October 10, 2018





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                    A Days - Monday and Wednesday
                    B Days - Tuesday and Thursday
                    Fridays - All Classes (shortened periods)    


October 12-14, 2018
Supervision - Team 3   
Administrator - Bruce Boggess    
Friday Schedule - All Classes (shortened periods)

  7:30 PM            Vespers - Hispanic Recognition Month

Sunset - 7:08 PM

  8:30-9:00 AM        Breakfast   
 10:00 AM              Sabbath School - Breakouts
                             (Multiple options available) 
After Church           Lunch  
  5:30-6:00 AM        Supper  
  7:00 PM               Eventide
  7:30-9:45 PM        Mini Mania - Flag Football   
10:00-10:30 AM       Brunch                          
11:30 AM                Girls' Town Trip
11:45 AM                GCA Scholars Outing
                              (bus leaves at noon)  
12:00-7:30 PM         Lifeguard Class
  1:00 PM                Guys' Town Trip 

                                                                      THIS WEEK  

             Wed., October 10            Recruitment/Outreach (Augusta Adventist School), 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM
                                                    (Muriel Prayer Circle)
             Wed., October 10            PSAT for those who have signed up, 8:30-10:30 AM
             Wed., October 10            Midweek - GCA Talks:  GCA Talks is sort of a spinoff of TED Talks.  Students
                                                    will be given an opportunity to share their faith through the spoken word--worship
                                                    thought, testimony, poem, video.
             Thurs., October 11           Chapel - Speaker is Stephanie Davis
             Thurs., October 11           Lady Jags Volleyball Home Game (Cleveland Christian), leave classes at 4:45 PM /
                                                     game at 6:30 PM                                                
             Fri., October 12               End of First Quarter
             Sabbath, October 13       Chorale/Camerata Trip to Standifer Gap Church
             Sabbath, October 13       Mini Mania - Flag Football, 7:30-9:45 PM
             Sun., October 14             GCA Scholars Outing (High Museum of Art, sack suppers at Piedmont Park,
                                                    Atlanta Botanical Gardens, "A Mid-Summer Night's Dream"), leave parking
                                                    lot at 12 noon / return at bed time.      
             Sun., October 14             Lifeguard Class, 12:00 to 7:30 PM    
             Mon., October 15            Camerata NWGA Music Festival  
             Tue., October 16             Recruitment/Outreach Teams - OAKS (Praise Team), leave at 8 AM / return at 4 PM
             Tue., October 16             Lady Jags Volleyball Practice, 6:00 PM
             Wed., October 17            Recruitment/Outreach Teams - Columbus Adventist School (Praise Team), leave
                                                    at 7:00 AM / return at 6:00 PM             
(No Outbound Bus) 

October Home Leave--Noon, Sunday, October 21 - Sunday, October 28, 2018 
Reservations are due by noon, Wednesday,October 17    
Make reservation and pay online a t www.gcasda.org
  • Quick links: Parents (top, left-hand corner of website)
  • Home Leave Transportation
No refunds or credit for transportation reservations that are not used. We schedule vehicles based on the number of reservations, which means we use larger vehicles to accommodate more students.
Late fee is 50% of trip fee and will be charged to your GCA account if the reservation and/or payment is submitted past the published due date. We cannot guarantee there will be room to accommodate late reservations.
Questions? Contact Susan Jenkins at sjenkins@gcasda.org

From the Principal FromthePrincipal

Our GCA students are looking good in their new GCA uniform jackets. Hopefully these will help our students stay warm as cooler weather starts to make its way into life on campus. The warm weather has stayed with us longer than normal. The forecast calls for a cooling trend for the next week or so. For those following the hurricane Michael, it does not look like this storm will have major impact in Northwest Georgia. It is supposed to start raining this afternoon and continue through much of tomorrow. Here are a few more items of potential interest:

National Honor Society - The Georgia-Cumberland Academy chapter of the National Honor Society admits junior and senior students who meet qualifications for grade point average, citizenship, community service, leadership and positive character and influence. Students who are eligible to be considered for membership have received a letter from our NHS sponsor Dr. Briggs. Parents have also received a copy of the letter. Students who are interested in membership, and whose GPA is high enough, must submit a completed application to Dr. Briggs. Those who are considering applying are urged to carefully complete the application, and make sure it is submitted before the deadline.

For those planning to attend our National Honor Society Induction program, we have moved the date for the ceremony from November 5 to November 18 at 5:00 pm in the GCA Church. Please make note of the calendar change.

Parents' Weekend - One more appeal to parents to come to campus for our annual Parents' Weekend. Information and registration are available at the GCA website. Please remember that our Parents' Weekend will extend through Sunday morning, October 21.

October Home Leave - NACA - Appalachia Mission Trip - Our October break starts October 21 and runs through Sunday, October 28. Remember - we are not providing home leave bus transportation on Sunday, October 21, but will provide transportation on October 28. We don't offer outbound transportation on that Sunday due to our past experience that has indicated almost no demand for bus transportation for the beginning of the home leave break that takes place immediately after Parents' Weekend.

During the October break some of our students from GCA will be involved in the National Association of Christian Athletes soccer and volleyball tournament, and a group of 28 will be involved in our annual Appalachian Mission Trip. These two groups have different departure and return times during the break. If there are any questions about travel times or arrangements, please contact our soccer or volleyball coaches, Athletic Director Robbie Peterson, or Chaplains Josh Woods or Kalie Kelch.



