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Upcoming Dates & Important Info
  • Thurs Oct 22 and Fri Oct 23 are PD Days - no school for students
  • Photo Retake Day is Thurs Oct 29 - Official Uniform is required for retakes
  • Visit here for Unified Classroom parent tutorials
Elementary Updates
Elementary Office

  • Phys Ed Shoes - Just a reminder that all students in Grades 1 to 5 require a pair of indoor running shoes with non-marking soles for Phys Ed classes. These are in addition to the black in-school uniform shoes and outdoor footwear. Indoor classroom shoes cannot be used as Phys Ed shoes in order to protect the gym floor. Thank you for understanding!
  • Gr 4 & 5 Parents - Please ensure that your child has a back up mask in their backpack, in case one should be lost or spoiled.
  • Winter Gear - With the changing weather, we remind you to please ensure that your children are coming to school with outdoor clothing to keep them warm in cold temperatures. As well, please write your child's name on all winter wear, especially jackets, mitts and toques.
Junior High Updates
Junior High Office

  • Junior High Art - We're featuring another gallery of art this week - this time it's our Gr 7 Radial Design art. View the pieces here!
  • Supporting Student Absences in Junior High - With COVID-19, the realities of practicing safe community health hygiene means that there is a much higher level of student absenteeism. It is challenging for students to thrive in their learning when they need to stay home frequently. Please note the support structure implemented as a Junior High to help support our students and families.
  • Next Week's Cafeteria Students - Gr 8 and 9 students will eat in the cafeteria October 19-21. The Junior High cafeteria schedule can be viewed here.
  • Gr 9 Mexico Mission Trip - The capstone experience for a GCA student is the Mexico Mission Trip in Grade 9. Our hope and prayer is that this year’s students will be able to participate in this ministry in June 2021 if travel restrictions lighten. Check out this new video highlighting the valuable experiences. Please pray for the Youth With a Mission base in Mexico. During COVID 19 they are continuing to carry out a vital ministry to meet the rampant needs in the area.
GCA Community News
Parking Issues on Bridleridge Heights (South Side)
Our community neighbours living in the houses alongside our school on Bridleridge Heights are experiencing some very inappropriate situations involving our GCA parents/carpools. Our friends and neighbours have had people parking in their driveways, parking in front of their driveways, blocking their driveways, etc. When they have asked certain vehicles to move from their space, they have reported being sworn at and receiving rude gestures. These are highly unfortunate circumstances. Please help us out by not parking on the south side of Bridleridge Heights in front of the houses there. We are asking parents to only use the north curbside of Bridleridge Heights to load and unload your children. Please help us respect our neighbours.
New Student Admissions 2021-22
For all those interested in submitting an application for a new student for the 2021-22 school year in JK, Kindergarten, or any other grade, the GCA Application is available online. Payment for the application can be made during the application process, at either office with cash, cheque or debit, or by requesting a one-time pre-authorized payment form. An enrollment specific account will need to be created in order to submit an application as this is different from the PowerSchool account for current students. Please contact Heidy Aviles at h.aviles@gcaschool.com 
with any questions.

Staff Parking Stalls
Many of our Elementary Staff start their shifts later in the day, and those in our Out of School Care ABC Program need to park in their parking spot for 3 pm...so please do not park in any staff parking spots marked with a sign until after 3:30 pm. Thank you for your help with this!
Have a wonderful weekend - stay warm!

The GCA Team