit is issued. If that is an issue for your family, please contact Mrs. Jenkins right away.

Elections - Student Association and class officer elections are this week. SA speeches and voting will be Thursday during Chapel. Election of class officers will take place Saturday evening during class parties. Our future leaders will be determined within the next few days. Students must be present at Chapel and class parties to vote.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks again for making this a great year at GCA!

15           Choral Music Spring Fundraiser                                                  
16-22      Senior Class Trip                
18           Class Elections                                   
19           Sunday Classes                  
20-22      Semester Exams                               
22           Fresh. & Soph. Depart GCA at noon          
23           Junior-Senior Banquet                                                   
24           Consecration, 8 PM                                                         
25           Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM                                                              
25           Parent Tribute, 4 PM                                                      
25           Commencement, 8 PM 

Education doesn't stop the day you graduate--it's just the beginning 

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