10            PSAT    
10           Life-Guarding Class, session 2, 6:00 to 9:00 PM (CPR session)                                    
11            GCA Board Meeting                                                        
12            End 1st Quarter
14           Life-Guarding Class, session 3, Noon to 6:00 PM 
14            GCA Scholars Event                                         
17            PSAT                                                      
19-20       Parents' Weekend                           
20            Football Mania  
20            Music Groups at GCA
21            Home Leave Begins                         
21-25       Appalachia Mission Trip                                                 
23-26       NACA Soccer/Volleyball Tournament                      
28            Home Leave ends at 9 PM                                            
29-30       Aspire Test
1-2            Music Festival (Choir/Bells)                                                          
2               Appalachian Mission Trip Vespers            
3               All Music Groups                                                              
3               GCA Outreach Sabbath                                                  
4               Daylight Savings Time Ends                                  
4               SAT                                                        
7-11          Acrofest at SWAU
16             GCA Scholars Event         
17             Camerata and Chorale Music                                                      
18             Fall Voice and Piano Recital                                                          
18             Sunday Classes
18            NHS Induction                                               
19             Midterm                                                              
20             Home Leave begins at noon                                                        
20-25        Home Leave                                                       
25             Home Leave ends at 9 PM
2               SAT
2               GCA Scholars Event                                                         
2               Sounds of the Season                                                     
9               ACT                                                       
9               SA Christmas Banquet                                                    
14             Drama Vespers                                                 
15             11 Festival of Carols - Camerata and Chorale Program, 11:05 AM                                   
15             Camerata Concert, 4 PM                                                               
15             Instrumental Christmas Concert, 7 PM                                                    
16             Sunday Classes                                                  
17             Choral Christmas Fundraiser                                                       
18-20        Semester Exams                                                               
20             Home Leave begins at noon                                                        
20-6          Home Leave                                                       
6               Home Leave Ends at 9 PM
10             GCA Scholars Event                                         
12-13        Camerata Trip                                                    
16-20        SU Prayer Conference                                                    
17             GCA Board Meeting                        
18-19        MLK BB Tournament                      
21             MLK Day                                                              
25-26        Music Festival (Band/Strings) At CA                          
27             Sunday Classes--Career Day                                                         
30             Home Leave begins at noon                                                        
30-3          Home Leave       
30-3          Andrews BB Tournament                                              
6               Midterm                                                              
7-9            Magnify
8               GCA Scholars Event                                                        
9-10          GCA Acrofest                                     
11-16        Student Week of Prayer                                                
12             Valentine's Choral Music Fundraiser                        
16             Basketball Mania
17             GCA Scholars Even
20-23       SAU Band & Strings Festival                              
23             Camerata and Chorale Trip                                                           
24             Sunday Classes                                                  
24             Winter Voice/Piano Recital                                                          
27            Home Leave begins at noon                                                        
27-10        Home Leave/MissionTrip/EuropeTrip                    
10            Home Leave/Mission Trip/Europe Trip ends at 9 PM
10            Daylight Savings Time begins      
15            End 3rd Quarter                                                               
15            Mission Trip Vespers                                                      
16            GCC Youth Festival                                                          
16            Music Groups Perform                                                  
22-23       Academy Days   
23            All Music Groups at GCA
24            GCA Scholars Event                         
27-30       Spiritual Emphasis Weekend       
30            SA Talent Show                                 
31            Soccer Mania                                                     
1-2           ACT Test Prep    
5-7           Alumni Weekend                                             
7-10         Accreditation Site Visit                                   
10            Camarata Trip                    
11            GCA Board Meeting                                        
12            Drama Vespers                                                 
12            GCA Band to perform at Coble, 8 AM                                                     
13            Gymnastics Home Show                                                
14            PreACT Testing for Freshmen & Sophomores                                                       
14            ACT Testing for Juniors                                                  
14            Spring Voice/Piano Recital                                                            
16            Midterm                                                              
17-21       Home Leave begins at noon                                        
17-22       Camarata Tour                                  
21            Home Leave ends at 9 PM                            
27            Camerata/Chorale Program, 11:05 AM                                                   
27            Camerata Program, 4 PM                                                              
27            Evening Instrumental Concert                                                    
28            Girls' Dorm Outing                                                           
28            Guys' Dorm Outing                                                          
29-6         New England Trip             
29-6        New England Trip                                             
5             SAT                                        
8             Literature Testing                                             
9             Camerata Workshop                                       
10           Flower Vespers                                                 
11           Outdoor Sabbath
12           GCA Scholars Event                                                         
12           SA Slide Show                                                    
14           AP Calculus Testing                                                         
15           Choral Music Spring Fundraiser                                                  
16-22      Senior Class Trip                
18           Class Elections                                   
19           Sunday Classes                  
20-22      Semester Exams                               
22           Fresh. & Soph. Depart GCA at noon          
23           Junior-Senior Banquet                                                   
24           Consecration, 8 PM                                                         
25           Baccalaureate, 11:05 AM                                                              
25           Parent Tribute, 4 PM                                                      
25           Commencement, 8 PM 

"There is little success where there is little laughter."
    --Andrew Carnegie

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